Dream Catcher Metal Ring Hoops

Round Metal Rings Hoops Dream Catchers

Round Metal Rings Hoops Dream Catchers

Are you looking for Dream Catcher Metal Ring Hoops? These metal rings are used to make dream catchers, and we carry stock at Green Daun Craft Shop in Petaling Jaya. These dream catcher metal ring hoops come in various sizes that make small to large dream catchers.

UPDATE JAN 2020 – We No Longer Sell Any Dream Catcher Rings.

The difference between buying online and seeing the actual item at our shop is huge. Meaning, you can walk into our shop and see all the sizes of the Dream Catcher Metal Ring Hoops.

Not only that, but we also have samples of the rings which have been wrapped therefore you have a better idea on how you want to create your dream catcher design.

As our shop stocks up all the accessories and materials for making dream catchers, you can also mix and match your design with our samples of feathers, faux suede leather cords or even yarn materials. If you are unsure, we can also share tips and information about the usage of all the materials.

Dream Catcher Rings Shop
Some of the dream catcher rings and hoops at Green Daun Craft Shop.

Dream Catcher Metal Ring Hoops Sizes

The dream catcher metal rings and hoops come in the sizes below and are in diameter. Meaning the size of the ring across. The thickness of the rings is also 2mm for each of the sizes.

  • 2.5 cm
  • 3.5cm
  • 4.5cm
  • 5cm
  • 6.5cm
  • 8cm
  • 10cm
  • 12cm
  • 13cm
  • 16cm
  • 19cm

UPDATE JAN 2020 – We No Longer Sell Dream Catcher Rings.

The prices of the round dream catcher metal rings are from RM1.00 to RM7.50 and are sold individually. If you are interested in making a dream catcher or any other craft and art project that requires these round metal rings or hoops, you can now get them from our shop.

Our prices are very reasonable and almost wholesale prices too. We also sell other types of rings which are in acrylic, wood and plastic too.

We are located in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya and if you need directions to Green Daun Craft Shop, use Google Maps or Waze to get here.

UPDATE JAN 2020 – We No Longer Sell Dream Catcher Rings.

The new LRT line to One Utama and The Curve has also opened on the 16th December 2016, therefore you can take the newly opened LRT Bandar Utama Line and get off at Surian Station.

From there, you can take a taxi as the Green Daun craft shop is about 1.5 kilometres away. Some places sell Dream Catcher Metal Ring Hoops, but prices vary, and not everyone has all the sizes available, just the common sizes.


Most of these places (online or offline) will sell you the round metal rings, but we go that extra mile to even assist you with how-to and general trip and tricks for making dreamcatchers. We also conduct dream catcher making classes for those who want to learn from scratch or even take the next level.

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