Where To Buy Cotton Cord Ropes in Malaysia

With the trend of Macrame making on the rise, there have been many inquiries on where to get cotton cord ropes in Malaysia, and you have come to the right place for this.

We at Green Daun have been selling Macrame cotton cord ropes in many different sizes since 2016, and our cords are purely cotton.

*Update Jan 2020 – We only have 2mm and 3.5mm cotton cords available.

No Longer For Sale
Some of the items are no longer for sale at our shop. We only sell selected sizes. 

Where To Get Cotton Cord Ropes in Malaysia

Some people may already know where they can source for cotton cord ropes in Malaysia, but there are still many who are looking for them, and in affordable prices.

If you go back twenty or thirty years ago, these cotton cords would be easy to get from your local sewing shops, but over the last two decades, macrame making trends have died off until recently in 2017 or 2018.

But since that time, many retailers have stopped carrying stock for the cotton cords, and eventually factories in Malaysia stopped producing them.

Macrame Bag Malaysia
A Macrame Bag, sold at our shop.

Since the macrame trend in Malaysia started again back in 2017 or 2018, there are many who got back into this trend, namely the younger generation.

Tutorials were available online, namely on YouTube, and suddenly, many started teaching macrame classes in Malaysia with small group classes around the Klang Valley.

Most of the cotton cords used are the standard 5mm twisted cords, where classes were mainly teaching macrame wall hanging decorations or simple bags.

If you have been to one of these macrame classes, you would then be looking for where to buy macrame cotton cords in Malaysia, and you will know they are not easy to find.

Macrame Cord Rope For Sale Malaysia
Various types of macrame cotton cords for sale

Shop Selling Macrame Cotton Cords

However, we at Green Daun have taken the initiative to bring in these cotton cord ropes in various sizes, colors and even materials.

You can always visit our retail shop in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya to see, and even feel the cotton cord materials. This is to ensure you know which is the right type to use for your project.

We also carry other macrame making materials and accessories like wooden rings and wood beads in many sizes that can add on to your macrame projects.

In Malaysia, most of the macrame projects consist of wall decorations in small or large pieces, plat hangers, bags and even macrame jewellery.

Macrame Cotton Cord Malaysia
The bottom row are all the different sizes of macrame cotton cords

Size of Cotton Cord Ropes in Malaysia

There are many sizes for macrame cotton cords, where most new makers only know of the 3,4 and 5 mm widths. However, at our shop, we carry many sizes and colors for these cotton cords which are;

  • 1 mm cotton cord – Great for jewellery making
  • 1.5 mm cotton cord – Great for jewellery making
  • 2 mm cotton cord – Great for jewellery making
  • 2.5 mm cotton cord – Multiple use
  • 3 mm cotton and nylon cords – Multiple use, including bag making
  • 3.5 mm cotton cord – Multiple use including bags and pot hangers
  • 4 mm cotton cord – Multiple use including bags and pot hangers
  • 5 mm cotton and nylon cord – Multiple use, wall and pot hangers
  • 6 mm cotton cord – Multiple use, wall and pot hangers or curtains

Anything larger than the above sizes, we do not stock them in our shop, and you need to source them elsewhere. For the colors, they are usually off white or beige. But there are some sizes with come with pre-dyed colors.

Macrame Wooden Beads Rings Malaysia
Wooden rings and beads sold in small quantities for macrame makers
Where Is Our Place? 

Just key in ‘Green Daun Craft Shop’ into Waze or Google Maps, and it will bring you right to our door step. We are in Damansara Perdana, which is very nearby IKEA PJ. Anything, please call us for further information.

Outside out shop, there is a reserved parking for Green Daun customers, and if it is full, you can park at the visitor parking, but please register with the guard house nearby.

What Are Our Business Hours? 

We are open six days a week and below are our business hours;

  • Monday – Closed
  • Tuesday to Friday – 11.00 AM to 8.00 PM
  • Sat, Sun and Public Holidays – 11.00 AM to 6.00 PM
  • *We may close on certain public holidays hence best to follow our Green Daun Facebook for updates.
Macrame Materials Malaysia
Various macrame materials and accessories sold at Green Daun.

If you are new to macrame making, we would like to point out that we do not conduct any macrame classes, but we have the knowledge as we have been making them for many years too.

You can walk in to our shop and if you need some help, we can assist you with what we know of macrame making. This includes using which type or size of cord is needed for your project.

But being Asian, you need to be open and share what you want to do. At many time, there are people who just walk in and say “I’m doing something with macrame” and are afraid to share the information.

This will make it hard for us to understand what you want to do. It is also best to get a screenshot of the project you want to do and show us. Then it will be easy for us to assist you to our best.

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