Where to buy Ribbons in Malaysia

Buy Ribbons Malaysia

Buy Ribbons Malaysia

You may be asking where to buy ribbons in Malaysia, and Green Daun does not sell them anymore but you can find them at other shops.

In most cases, the best place to buy ribbons is around Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur, otherwise known as the Klang Valley.

Several shops sell them, usually sewing or craft shops, all located throughout the Klang Valley. Some of these shops are located in malls and some at the standard shop lots in the city and outskirts.

Update December 2020 – Please note that as of January 2020, we do not sell ribbons anymore.

Where to buy Ribbons in Malaysia?

Ribbons are widely used for all kinds of crafts, scrapbooking, gift wrapping and haberdashery work, and most of the ribbons found in Malaysia are quite standard.

The ribbons range from satin, organza, grosgrain, printed and even paper, among the many types available at selected shops.

Satin Ribbon Shop in Malaysia
Selection of satin ribbons at Green Daun Craft Shop in PJ

Where to buy Ribbons in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur?

Below is a list of shops that sell ribbons around Malaysia, and you should also contact them to see if they have what you are looking for.

The reason is that specific colours are highly-popular and may be out of stock, or a particular type or design is no longer in production.

Below is a list of where to buy ribbons in Malaysia;

1. Green Daun Craft Shop (No longer sells ribbons)

This new concept new age craft supply store in Damansara Perdana stocks all kinds of satin ribbons ranging from 1/4 inch (3 mm) right till 3 inches (76 mm) and in various selected colours.

Update June 2017 – Many satin ribbon colours are out of stock. We are clearing our ribbons, hence not re-stocking them at all.

The ribbons sold here are from reputable suppliers who import quality satin ribbons, and there are more than 30 colours available where the basic ones are also sold by the meter.

Some grosgrain, organza, lace, metallic, and satin mix organza ribbons are available, but the massive stock they carry is mainly satin ribbons.

Green Daun used to export satin ribbons worldwide; hence we carry quality stock, but we no longer do the export business; therefore, they are clearing their ribbons at an excellent discount.

Some of them are up to 50% of the market price, so if you are looking for various sizes and colours of satin ribbons in Malaysia, look them up.

Update Dec 2016 – We no longer have stock for White, Black, Purple, Green, Red in 1″ Inch Ribbons. For 2 inch and 3-inch ribbons, we only have a few rolls of White, Silver left.

We also have no more stock for pure organza ribbons in all sizes and do not have grosgrain or checkered ribbons.

    • Ribbon Grades: You can expect Grade A and B here
    • Price: Reasonably affordable

Update December 2020 – Please note that as of January 2020, Green Daun does not sell ribbons anymore.

2. Spotlight Malaysia

Australian craft and home decor chain which sells premium quality ribbons. Spotlight has a vast collection with many ribbons, but they are more costly than other shops in Malaysia.

You can find ribbons made in China and repacked under the Australian importers and then sold here.

On a recent visit in July 2016, they have many smaller-sized ribbons and not much in broader types; however, you can find many different kinds of ribbons here.

    • Ribbon Grades: Grade A only
    • Price: $$$$$ (Most expensive in Malaysia)

Lace ribbon shop Malaysia

3. Bunga Reben

One of the original popular haberdashery and ‘hantaran’ shops in Kuala Lumpur with three outlets is probably the most popular shop to get all kinds of craft and sewing items.

However, the prices are slightly higher than Green Daun, and the locations are around Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and Chow Kit area in KL, meaning parking is an issue around these popular places.

    • Ribbon Grades: Grade A and B
    • Price: $$$$

4. SSF

This home decor outlet has chains all over Malaysia and focuses on a lot of decorating your home.

They used to be well known as they cater to the ‘hantaran’ business (Local Wedding Business)┬átherefore have a large craft section.

Here, the ribbons’ quality is generally Grade C types and offered wholesale for businesses. However, you need to apply to be a business buyer who requires a deposit and will go through a process.

Many years ago, they stocked better quality ribbons and a wide colour range, but the colour range has decreased in recent years, and quality has dropped.

Update June 2018 – SSF no longer brings in new ribbons; hence you only see the old stock on sale.

    • Ribbon Grades: Grade C and D
    • Price: $$$

5. Macy

The main Macy store in Sri Kembangan is where you can find ribbons, and most of the selections are imported from China.

The stock standard satin and organza ribbons with a few other fabric types, but after we visited the outlet, we found that the quality was also from the C grade types.

They do wholesale; therefore, it will be cheaper to buy them in bulk, but you need to see the quality first. Colour selections are not vast, but they carry the standard colours.

    • Ribbon Grades: Grade C and D
    • Price: $$
Kedia Ribbon Malaysia
Ribbons in various colours.

6. Daiso Malaysia

The popular Japanese chain outlet has stores in practically every shopping mall in Malaysia.

After visiting many outlets, we found that they only carry a minimal supply of ribbons, mainly lace and printed ribbons sold in one-meter rolls.

As you may already know, the price is RM5.90 therefore, if you need some last-minute cute Japanese ribbons, you can find them here. You won’t be finding satin or organza ribbons here too.

    • Ribbon Grades: Grade A & B
    • Price: $$

7. Fun Cheer

I call this the ‘Chaiso’ of Malaysia, where they have about 5-6 outlets all over the Klang Valley.

Chaiso because they are the China Daiso where you can find just about anything cheap here.

From home decor, household items, stationery, gardening, and crafts and party decorations. Fun Cheer also stocks very few ribbons, but they are of inferior quality.

Again, if you are on a severe budget, maybe here is the right place, but you won’t be finding a wide variety here. Also, in Chinese New Year time, you can find a lot of red satin ribbons here.

    • Ribbon Grades: Grade D mostly
    • Price: $

8. Online Shops Selling Ribbons in Malaysia

Small business operators take stocks from various suppliers and then resell them online.

The prices are not as low as you think they are, but it suits those who prefer to buy online. Some of them also sell ribbons in yards or meters too.

We checked a few of them, and the ribbon selections are poor, as in variety and colours, but you may find the most common colours and sizes from these online ribbon shops in Malaysia.

  • Ribbon Grades: Grade C & D mostly
  • Price: $$$$

9. Florist and Gift Shops in Malaysia

These outlets usually don’t sell the ribbons as they use them for their floral bouquets, gift wrapping and decorations.

Therefore, it is not recommended to check out these florists and gift shops in Malaysia for ribbon supplies unless you will buy a gift and have it wrapped by them.

  • Ribbon Grades: Grade C and D mostly
  • Price: Varies

10. Stationery Shops in Malaysia

Some stationary shops do carry ribbons, but they are very straightforward and standard colours like black, white, gold, and red most of the time.

The variety is also simple, meaning you may find a quarter, half and maybe one-inch ribbons.

Prices are costly as they usually sell the ribbons by meters or spools.

  • Price: $$$$
Craft Ribbon Shop Malaysia
Different types of ribbons sold at Green Daun Craft Shop

Tips on where to buy ribbons in Malaysia

Overall, the above list is probably the best place to buy ribbons in Malaysia, and there are, in fact, other smaller shops that have very basic ribbons.

Most of the time, for gift wrapping and floral bouquets, if you want to do craft projects, it is best to check out the proper shops that sell ribbons.

On a professional note, most shops would not know the actual names of specific ribbons and may not assist you with certain uses of these ribbons.

It is always best to ask the sales assistant or shop owner about the ribbon use and other details.

Or you can call the shops up and ask before going. This will save you a lot of time and money.

Types of Ribbons in Malaysia

    • Satin Ribbons
    • Organza Ribbons
    • Grosgrain Ribbons
    • Velvet Ribbons
    • Lace Ribbons
    • Fabric Ribbons
    • Plastic Ribbons
    • Metallic Ribbons
    • Jacquard Ribbons
    • Satin mix Organza Ribbons
    • Picot Edge Ribbons
    • Printed Ribbons
    • Burlap Ribbons
    • Paper Ribbons
    • Pull Ribbons
    • Scented Ribbons
Ribbon Shop Petaling Jaya
Types of ribbons available at Green Daun

Most of the ribbons mentioned above are available in Malaysia but are very hard to come by, and only certain shops carry some of them.

This means you need to visit different shops for different types of ribbons. The more unique the ribbons are, the more pricey they can become.

Satin ribbons in Malaysia are mostly single-sided; the satin shine is on the top side of the ribbon, while the bottom part is not shiny.

Double-sided or double-faced satin ribbons are available, but these are more expensive, almost 50% more than the standard single-faced satin ribbons.

How to go to Green Daun Craft Shop?

We are located in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya, and you can read this article on how to go to the Green Daun craft shop.

The article has direction information and also photos showing our shop. Alternatively, you can always call us for detailed directions.

The Green Daun Craft Shop also sells other craft items like macrame cords and materials, dream catcher materials, crystal beads, jewellery findings and accessories and many other things.

We offer unique Dream Catcher making classes at our shop, which are by appointment only.

We have them in stock for those who are making dream catchers or other crafts and want to know where to buy feathers in PJ Malaysia.


Update December 2020 – Please note that as of January 2020, we at Green Daun do not sell ribbons anymore.

We hope this article on where to buy ribbons in Malaysia has come in helpful, and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comment form below or contact us directly. Happy Crafting!

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  1. Hye do u have silver ribbon. Wide ribbon to use to make beauty pageant sash.

  2. Hello Sherilyn, thank you for the question and sorry for the late reply. I used to have those in Gold, Silver, Black, Light Blue, Red and White, they are 6″ wide and I no longer have them in stock as they are hard to get. I hope you can source them elsewhere.

  3. Hello Constance, thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, we have run out of stock for velvet ribbons. I checked and only have one meter of this left. We currently also have Satin Ribbons in various sizes. As for where to get velvet ribbons, there are some other shops in the Klang Valley that you can check.

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