Yoga Bracelets in Malaysia


Malaysia Yoga Bracelers

Where can you find Yoga Bracelets in Malaysia? The good news is that you can get them from our shop in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya.

Yoga bracelets have been around for a very long time and used mainly for those who practice yoga and meditation.

But what are Yoga Bracelets? Most people would know them as meditation, healing, chakra or mala bracelets, and there are many other names given to these kind of bracelets.

You may have seen people using them on their wrists during yoga classes, or even as daily use accessories.

Yoga Bracelets in Malaysia

Generally, yoga bracelets come in many types of designs. Most popularly, lava or wooden beads are used to make them.

The term Mala beads are used to help the mind focus on meditation, or count mantras in sets of 108 repetition. Most of the yoga bracelets in Malaysia are available online, but are they the real deal?

Healing Jewellery Malaysia
Some of our custom made healing or yoga bracelets at Green Daun

Originally, a mala necklace of 108 beads are used for this, either around the neck or wrapped around the wrists many times, but in more modern times, many have reverted to more modern contemporary mala bracelets.

Mala beads are also known to encourage a calmer mind, body and soul and this is one of the reasons why people are so drawn to them.

Yoga bracelets can be anything you want, as there is no fix design for it. As for the number of beads, originally from 108, it is divided into four which is 27 beads.

If your hand size is small or extra small, you still need this amount, but you can change the size of the beads.

Usually, 8mm sized beads are used, and if you have a smaller wrist, you have the option of choosing 6mm beads. But the number of beads still needs to be 27, hence you can use spacers if you prefer.

Mala Yoga Bracelet in Malaysia
Some of the custom yoga bracelets made by Green Daun

Custom Made Yoga Bracelets in Malaysia

At our shop, you can custom make the yoga bracelets to your size, as we have all the beading equipment and accessories.

We also have a very wide selection of beads that come in wood, crystals, glass and even Rudraksha seeds in various sizes.

Our crystal beads and other beads are sourced from reputable wholesalers from overseas and we are careful not to sell the imitation beads.

This is a fact as in the general consumer market, there are many imitation or fake beads being passed off as real ones.

The best is to drop by our shop, see the beads and ask us any questions you may have about the yoga bracelets. We are not masters, but have enough experience in dealing with these kinds of beads.

Buy Rudraksha Seeds Malaysia
Some of the Rudraksha seeds we sell at our shop

Loose Crystal Beads, Charms and Accessories For Sale

At Green Daun craft shop, we also sell loose beads, meaning you can just walk in to buy any amount you want. No we are not wholesalers where you are forced to take a minimum quantity.

We understand that most hobby makers prefer to just buy what they need to make their own yoga bracelets or even mala.

We sell beads as low as RM0.80 per piece for crystal beads, and for common glass beads at RM1.00 per packet of 20 pieces, depending on size too.

As for jewelry accessories, we sell them in very small quantities which range from RM1.00 per packet, and they are mostly alloy materials in gold, silver and antique gold.

If you are looking for charms, we also carry them in our shop, selling them individually. We have yoga charms, ohm charms and over 100 other designs that come in antique gold, bronze, gold and silver.

Charms are priced starting at RM1.00 per charm. We even sell special Yoga charms, Ganesha charms, Om charms and other unique charms in out shop.

Healing Bracelet Malaysia
Some of the ready made healing or yoga bracelets available at our shop

Other Types Of Bracelets We Sell

While there are many other types of bracelets in the market, some people are even looking for wealth and health bracelets like the Super 7 Bracelet which is known to be one of the popular gemstone bracelets currently.

The 7 Chakra bracelets in Malaysia have also been one of the favourites for those wanting to balance their chakras. These are sold with the original crystal beads and not the cheap glass ones you see everyone selling.

One of the common and popular designs are the lava stone bracelets which go well for both men and women.

The natural lava stone provides strength and courage, while it is an excellent grounding stone which strengthens our connection to mother earth.

For those into the essential oil diffuser bracelets, we sell a variety of them where you can use some of the stones as diffuser agents.

These also work well for the yoga bracelets as you can diffuse your oils on to them when you do meditation. These are also known as aromatherapy diffuser jewellery.

Malaysia Mala Beads
A custom made mala necklace with 108 beads

How to find our shop?

Our retail shop is located in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya, and near IKEA PJ and The Curve Shopping Center. For exact location, please read this article on directions to our craft shop.

If you are using a smartphone application like Waze or Google Maps, just key in ‘Green Daun Craft Shop’ and it should lead you to our place. We have our own reserve parking outside our shop too.


If you need assistance on getting here, please do call or Whatsapp us for detailed information. For those who are unable to visit our shop, you can also order online via Whatsapp and we can make one and post it to you.

Anyone looking for yoga bracelets in Malaysia, you can custom make or buy them ready from our shop. For custom made bracelets, it only takes about 10 minutes or so to have one done at our shop.

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