No Bracelet or Necklace Restring Services from 2021

Bracelet Necklace Restring Service No More

As of January 1st 2021, we no longer provide restring or repair service for bracelets or necklaces. We used to do it, but due to our busy work commitment, we cannot do this.

Most people may think it is easy to restring or repair a bracelet or necklace, but it is not, and therefore we ask you to look elsewhere for this service.

No Bracelet or Necklace Restring Services from 2021

At Green Daun’s new age shop, we sell 108 mala, prayer beads, crystal bead bracelets, and wooden bead bracelets and malas. But we DO NOT do restring or repair services.

As to where you can do this, we do not know, so please do not contact us and ask us where else you can do this.

So, for anyone wanting to restring or repair their bracelet or necklace, we DO NOT DO THIS SERVICE anymore, and we apologize for this.

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