Lava Beads and Stones in Malaysia

Malaysia Lava Beads Stones

Malaysia Lava Beads Stones

There are not many places where you can find lava beads and stones in Malaysia, but you can find the best collection at our boutique craft shop in Petaling Jaya.

We carry many different types, colours and sizes of lava beads sold individually or in small quantities. Just so you know, we do not sell wholesale lava beads, stones in Malaysia.

UPDATE MAY 2021 – We no longer sell Lava Beads or other loose crystal beads at Green Daun.

These lava beads we sell in Malaysia are ready to be used for jewellery making or even diffuser agents for the essential oil diffuser jewellery.

Though these are still new in Malaysia’s market, we have been stocking them since early 2016 for jewellery makers in Malaysia.

If you are into Young Living in Malaysia, or those who use other essential oil brands for the diffuser necklaces or jewellery, the lava beads are one of the essential items needed.

Lava Beads and Stones in Malaysia

Whilesale Lava Beads in Malaysia
Different sizes of lava beads that Green Daun sells

While the industry thinks that using a sponge ball or felt pad to diffuse the essential oils, lava beads make much better diffuser agents.

This is purely based on the lava bead being organic, as the lava stone or rock is from the ground and works much better as a porous agent.

If you have been wondering where to buy lava beads in Malaysia, you can drop by our beading shop in PJ, where you can see all the different types of lava beads and stones we sell.

Malaysia Lava Beads
Different types, shapes and sizes of Lava Beads sold at Green Daun

They come in various sizes, shapes and also colours. At Green Daun craft shop, we also custom make essential oil diffuser jewellery for those wanting something unique and different.

Customers are always welcome to visit our boutique craft shop in Petaling Jaya and custom-make lava bead jewellery or bracelets.

This means you can choose the type of lava stones and other types of stones to create a bracelet, earring or necklace to your liking. We also carry ready-made lava stone jewellery for those who want to try them.

UPDATE MAY 2021 – We no longer sell Lava Beads or other loose crystal beads at Green Daun.

Malaysia Lava Stones and Beads

There is a limited place where you can dins lava beads and stones in Malaysia, and Green Daun is one of the places that stock them. We also sell them individually for those wanting small quantities.

As for lava diffuser pendants, we carry a variety of diffuser cages in different designs. They come in silver, dark silver, gold and antique gold colours. We also make custom necklaces using stones.

These are used with necklaces, and the lava stones are diffused with the essential oils and put inside the cages. They are also called aromatherapy diffuser jewellery.

Lava bead stone wholesale Malaysia
Original lava beads sold by Green Daun

Wholesale Lava Beads in Malaysia

While Green Daun used to sell lava beads wholesale, we have stopped doing this since 2018. However, you can still buy the lava beads individually or in small quantities.

Many do not understand wholesale and think buy buying 10 or 20 pieces, that qualifies as wholesale. The problems lie in Malaysia, where the word wholesale is overused and has spoiled the consumers.

When you visit some stores, they use the word wholesale for buying as low as three items. Wholesale actually works on hundreds or thousands of pieces.

You can also get more information on lava beads wholesale in Malaysia, as we have detailed the pros and cons of the lava beads.

UPDATE MAY 2021 – We no longer sell Lava Beads or other loose crystal beads at Green Daun.


As Malaysia is sometimes slow in trends, we take the opportunity to research this particular trend and have been well versed with the lava materials and their uses.

If you have been looking for lava beads, stones in Malaysia, you have found the right place that sells them, and we are always ready to assist you with any questions on this.

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