How to do Grounding for Free?

Doing Free Grounding

Many people out there need to ground themselves, and this article will share how to do grounding for free. Meaning, you can do this without spending any money.

Grounding is one of the best ways to release any negativity accumulated over the weeks, months or even years and can be easily done independently.

How to do Grounding for Free?

This is a common question that we get asked a lot from our customers, and do not worry as we will now share with everyone how you can do grounding for free.

First, grounding is a unique therapeutic technique involving activities that ground or connect you to the earth. A perfect example is by walking barefooted on the grass.

This technique can be done just about anywhere, but can we actually do it? Meaning if your home has a garden, can we do it there?

The answer is quite tricky as a garden outside our home may be distracting, which will affect our grounding exercise; hence, we need to go somewhere peaceful and quiet to do this.

You may have also read some articles on grounding, and most of them are written by Americans or Europeans, which focus on multiple techniques, some of which we have never heard of.

Grounding in Malaysia
Visiting a forest is one of the best ways to ground yourself.

We write this article at Green Daun, where we are pure Malaysians and understand our local cultures and beliefs; hence we try to be straightforward in explaining what you can do for grounding.

First of all, grounding is a solo mission where you find time to get grounded. It defeats the purpose if you are going to bring your entire family along.

For example, you feel guilty that you do not spend time with your family and then plan a trip to a forest reserve on the pretext of spending a day out.

It usually ends up where you have to monitor your family and kids, leaving no time for yourself, defeating the purpose of grounding.

Remember, find a nice area with a lot of trees, plants, flowers and grass. Next, make sure you put off your phone as you do not need distractions.

The easiest way to ground ourselves is by;

Visiting a park, nature reserve or forest reserve – Make sure these places have many trees, plants, grass as this is the best way to connect back with nature and ground ourselves. Avoid modern parks with many playing or exercising structures as those do not provide a proper grounding experience.

Visiting a beach – If a beach is accessible by you, you can also pay a visit there and once there, take a walk on the sand to ground yourself.

Taking a hike – If you love trekking and hiking, then look for a nice safe hill where you can explore on your own to absorb nature. It is also recommended to do this in the mornings.

Malaysia Grounding
The best way to do grounding is to remove your shoes and connect with the earth.

Why do we Need Grounding?

Generally, everyone needs some grounding from time to time, and the big question some may ask is, why do we need it? So, let us try to explain this easily.

By performing basic grounding exercises, you can achieve the following;

  • Releasing built up negative energy
  • Recharging your energy
  • Clearing your mind
  • Calming your emotions
  • Strengthening your instincts
Forest Bathing Malaysia
Grounding in the local forest is highly recommended.

When do you Need Grounding?

Another common question asked by some people is why do we need this exercise? When things start to go wrong in our lives or see negative changes, then it is a sign that we need to ground ourselves.

Examples, when you may be not grounded, are as follows;

  • Built-up anxiety and over-worrying
  • Feeling stressed out for no reason
  • Getting distracted easily
  • Negative obsession with self or even material things
  • Sudden aches and pains
  • Getting tired easily
  • Sleeping less or irregular sleep
  • Sudden grumpiness or change of mood and character
Grounding in a Forest
A stunning forest with the sunlight peeping through.


This article was done for anyone who wants to understand more about grounding and how you can do it. There are free and easy ways to do this, and there are also paid ways to do it.

If you find that you cannot do the grounding for free, you may want to visit our new age shop as we can assist you in how to ground yourself.

And example, we have grounding crystals, grounding anklets, or other products to aid you with your grounding or releasing trapped energy.

At the end of the day, we are all provided with options, and if we have the time and encouragement, we can do grounding for free, and if we cannot, there are other alternatives.

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