Where To Buy Diffuser Necklace in Malaysia

Malaysia Diffuser NecklacesWhere to buy diffuser necklace in Malaysia, or what are diffuser necklaces? These would be the two common questions asked in 2017.  This year, these could also be the new fashion accessories trend for 2017 here in Malaysia.

UPDATE JAN 2020 – We No Longer Sell Diffuser Necklace Pendants.

This unique diffuser necklace has been around for a couple of years now. Some companies have recently started introducing these as healthy lifestyle jewellery accessory with the inclusion of aromatherapy oils in Malaysia.

These diffuser necklaces or pendants are something unique and different in the world of modern fashion accessories. You can also visit our retail shop to see our new designs for the diffuser necklaces.

Where To Buy Diffuser Necklace in Malaysia

At Green Daun craft shop in Damansara Perdana, we have ready stock for these diffuser necklaces, which come in several shapes and sizes.

While you may have seen some of these being sold at bazaars or even stores, you should already know that they are priced around RM80-RM500 per piece—some individual, and some that come complete with accessories.

Diffuser Pendent Locket Malaysia
Owl Diffuser Pendant in Malaysia

We want to highlight that some people are not knowledgeable about the actual function of these accessories apart from them looking great.

You see out there in the market, and they will tell you that you can put the essential oils in a sponge provided when you buy these diffuser necklaces.

UPDATE JAN 2020 – We No Longer Sell Diffuser Necklace Pendants.

Yes, a sponge is reasonable and comes in various colours. But in actuality, you can use other types of porous materials like lava beads, sandstone beads, and terracotta beads. These are much more pretty and elegant compared to a cheap-looking sponge.

Therefore at Green Daun, we do not sell them with sponges; we sell them as they are, and we also sell various types of lava beads to suit your caged necklaces.

And we will also guide you in the knowledge of these lava beads and their uses when you come to our shop to see these new necklaces. Most likely, you may have landed on this article by searching for where to buy a diffuser necklace in Malaysia.

Diffuser Pendent Shop Klang Valley
Light Gold Owl Diffuser Locket

Diffuser Necklace Price Malaysia

At Green Daun, we are only selling each of the diffuser necklaces at RM25.00. Yes, we are not joking; therefore, you can walk into our shop and see the items here. Why is it so cheap? Read on, and you will understand why.

UPDATE JAN 2020 – We No Longer Sell Diffuser Necklace Pendants.

So, why is it that at other places, they cost so much? A good question which we are happy to answer. First of all, all these diffuser necklaces are electroplated over copper, and then chrome finished. That is all.

For now, in Malaysia, we have yet to come across pure silver or gold ones as they would cost costly. So there are a few grades of these caged necklaces in the market.

At one retail outlet in Malaysia, we saw them selling the diffuser necklaces at RM250 to RM580 per piece. The finishing is, of course, good quality electroplated copper with good finishing. Swarovski elements are also used to add bling to the product, and an aluminium chain is used to hold the cage.

Plus, many cotton balls are included together with a bottle of essential oil, all packaged nicely and for a nice price.

Again, if customers can afford that, it is the customers choice. When we asked about the product, the salesperson did not have much knowledge, except saying that the diffuser necklace must not contact water, sweat and perfumes, just like any other costume jewellery. Well, that is true, but it stopped there.

Buy Diffuser Pendant Locket in Malaysia
Two different types of diffuser pendants exclusively from Green Daun.

The diffuser necklaces we sell are also similar, except the ones we have do not have Swarovski Elements and the rest. It is just a plain caged design pendant in chrome silver, antique gold and white silver finishing. We only sell the cage and a standard necklace that comes with it for RM25.00.

UPDATE JAN 2020 – We No Longer Sell Diffuser Necklace Pendants.

Most of our customers will change the chain to something of their liking after buying it. Our lava beads are also priced from RM1.00 to RM5.00 for the 16mm size. If you are looking to buy lava beads in Malaysia, you have now found the source.

Comparison of Diffuser Necklaces in Malaysia

Well, put it this way, it’s like buying a car. If you can afford it, you will buy a brand new Porsche Cayenne or BMW M5, and for most people, they will buy a Toyota, Perodua or Proton as it still serves the same purpose.

The same principle applies to the diffuser necklaces; if you don’t know and see it for the first time being sold, you will consider it and probably do some research or ask people before buying this.

For those who know about this and are on a budget, they would prefer a cheaper alternative. After all, both the Porsche and Proton have the same function, to take you from point A to point B, just as the diffuser necklace has the same function of providing the scent of the essential oil.

You can further read this other article about aromatherapy diffuser jewellery in Malaysia which we wrote in late 2016.

Where is Green Daun?

How to go to Green Daun
Directions to Green Daun Craft Shop in PJ.

We are located in Damansara Perdana, five minutes from IKEA and The Curve Shopping Mall. Our shop is at the Perdana Exclusive Condominium, on the ground floor at Block C, behind Splendid Laundry.

Use Waze or Google Maps to find us, or you can also read this article on how to go to Green Daun Craft Shop. Alternatively, you can always call us for directions once you are around the area.

UPDATE JAN 2020 – We No Longer Sell Diffuser Necklace Pendants.


To learn more about diffuser necklaces in Malaysia, drop by our shop in Petaling Jaya, and we will gladly assist you with all your questions as we have been doing this for two years now.

We have also done much research on these new fashion accessory trends of 2017. And hopefully, this article on where to buy a diffuser necklace in Malaysia will provide you with additional information.

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