How to go to Green Daun New Age Shop

This is a question many will ask: how to go to Green Daun new age shop? Just so you know, Green Daun is currently located in SS2, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. And no, we do not have any branches as we are a unique new age shop. We used to be in Damansara Perdana for about 7 years before moving to our new location.

In early 2022, right after the pandemic, we moved to a residential area in SS2 of Petaling Jaya as it is quieter and less commercial, like a shop lot. Our business hours have also changed since moving. We are now open only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Before you visit, please call or WhatsApp us to check if we are open that weekend. Sometimes, we may be close to travel and source products. Also, for some old customers, we do not sell these items anymore, so please call and check before coming.


Location of Green Daun Shop
The side lane is where you can also park your car.

How to go to Green Daun New Age Shop?

By Driving

Ok, let’s start with those driving. You need to use Waze or Google Maps to get to our place in SS2, PJ. The link provided will open up on your smartphone, and just click directions or go. Simple as that.

Parking. Because we are in a residential area, you can park inside or directly outside our house. If there is no parking, please drive a bit and go to the park about 100 metres away, find parking there, and then walk over.

There is also a lane next to our place, and if you are up for it, park on the side without obstructing anyone. Whatever you do, please DO NOT PARK at other people’s houses, as they will get mad. Also, please park nicely as I noticed some customers just park on the road without a care. Be mindful.

By Grab or e-Hailing

If you are taking an e-hailing service like Grab, please put in Green Daun New Age Shop, and it will come up in your search. Then call your Grab and it will bring you straight to our doorstep. After you are done, you can do the same thing to go back.

By LRT Train

If you are coming from KL or any other area which has train access, you need to find your way to the Kelana Jaya LRT Line No. 5 which is also Ruby in colour. The main connecting station would be KL Sentral, so change there and look for Kelana Jaya Line 5.

Make sure you are heading towards Kelana Jaya and Putra Heights. From KL Sentral, it is eight stops. When you exit Taman Bahagia, you can use Google Maps and look for Green Daun, then walk about 10 minutes to our new-age shop. Alternatively, you can take a Grab if it is raining or too hot.

LRT MRT Latest Map
Those using the LRT must take the Kelana Jaya Line No 5 (Ruby Colour) and get off at Taman Bahagia.

Parking aroundGreen Daun

  • Please park in or directly outside our shop.
  • If there is no parking, drive 100 meters and there is a park where you can park around it.
  • There is also a side lane where you can park carefully, with enough space for a car to pass through.
  • Please DO NOT park outside my neighbour’s house as they will get mad. Not even for 2 minutes!
  • When you park directly outside, please be mindful and park properly.
Damansara Perdana LRT
LRT Train that operates from Kuala Lumpur to Petaling Jaya


There are no landmarks near our shop but the only popular landmark for local people would be the Original Kayu Nasi Kandar restaurant, which is in Chow Yang SS2. This is a well-known foodie area, with several restaurants, coffee shops and the nasi kandar shop.

Please call us for directions if you are unsure or have difficulties locating us. We will provide you with accurate directions to the Green Daun New Age shop. Remember, we may close sometimes, so please call us or send us a WhatsApp message to check if we are open.

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  1. Thank you for the detailed information to your shop. I found it easily as I am from Singapore, and you have an excellent selection of macrame cords, and at very affordable prices. I will be back again,

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