Where To Buy Essential Oil Diffuser Pendants in Malaysia

Buy Essential Oil Diffuser Pendants in Malaysia

With the trend growing fast, you may be wondering where to buy essential oil diffuser pendants in Malaysia and share with you that there are a few places that sell them.

UPDATE NOV 2019: We no longer sell EOD Pendants at Green Daun.

So, when you want to buy essential oil diffuser pendants, do you purchase them blindly? Without looking at the product?

This is a common mistake many people make when they want to buy an essential oil diffuser pendant, and all thanks to the ever-growing wonder of the internet.

Well, this article is to share with you that you can see these pendants before buying them. You must know what you are buying as sometimes, what you read is not exactly what you may understand.

One of the many essential oil diffuser pendants we sell.

Where To Buy Essential Oil Diffuser Pendants in Malaysia

One of the places where you can buy essential oil diffuser pendants is Petaling Jaya at our shop – Green Daun. We have been selling these EOD jewellery or Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewellery in Malaysia since early 2016. The trend only caught on in late 2016 to early 2017 and now many people are selling them online as well.

Our shop actually features many types of EOD jewellery, not only the pendants, but we also make our own designs.

The main reason for this is that consumers out there prefer minimalist designs that are simple and can be used for everyday work or just general daily use.

Yes, the caged pendants in Malaysia are unique and different, hence eye-catching. But there are many things you should know before buying one of them.

Owl essential oil diffuser pendant

First and foremost, I may have been asking if the material tarnishes or stains. And the answer is yes….but depending on how you use them. So, when you visit our shop in Damansara Perdana, we actually take the time to explain everything to you.

We think that these essential oil diffuser pendants are catching on so fast that many want to have them.

Especially if they are Young Living members, the trend of carrying your essential oils with you wherever you go is being promoted heavily. However, there are different grades to most of these pendants in the market.

A wellness blog wrote an article on 3 reasons I use diffuser necklaces back in 2015, which shares her experience using them with essential oils.

What kind of material is the essential oil diffuser pendant?

90% of the pendants out in the market are made from electroplated copper and finished with a silver, gold or rose gold coating.

Some even come in dark gold or gunmetal finishing. You may have heard of stainless steel pendants or even sterling silver ones, but see below what happens.

Other materials that essential oil diffuser pendants come in are;

  • Electroplated Copper – Will stain when wrongly used
  • Stainless Steel – Will stain when used incorrectly
  • Surgical Steel – Will stain when wrongly used
  • Sterling Silver – Will oxidize or turn black when wrongly used

The reality of the above

They all stain or tarnish eventually. If you do not know how to use them correctly, they will stain, or the colour will fade.

At least, when you buy them from our shop, we will guide you through the do’s and don’ts on the EOD pendants. That is our promise to our customers, where we are 100% honest with what we sell.

Owl diffuser pendant Malaysia
Another round owl diffuser locket that we sell.

Electroplated copper pendants are the cheapest in the market right now; Simultaneously, the steel or silver can cost in the hundreds; there are even brands that use Swarovski ‘Elements’ on electroplated copper pendants of a higher grade.

These are sold up to RM500 per pendant and the truth is told, they too stain or fade.

Even the brand provides a cleanup service (you need to pay for this) after buying them to avoid getting a bad name. It is not included as a free service or warranty because they know the product will turn colour.

So, the reality of the consumer is that most Asians do not research before buying something, as they would rather believe the retail assistant. When things go wrong, it’s off to social media to release frustration.

How much is an essential oil diffuser pendant in Malaysia?

The big question – How much is an essential oil diffuser pendant in Malaysia? We will be honest with you as we sell the beginner to medium grade pendants in our shop and the price is only RM15.00 per pendant.

This includes a matching chain that is normal fashion jewelry type chains.

UPDATE NOV 2019: We no longer sell EOD Pendants at Green Daun.

Malaysia Essential Oil Diffuser Pendants
One of the unique Cat design EOD pendants sold at Green Daun.

Why do we sell them so cheaply? Because we know the cost price of these pendants and we consider these pendants as a type of fashion jewellery.

You know, those RM10 necklaces you see selling at bazaars or carts at shopping malls? Yes, those types.

What surprises us is that we have seen many other places selling the same product for three to four times more than our price.

When we started selling them in early 2016, we had already set the price back then. However, due to online popularity, many have jumped on board to try and impact a new product in the market.

Here is what is going to happen. When the market gets too saturated, eventually the price of this item will drop drastically. And then those who bought them for hundreds of Ringgit will feel cheated.


Please take note that we no longer sell these essential oil diffuser pendants and lockets since November 2019.

Well, we shall see what happens to this trend. From what we know, there are many people asking where to buy essential oil diffuser pendants in Malaysia, and you now know where you can find them. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

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