Happy New Year 2021 from Green Daun

Malaysia New Year 2021

We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year 2021 from Green Daun. May the new year bring in a lot of happiness, joy, prosperity and love and let us move on from the hardships of Covid19.

We understand that most of us went through some hard times during 2020 and especially during the lock-downs imposed in Malaysia.

Happy New Year 2021 from Green Daun

Our new year message may be difficult but it has to be shared so that we learn and understand ourselves better, especially after going through a tough year in 2020.

The Covid19 pandemic in 2020 did impact quite a lot of people and it created a lot of problems for some. Mentally, it was quite bad as a number of people went through depression, anxiety and many other negative feelings.

We truly understand how this pandemic affected most of us, and yet we choose to be strong, just like many out there. Somehow, the inner-strength is some of us shined brightly, showing us the way to overcome any negativity.

One of the ways we overcame the troubles and hardships was by believing in ourselves, having faith in everything we were doing. Faith is probably one of the strongest elements that let us sail through.

Another thing that we frequently did was cleansing our space and we did that frequently to rid of all kinds of negativity that lurked around. We used white sage, palo santo and also sacred frankincense for this.

At the end of the day, it is entirely up to the individual person to have a positive mindset to overcome any negativity, and at times, we may need someone else to remind us of this.


With that, we at Green Daun wishes everyone a Happy New Year 2021 and hope that the year will be blessed with great positivity, happiness, joy, abundance and love.

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