Gong Bath in Malaysia

Malaysia Gong Bath


If you have heard about doing a singing bowl sound bath in Malaysia, you will be happy to know that there is also a Gong Bath in Malaysia available, which can be done at the Green Daun New Age Shop.

Sound baths have been the trend for a few years now, even more so since the COVID-19 pandemic, and many people are offering this type of sound healing service in Malaysia. Some are experienced, and many just started in 2023.

Gong Bath in Malaysia

While the market is quite fixated and excited about sound baths or singing bowl healing sessions in Malaysia, Green Daun has been learning the gong healing techniques for some time now.

We have been selling full-moon singing bowls since 2018 and gongs since 2022; therefore, we have had years of experience in sound healing. Unlike many who attend sound healing classes and immediately conduct sessions, we chose to learn more and understand this before opening up to customers.

In Malaysia, not many people specialise in gong baths or gong healing because this is a difficult category to learn for many. It takes a lot of knowledge and skill to understand the gong, unlike a crystal singing bowl, where running the mallet across the bowl immediately gives out a sound.

This means we are genuinely passionate about our healing service versus someone signing up for some courses and quickly starting sound healing sessions without experience. And many do it for the sake of money instead of the purpose of healing people. That is the current problem nowadays, and many practitioners depend on social media for their business.

Malaysia Sound Healing
Our gong sound healing session.

Where can you do a Gong Bath in Malaysia?

The Green Daun New Age Shop offers gong sound healing in Petaling Jaya in the Klang Valley. However, this is not a walk-in program. You need to make an appointment for the Gong Healing Session here. Appointments are a few days before your session.

The good thing about our Gong Bath Sound Healing Sessions is that we do not mix you with other people because of energy clashing. So, our method is only for you, your partner, your family or your friends, who can do it together—no mixing of strangers, which we find is much better regarding the sound healing process.

Malaysia Gong Healing
The simple Gong Healing set up at Green Daun New Age Shop.

Gong Bath in Malaysia

  • Where: Green Daun New Age Shop
  • When: Appointment only
  • How Long: One gong bath session is 60 minutes
  • Attendees: Maximum 2-4 persons at a time
  • Special: Only couples, friends or family, no mixing with others
  • Price: Contact Us
  • Booking: In person at our new age shop on weekends

Where is Green Daun’s New Age Shop?

We are located in the residential area of SS2 in Petaling Jaya, and you can use Waze or Google Maps to search for Green Daun. It will bring you directly to our doorstep. If you are taking a ride-hailing service, just put in Green Daun. If you take public transport, the nearest LRT Station is Taman Bahagia LRT, about a 10-minute walk to Green Daun.

Gong Sound Healing Malaysia
A Gong Sound Healing session is being conducted.


Anyone interested in experiencing a Gong Bath in Malaysia can contact us at Green Daun using the above information. We only do a maximum of four people for now, and shortly, we will increase the number of attendees.

Please take note that you must contact us to make a booking with a deposit for the gong healing session. And you do not need to bring anything to the session.

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