Black Tourmaline Beads In Malaysia

Black Tourmaline Beads Malaysia

Black Tourmaline beads in Malaysia are available to be purchased individually from the Green Daun New Age Craft Shop in Petaling Jaya. This means that you can just walk into our shop and buy a few of these beautiful beads.

Apart from buying the Black Tourmaline beads, you can also walk in to custom make your own Black Tourmaline bracelet in various sizes. We have the beads in two sizes, suitable for both women and men.

If you did not know, Black Tourmaline is also called Schrol, which has a very long history dating back to Medieval times or even longer than that.

Black Tourmaline Beads In Malaysia

Black Tourmaline Beads
The Black Tourmaline Beads sold at Green Daun.

There may be some places in Malaysia where you can buy Black Tourmaline beads, but all of these places usually sell them in either a full bracelet form, or in strands.

Not everyone wants to get an entire strand, as some people only want a few beads to make their earrings or bracelets.

Some crystal shops in Malaysia may sell the bracelets, but then again, as a consumer, you would already know that the prices there are pretty high, and you cannot customize it at these crystal shops.

The problem is that everyone has a different wrist size, and those Black Tourmaline crystal bracelets are always sold in a standard size at these crystal shops.

And if you have a much smaller or larger wrist, the ready made bracelet will not fit you comfortably. Trust us, this is a very common problem for many people when buying crystal bead bracelets.

Are There Different Quality Black Tourmaline Beads? 

Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline crystal stone and beads.

Another thing we would like to highlight is the various types of qualities of Black Tourmaline beads that are available in Malaysia, which range from low to very high quality.

At Green Daun, we can assure you that all our Black Tourmaline crystal beads are hand picked, and are of medium to high quality.

Often at some crystal shops in PJ or KL, they may sell the Black Tourmaline bracelet, but in many cases, they are the very high quality, which is quite expensive.

The truth be told, the difference between the medium, high and very high quality of Black Tourmaline does not really matter much as they are natural crystals.

At the end of the day, the main concern is if they are the real stone or some other cheaper stone passed off as the real one.

It is only the modern day misconception of people being told that the much higher grades tend to work better, because they want to sell you the more expensive quality.

What Is Black Tourmaline Used For?

The most common use for Black Tourmaline crystals is for protection and grounding. Many choose this crystal for all kinds of protection, namely from negative energy, psychic energies and even EMF protection.

Some people like to use Black Tourmaline as a psychic shield that deflects all kinds of negative energies or even attacks.

Another benefit of this crystal is for its purifying and neutralizing negative thoughts and conflicts into positive ones.

Other benefits include luck, happiness, positivity and health, but the overall strength is that it helps to heal on all kinds of levels, from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Below is a list of the Black Tourmaline properties;

  • Protects from negative energies
  • Shields from harmful electromagnetic radiation
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Improves self-confidence
  • Promotes detoxification
  • Increases alertness
  • Supports organs
  • Eliminates toxic heavy metals
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Helps circulation
  • Improves metabolism
  • Grounds energies (Root Chakra)
  • Balances and clears chakras and aura


Black Tourmaline Bracelet
A Black Tourmaline Bracelets that we made.

Where To Buy Black Tourmaline Beads In Malaysia?

The beautiful crystal beads can be bought from a number of places, and one of them is from online sellers who sell on e-commerce platforms or via social media.

However, there have been many cases where the photo shows nice quality products, but when you receive it, it is not as what it looks like in the photo.

There have also been many cases where people have been cheated online, where they have been sent fake stones instead of the real thing. This is the problem of buying certain things online.

Also, when you buy online, you are unable to communicate on a face to face level with the person selling the crystals. This is something personal when buying crystals, and is best done at a proper shop.

While you may be wondering about where to get them, just visit our shop and you can buy them individually or even custom make the crystals into a bracelet, earrings or even necklace.

Where To Make A Black Tourmaline Bracelet In Malaysia? 

Black Tourmaline Crystal Beads Malaysia
Beautiful Black Tourmaline Crystal beads and bracelet.

For those interested to make a customized bracelet using Black Tourmaline beads, you can simply visit Green Daun and we can do it on the spot for you. It will only take no more than 20 minutes to make one bracelet.

We can make the bracelets according to your wrist size and fit you perfectly. If you have purchased a Black Tourmaline bracelet previously and it is too loose, you can also bring it over to have it re-strung.

Also, if you have had a bracelet that has snapped or someone passed down the beads to you, you can bring it over to restring the bracelet, or customize it by adding other beads or findings.

Apart from just using Black Tourmaline crystal beads, you can also make them by mixing them with other types of beads that we sell individually.

The crystal beads are available at Green Daun New Age Craft Shop in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya. We sell these beads one by one, and this means you do not need to buy the entire strand.

To locate our crystal shop in Petaling Jaya, just use Waze or Google Maps and key in “Green Daun” which will pop up and you can follow the directions to our shop.

Crystal Beads Wholesale Malaysia
A selection of the many crystal beads sold at Green Daun.

What Else Do We Sell and Do? 

Apart from selling Black Tourmaline crystal beads, we also sell many other types of healing crystal beads and in total, we have over 50 types of different crystal healing beads.

For now, we do not sell the Black Tourmaline crystal tumble stones or large uncut pieces. We only sell the round crystal beads in various sizes, and of medium to high quality.


For anyone who is looking for where to buy some Black Tourmaline beads in Malaysia, you have come to the right place. Just visit our shop to buy them loose or custom make them into a beautiful bracelet.

We cater to all walks of life, and are very casual. This means we are not your regular crystal shop which you usually see in the shopping malls in Malaysia.

Our shop concept focuses on being simple, realistic and honest, where the customers will feel at ease and also comfortable when they visit our outlet.

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