Where to Restring Bracelets in PJ/KL


Where to Restring Bracelets in PJ KL

Do you have a snapped or loose beaded bracelet and wondered where to restring bracelets in PJ/KL area? Look no further as you can now do it at the Green Daun craft shop in Damansara Perdana.

We are a specialized craft and bead shop that sells beading and bracelet materials, and we also specialize in custom made crystal healing bracelets.

Our shop is a modern concept jewelry and craft store which focuses on selected beaded jewelry which includes crystal healing beads, gemstone beads, Rudraksha beads, Malas and even Peyote or brick stitch seed beads.

Where to Restring Bracelets in PJ or KL?

Malaysia Bracelet Repair
Repairing a bracelet at Green Daun

For anyone who has a loose bracelet or snapped bracelet, you can just bring it over to our shop and have it re-stringed, which only takes minutes.

Please take note that for simple restringing, it only applies to standard crystal bead bracelets. If your bracelet is complicated, meaning with many smaller parts, it will take a few days for this service.  See photo below.

Bracelet Repair Restring Malaysia
What a complicated bracelet looks like. This will take a few days to repair or restring.

There are many reasons why your bracelet snaps or get loose over time, and we will share the possible scenarios for this below;

  1. Wear and Tear – This is the most common scenario why beaded bracelets become loose. Over the months, users may remove and wear them on a daily basis, causing the elastic cord to stretch.
  2. Cheap Elastic Cord – This is another reason why beaded bracelets snap, because the maker uses cheap China low quality elastic cords. At Green Daun, we are using higher quality elastic cords to make our bracelets.
  3. Never Worn For Long Time – This is when people never wear their bracelets for a long period, and the elastic tends to get hardened over time due to humidity.

The above are the three most common problems that people face when they use beaded bracelets. It could be crystal gems, wooden beads, Rudraksha seed, Kayu Raja bead or any other types of beads, and over time, they may get loose or snap.

Restring Crystal Bracelet Malaysia
This is what a simple bracelet restring looks like. It’s just crystal beads only.

Why Restring Your Bracelet At Our Shop?

We have been doing this for years, and we ourselves wear bead bracelets, therefore we understand how frustrating it can be when a bracelet becomes loose or snaps.

As users, make sure that the elastic cord is of the best quality for this. Not only that, we do not do a single or double layer elastic wrap, but a three to four layer elastic cord to ensure durability.

For those people who want to add different crystals or spacers, you can also choose from the many we have in our shop. This way, you have the flexibility to modify your existing bracelet.

Some customers come in with their existing crystal bracelets and want to change certain crystal beads to other types, and they can choose from our vast collection.

Over the last few years, we have re-stringed many bracelets for customers that have walked in to our shop. As we are located in Petaling Jaya, it is quite convenient to reach us.

What Type Of Restring Service Do We Offer? 

Again, beaded bracelets come in various ways of tying them and the most common is by using the elastic cord. At Green Daun, we offer a few different choices for restringing your bead bracelets which are;

  1. Elastic Cord – Transparent and Black elastic cords in 1mm diameter. Please note we do not do any other color elastic cord, because the colored ones you see in the market are usually the cheap quality, and snap or stretch easily.
  2. Monofilament Line – This is similar to fishing lines, which are non-stretchable lines for those bracelets using clasps.
  3. Tiger Tail Wire – This is a strong thin wire encased with nylon for heavy duty beads or beads with sharp edges. It is non-stretchable, and used mainly for those bracelets, anklets or necklaces with clasp.
  4. Waxed Cotton Cord – These come in safe colors like brown tones or black, and is a cotton cord that has been lightly waxed. Used for making adjustable bead bracelets and suitable for men bracelets.
  5. Nymo Thread – This is specially used for small beads and even seed beads. The material is a non-twisted fiber filament, which is sturdy.
  6. Cotton & Nylon Cord – This is used for restringing Mala beads.
Restring Bracelets in Petaling Jaya
Lava beads and crystal beads restringing process

How Much Does It Cost To Restring A Bracelet? 

This is what most people want to know, what is the price for restringing a bracelet in PJ/KL. At Green Daun, the price for restringing starts from RM5.00 for a simple restring with no re-design.

Generally, when you bring in your bracelet, we need to see what is needed to be done. Some are straightforward restringing, and some require additional items.

Also, customers may want to change the style from elastic to clasp or even sliding knots, so it all depends on what you want to do with your bracelet.

Do We Restring Other Items? 

Yes, we also do restringing for necklaces, anklets and Mala beads. Some people may want to change the existing string due to wear and tear, or may or like the color of the original string.

This means that if you have a prayer mala, rosary or even tasbih, you can bring it over to be re-stringed or even re-designed.

Remember, jewelry or beads with broken metal parts are not able to be repaired but we can redesign them. Please note that for complicated or multiple items, it takes about a week or two to do them.

Some customers will bring in multiple bracelets and necklaces to be restringed, and we cannot do this on the spot. So if you have a few pieces, you need to leave them and collect them at a later date.

Rudraksha Mala Malaysia
Stringing a Rudraksha Mala

What Else Do We Sell?

Green Daun is a concept craft and jewelry shop and we also sell raw materials for jewelry and beading. If you want to re-string or make your own jewelry, you can walk in and buy the jewelry materials required for your projects.

We sell them in small quantities or loose pieces, which is convenient for those who just want to make one bead bracelet or restring just one bracelet. Items we sell include;

Crystal Beads – Over 50 types of crystal gem beads in various sizes, and sold piece by piece.

Amber Beads – Pure Baltic Amber beads, chips and pendants including cherry, honey, cognac, egg yolk amber beads and chips.

Lava Beads – Pure black lava beads in various shapes and sizes, sold individually. We do not sell colored lava as those are all fake lava beads.

Seed Beads – We have some seed beads including Miyuki beads in selected shapes, cuts and colors.

Trade Beads – Unique glass trade beads from Borneo in various sizes and designs. There are also Eco friendly beads, porcelain beads and tribal clay beads.

Wooden Beads – We sell plain wooden beads, Wenge wood, Kayu Raja beads, Olive wood beads, Gaharu beads and pine wood beads.

Cherry Cognac Amber Beads Malaysia
Cognac Amber Beads at Green Daun

What We Do Not Do

While you may think that we restring everything, there are actually a few items that we do not restring or repair and they include;

  1. Pandora Jewelry
  2. Gold or Silver Jewelry
  3. Gemstone Drilling
  4. Silversmith Work
  5. Reshaping of Jewelry

Where Is Green Daun?

Our shop is located in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya. You can just put in Green Daun Craft Shop in Waze or Google Maps to locate us.

For further reading, we have come up with a detailed article on directions to Green Daun craft shop, and this includes public transport and also self driving.


We hope this article has come in handy for you and that the information provided here is more than enough. Anyway, you can always contact us if you need more information.

This article on where to restring bracelets in PJ/KL was done because over the years, we have received many inquiries about this service. And now you know that it can be done here at Green Daun.

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