What We Don’t Sell and Don’t Do at Green Daun?

We do not sell and do

We do not sell and do

This information is for anyone who wants to know what we don’t sell and don’t do at Green Daun because there are many new customers out there who may need to know before visiting our retail shop.

Over the years, Green Daun has evolved and restructured from a humble and unique craft shop into a proper new age shop in Malaysia. Because of this, we have discontinued many items and services along the way.

What Don’t We Sell and Don’t Do at Green Daun?

For our regular customers, you already know what we do as you have seen us grow and evolve throughout the years of business.

But for our new customers who find us online or through social media, you should know what we sell and what kind of services we offer at Green Daun.

Many years ago, we initially started as a dream catcher shop where we were the only retail and custom-order supply shop in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Our journey took us through a transitional period where we slowly ventured into the new age and alternative world of healing and self-help from dream catchers. Eventually, we became a 100% new age shop.

What We Don’t Sell

We do not sell the following;

  • Dream Catcher Materials
  • Jewellery Accessories
  • Ribbons of All Kinds
  • Sewing Accessories
  • Crochet Accessories
  • Wooden Beads
  • Macrame Cotton Rope
  • Feathers for Craft or Dream Catchers
  • Loose Crystal Beads (As of May 2021)

What We Don’t Do For Services

We do not provide the following services;

  • Jewellery Class or Workshops
  • Dream Catcher Class or Workshops
  • BeadingĀ  Class or Workshops
  • Custom-made Dream Catchers
  • Ready-made Dream Catchers
  • Repair or Restring Service for Bracelet, Necklaces or Mala (As of March 2021)


For anyone new who is visiting our website, please note this article which highlights what we do not do anymore at Green Daun.

We do not want you to waste your time contacting us or visiting our retail shop to find we do not offer what you need.

It is always important that people read articles properly instead of just seeing the title, which can cause a lot of confusion.

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