Green Daun Online Shop

Green Daun Online Shop

Hi and welcome to the Green Daun Online Shop, catered to those who are not living in the Klang Valley and around Malaysia. Please note that we are only catering to Malaysia and not open for international orders.

This is not one of those website eCommerce stores, as you may think, but it is actually a link connected to our Shopee platform where our online shop is located.

Green Daun Online Shop

So, why did we not do our own eCommerce store here? Sure we could have easily done that, but the reality is that you would end up paying more for shipping if we did our own personal new age webstore.

Therefore, the Shopee platform is much more user-friendly and provides a much cheaper shipping rate than the general post office mail. Often, they offer promotional shipping discounts from time to time.

Also, when you buy from our online shop at Shopee, you will be guaranteed delivery and a very secure payment system.

Please visit our Green Daun Online Shop to make your purchases.

The Sacred Green Hojari Frankincense Resin from Oman.

What do we sell in our shop?

We only sell the basic items that most people need; hence, we focus on smudging, cleansing, and some other products.

This means that we do not sell everything that we have in our retail store. For example, if you want to make a custom-made 108 mala or crystal healing bracelet, you need to visit our shop.

Why? Because custom-made items are very personal, and they do not do justice being online. It’s like wanting to make a formal suit or dress, and you visit a tailor to make it; you do not WhatsApp him or her with measurements.

Why did we use Shopee?

The main reason is the overall simplicity, payment gateway and easy cart check-out. But not only that, the shipping offers provided by Shopee is pretty incredible, and this means you save money on shipping cost.

Shopee is well known to Malaysians; hence it is easy for customers to use compared to running our own eCommerce shopping platform.

Buy Palo Santo Online Malaysia
Our 100% Pure Raw Palo Santo Sticks from Peru is sold online too.

When do we ship orders?

When you purchase our Green Daun New Age Shop account on Shopee, we will send it out the following working day. This means we only ship or post orders from Monday to Friday.

If you are the type that cannot wait, we recommend you visit us at our retail shop where you can cash and carry the items. We are open from Tuesday till Sunday from 11.00 AM to 6.00 PM and closed every Monday.

How long does shipping take?

Usually, it takes between two to four days, but in most cases, the packages arrive in two to three days. Again, when we send out packages, it is in the hands of the delivery companies like DHL, Ninja Van, J&T and PosLaju.

In very rare cases, shipping may take longer, and this is usually when the postal or delivery company has hiccups in their system.

However, please note that if you buy from our online shop on a Friday, we will only send it out the following Monday.

If you cannot wait for the products, we recommend visiting our retail store as this is the fastest way to get your items, especially over the weekend.

Buy White Sage Malaysia Online
The California White Sage sold at our online shop.

Are our prices the same as in our retail shop?

Yes, what we sell in our retail shop is also the same in our online shop. We practice an across the board price for everyone.

This is the make sure that we play fair in this industry. Yes, we know that those pure online sellers or social media sellers can manipulate prices as and when they like because they do not have a physical store, no rent and overheads to pay.

At the end of the day, our core business is a walk-in retail business where we communicate face to face with customers. This is personal, and we can share experiences and do demonstrations for some of our products.

When we have both online and a proper retail store, customers can choose to visit us in person if they need more information or guidance. This is something you do not get when you are purely online.

Are there any Wholesale or Bulk Discounts available?

No, we are not wholesalers, nor do we want to try to be. Our business is very niche, and our products are all unique and different. We don’t sell clothes or consumer goods which can be bought in bulk for low prices.

All our items are carefully selected or hand-picked by us; hence we do not aspire to play the wholesale game. If you buy one or ten items, it is still the same price for each item.

Why? Because we do not buy thousands of the same item to get them cheaper. We prefer to buy adequate stock and keep re-ordering them so that they are fresh.

Malaysia New Age Shop Online
What the Green Daun New Age Shop looks like on Shopee.

Visit our Green Daun Online Shop

To purchase items, please visit our Green Daun New Age Shop on Shopee as most of the popular items like California White Sage, Palo Santo, Hojari Green Frankincense Resin, Protection Soap and so on are available there.

We will keep adding items to our new age online shop from time to time, and it will be based on the popularity of the item. This means we do not simply put everything and anything for sale.


One of the reasons why we finally opened our online store is because of the Covid-19 or Coronavirus pandemic that has caught Malaysia off guard.

Because of the pandemic, the Malaysian government imposed a Movement Control Order or MCO for two months, from 18 March till 12 May 2020.

The entire country has gone to a standstill where non-essential businesses have been ordered to close. However, there was flexibility where online businesses could continue during the MCO in Malaysia.

And this is why we started our Green Daun online shop to cater to our regular and new customers from all over Malaysia.

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