Witchcraft in Malaysia

Malaysia Witchcraft

Malaysia Witchcraft

When you hear this word, I am sure many people will think of the negativity coming from this, but fear not, as I am here to explain Witchcraft in Malaysia in a modern way for everyone to understand a little better.

When you look back, Witchcraft is not from our Asian culture, but then again, we do have shamans, bomohs and pawangs, which somehow are related to Witchcraft. Strange, but true. So, if you want a Malaysian perspective on this, read on.

Witchcraft in Malaysia

If you are wondering, yes, Witchcraft does exist in Malaysia. It is not practised or talked about openly due to the conservative multi-cultural upbringing here and the older generation’s closed mindsets and sometimes relating also to religion.

However, the good news is that the COVID-19 pandemic kept many people at home for almost two years, creating an intense curiosity to learn something new, and many hobbies were discovered over the lockdown periods. Wicca and Witchcraft were one of the interests among many, namely the younger teens.


Witchcraft Malaysia
People’s perception of Witchcraft.

When you look up Witchcraft in Wikipedia, the first thing you will read is;

Witchcraft traditionally means the use of magic or supernatural powers to harm others. A practitioner is a witch. In medieval and early modern Europe, where the term originated, accused witches were usually women believed to have attacked their community and often communed with evil beings. It was thought witchcraft could be thwarted by protective magic or counter-magic provided by cunning folk or folk healers. Suspected witches were also intimidated, banished, attacked or killed.

The above is, of course, from the most common explanations dating back to the witchery days. Much has changed in the last two centuries, and after the turn of the millennium, Witchcraft has taken a different path among many. Think along the lines of crystals, palo santo and tarot.

Of course, some still practice the old ways of Witchcraft, but modern-day Witchcraft has taken a slightly friendlier approach. Gone are the days of bats’ wings, rats’ tails, and fishes’ eyes for potions.

Nowadays, Witchcraft is practised more positively using mainly common herbs, candles and intuitions for creating rituals, potions or spells that benefit the person in a very entry-level atmosphere.

Teenage Witch Malaysia
Teenagers are nowadays looking at Witchcraft as a form of healing.

In Malaysia, Witchcraft is still taboo, and many choose not to share information for fear of being cast out. Teenagers are more afraid of their parents finding out; therefore, they indulge in this quietly. Those who are daring will resort to social media platforms like Tiktok or Instagram.

But as times change, more people slowly show interest in Witchcraft by practising on a beginner level. Those who are curious are still reading about this, while some are already practising it.

A well-known American writer, Bianca Bosker, wrote a fascinating article about modern-day witches and had this to share;

The latest witch renaissance coincides with a growing fascination with astrology, crystals, and tarot, which, like magic, practitioners consider ways to tap into unseen, unconventional sources of power—and which can be especially appealing for people who feel disenfranchised or who have grown weary of trying to enact change by working within the system. (Modern witchcraft has drawn more women than men, as well as many people of colour and queer or transgender individuals; a “witch” can be any gender.) “The more frustrated people get, they do often turn to witchcraft because they’re like, ‘Well, the usual channels are just not working, so let’s see what else is out there,’ ”

Malaysia Witchcraft Magic
Real witches do not need to look like a witch.

Real Witches in Malaysia

As I write this, I must be careful about what I say here because it is still a sensitive topic. I do not want to upset anyone; therefore, if you are reading this, it is just an opinion piece and not intended to hurt or tarnish anyone.

There are, in fact, real witches in Malaysia, and I have met several of them already who don’t even dress like witches. But here’s the fun part – The real witches do not go on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook, claiming they are witches and clairvoyants.

Malaysia Witchcraft
There are natural and fake witches in Malaysia.

Fake Witches in Malaysia

Everyone should take note of this because there are too many fake witches in Malaysia, especially on popular social media platforms. Actual witches respect their job and do not need to advertise to the world or their circle that they are a witch by trying to gain followers, likes or attention.

Sometimes, the influence of other witches on social platforms makes people FOMO or want to be better than the next. This problem has been around for five years and applies to witches and many other genres.

So, if you see someone on TikTok or Instagram dressed up like a witch or flaunting their so-called witchery, they are most likely just in it for the trend or wanting to be different. You don’t learn about witchery in two months and claim you are a witch.

Spellcasting Witch
Spellcasting is one of the traits of witches.

Types of Witches

Since I’m already on this topic, I might as well share the different types of witches as; over time, there have been too many new genres of witches out there;

  • Kitchen Witch – The oldest form of witches, even our mums, were kitchen witches. This is creating a dish using various recipes, herbs and ingredients to ensure the family has a beautiful meal.
  • City Witch – Those that focus on the problems of modern-day city living, providing handover cures, heartbreak remedies, money-seeking spells, etc.
  • Green Witch – Someone who works mainly with flowers and herbs to create potions, rituals and spells. They often explore by mixing flowers, herbs, resins and anything that comes naturally from mother nature.
  • Hedge Witch – Those that work a lot with nature, focusing mainly on healing remedies using nature’s elements. More independent and less structured.
  • Crystal Witch – Those connected to the vibration and power of crystals, using grids and harnessing multiple energies, thus practising crystal magic.
  • Baby Witch – Coming from the WitchTok society, primarily teen beginner witches, all out to impress.
  • TikTok Witch – Probably once you graduated from a Baby Witch, you now rule the realm of TikTok and other social channels with your daily videos.
  • Influencer Witch – Those who love to talk and share recipes using crystals, moon water, candles and anything trending.
  • Solitary Witch – One that works alone versus in a group, mostly doing things independently. It is not easy to identify these kinds of witches.
  • Coven-based Witch – Those who prefer to work in groups and attend rituals, ceremonies and gatherings, usually led by a leader or high priestess.
  • Cosmic Witch – Those who actively use astrology, astronomy, stars, the universe and the various moon cycles.
  • Lunar Witch – Works with everything about the moon only. The moon phases, the retrograde and, if possible, the moon’s dark side.
  • Sea Witch – Those who have strong connections to the ocean or sea, especially if you are born near the sea. Water element based that uses Seawood, sand, shells and Hagstones.
  • Hereditary Witch – Said to be born into a family that practices Witchcraft or has an ancestral line of witchery.
  • Eclectic Witch – Someone who doesn’t want to follow one lore and prefers to mix and match different styles or practices of witchery. NeoWiccan is a good term for this kind of situation.
  • White Witch – Practising only good and positive magic to help one another.
  • Grey Witch – The type indulges in black-and-white magic but refuses to lean on either side. It can be pretty troublesome in decision-making.
  • Black Witch – Those that go all out for evil and dark magic, spells and rituals. Mostly doing more harm only and enjoying hurting people. Black magic, hexes, curses, satanism and everything terrible.
Black Magic Dark Witch Malaysia
Dark Witches practice black magic and often do more harm than good.

There are more types of witches worldwide, and the list above can easily resonate with Malaysians because we may not follow other country witch types like Norse, Celtic, Gardnerian, Ceremonial, Correllian, Secular, Solar, Augury, Hellenic, Music, Faery and more types of witches.

Is Witchcraft in Malaysia a Bad Thing?

Honestly, from a conservative point of view, it isn’t good. But when you look at it from a positive point of view, it can be neutral or good. But in any situation, there will be bad and good people.

For example, in Malaysia, a famous and infamous murderer called Mona Fandey was accused of killing a politician in 1993. Somehow, the media branded her as a witch because of certain Malaysian ‘Bomoh‘ rituals that she performed for the accused. Mona, her husband and her helper were hanged for this crime.

But the Western media had a field day calling her a witch doctor, a shaman, and this eventually became super famous, and she was known as a Malaysian Witch until this very day.

In the 70s, one of the scholars’ working definitions of a witch was “someone who causes harm to others by mystical means.” Most conservative people still resonate with Witchcraft as evil or satanic, but over the last few years, there has been more positive media about Witchcraft.

Malaysia Witchcraft Shop
Green Daun is one of the shops that sell Wicca and Witchcraft items.

Where to Buy Witchcraft Items in Malaysia? 

Honestly, this is something you will likely not see anywhere in Malaysia, but do not worry, as you can buy witchcraft items in Malaysia at our online shop. Of course, we only sell what is used for positive spells, rituals and blessings, namely herbs, crystals, candles, oils, etc.

Many beginners start with candle magic using rituals and spell candles; this is one of the easiest things to learn when beginning Wicca and Witchcraft; therefore, you can also consider this one of the main components of this trade.

We do not support dark or black magic as it has been taught to many that whatever you do poorly can come back and hurt you or your family ten times more, and this is some form of karma that many do not want to mess around with.


For anyone interested in Witchcraft in Malaysia, I strongly suggest you do a lot of research on this. Please, I repeat, please do not use TikTok or Instagram as your guide because a lot of wrong information is being shared by just about anyone.

I mean it; the number of people who have walked into our shop and told us what they learned from TokTok and Instagram is not advisable. Sometimes, we shake our heads when we hear what they share. Again, if you genuinely want to know about Witchcraft, please read up about it in books or helpful articles and not resort to YouTube witches.

I know many people nowadays are impatient, but remember, what you learn does not make you wise; experience and wisdom make you better.

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