We Do Not Sell These Items Anymore

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Just before the end of 2023, we at Green Daun would like to highlight that we do not sell these items anymore. Therefore, please take note of this because there are still people who do not read the articles and contact us.

We Do Not Sell These Items Anymore

Because we sold these items before and published articles on our website, Google indexes these and when you search on Google, it will show that Green Daun’s website mentions it. And immediately, people don’t read the articles; instead, they will call us to ask if we have the items.

In the articles, we have clearly indicated that we no longer sell the items and even put them in red colour, but as always, people are too fast and pass judgment quickly. So, every now and then, we need to remind people that we do not sell the following items.

We No Longer Sell The Following Items;

  • Peacock Feathers & other craft feathers
  • Ribbons
  • All types of loose beads
  • Rudraksha Beads
  • General Craft Items
  • Macrame Cords
  • Dreamcatcher & Materials
  • Miyuki Glass & Seed Beads

► Also, please don’t ask us where to get them. If you use Google to find us, you can also use Google to find other items you are looking for.

Green Daun is a New Age Shop that sells Metaphysical and Holistic items for the alternative world. We started as a new-age craft shop but transitioned into a full metaphysical shop in 2021. And since then, we have discontinued selling general crafting items.

At Green Daun, you can find things like Gongs for sound healing, full moon singing bowls, white sage and palo santo, ritual candles, herbs and resins, tarot and oracle cards, raw and tumbles crystals, and many other interesting items for the alternative new age world.


Thank you, and we hope you read this article on ‘We Do Not Sell These Items Anymore’. Anyway, have a great 2024  and keep being positive. Because we live in the city, everyone is rushing and taking things for granted. It’s time we take a small step back and look forward mindfully.

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