Green Daun New Age Shop – Selling and Buying Information

Daun Hijau Shop Malaysia

Hi there, if you are new and found us via searching the internet, social media or a recommendation, we would welcome you to our Green Daun new age shop website.

First and foremost, we are a very niche and small business run by a couple, and our retail new age shop is located in Damansara Perdana in PJ.

Next, you should also know is that we come from a strong background of online selling since the late 1990s therefore, we are no strangers to online selling.

However, since we started the Green Daun new age shop in Malaysia, we chose not to go down the online road as we know how tiring and frustrating it can be.

Green Daun New Age Shop – Selling and Buying Information

Not Selling Online
Sometimes not everything can be sold online and needs a physical touch

So, if you are new here, we would like to share some information about how we sell our items so that you can understand better instead of contacting us via Whatsapp or Facebook and asking us to send photos and videos of our products.

It is not that we do not know how to do it, just that we have been doing that for the last 20 years, and sadly, in this part of the world, online ethics are not there yet. Maybe we need another five to 10 years before fully understanding basic online ethics.

So, this article was done for anyone who loves to communicate and buy things online, and we are so sorry that we cannot cater to you for many reasons, and we are not a fast-moving consumer goods or FMCG company.

Some people may say that we are so ‘action‘ or ‘arrogant’ but really, have you seen how some people are when they get online?

Sometimes manners are essential, and one of the things is that they expect people to respond immediately, plus some even send messages at the oddest hours of the day or night and expect a reply.

Another thing is when people message and say “Hi“, and that’s it. They expect us to respond as if having some old friend chat.

Again, we are not online sellers sitting at home waiting for messages to come in. We have a proper retail shop where customers are walking in and out, and we have customers to attend to, products to prepare and many other things that people do not see.

This is the difference between an online seller, Instagram or FB seller and a proper retail shop, and I hope you fully understand this.

Malaysia New Age Shop Online
Green Daun new age shop on Shopee Malaysia

Do We Sell Online?

For your added information, we have an online new age shop in Malaysia, and it is at Shopee, so if you need to buy some essential items, you can head there to get them.

Not everything you see in our retail shop is listed on our Shopee shop; therefore, please visit our retail shop if you require specific items not listed there.

And for our outstation customers, my apologies if you cannot visit our retail shop. Perhaps when you come to Kuala Lumpur, you can take some extra time and visit our shop.

Why Do We Not Sell Crystals Online? 

Certain things are not meant to be sold online because some of these items require being physically there to touch and feel the item while getting face-to-face information.

For example, crystal bracelets require your hand to get the perfect fit because you will use them. If it is too loose or too tight, it will be uncomfortable.

And as of May 2021, we no longer do custom-made crystal bracelets or offer restringing services for bracelets or necklaces.

Even tumbled or raw crystal stones require a person’s touch, feel, and connection before buying them. Unless, of course, you are from Generation Z and only want to see the pretty rainbows in the crystals.

Full Moon Singing Bowls Malaysia
Some of the full moon singing bowls that Green Daun sells

Why Do We Not Sell Singing Bowls Online?

I mean, a singing bowl is so personal; how can someone buy a singing bowl online? To see which one suits you, you need to test the singing bowl in-person to connect to the sound and vibration.

We sell many singing bowls ranging from beginners to professionals like fully handmade ones, full moon singing bowls, and even crystal singing bowls.

Each bowl is different, and one needs to test them before buying them. We have also been selling singing bowls in Malaysia for now, but we do not conduct any classes or workshops.


The reason for this article is to inform our new customers about how we conduct our business for Green Daun new age shop. Again, we are NOT online sellers like those you find on Instagram or Facebook, who mushroomed overnight since Covid19.

We are a proper retail shop, and we choose to do business the good old way of face-to-face, and if you are serious enough, you will understand this.

Therefore, we wish you a fantastic day and look forward to seeing you in person. I hope you fully understand why I did this Green Daun New Age Shop selling and buying information for everyone.

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