Where to get Cotton Cord Rope in Malaysia

Buy Cotton Cord in Malaysia

For those who want to do Macrame, you may be asking where to get cotton cord rope in Malaysia as there are not many places selling these types of materials nowadays.

The good news is that you can find a wide selection of these cotton cord ropes at the Green Daun craft shop in Malaysia.

UPDATE JAN 2020 – Due to our shop’s new direction, we no longer sell macrame cords or accessories.

No Longer For Sale
Some of the items are no longer for sale at our shop.

Where to Buy Cotton Rope in Malaysia?

We sell these cotton cord ropes in various sizes suitable for all your craft projects. They are 100% cotton and not chemically bleached, which makes them very natural.

Just so you know, there are many types of macrame ropes in the market, some of which are dyed while others are stiff due to the chemicals used.

Weaving Macrame
A woman weaving a giant macrame wall decoration. Photo by https://za.pinterest.com/

Macrame weaving has been around since the 13th century and was done by the Arab weavers back then. It has always fascinated many, and from the ’60s to the ’80s, it was also popular here in Malaysia.

However, since the turn of the century and the rise of digital technology, fewer people have ventured into this skilled hobby.

In recent years, a few people in Malaysia have started to bring this trend back to life, and some of them are also seen selling their creations at craft bazaars in shopping malls around Malaysia.

Buying Cotton Cord Rope in Malaysia

For those wanting to know where to buy cotton cords in Kuala Lumpur, I would recommend that you visit our shop to see and feel the different materials and sizes we sell.

Making macrame is not something where you order your materials online and then work on your projects.

We sell two main types of cotton cords which is very suitable for your macrame or other projects. One is a very soft type of cotton, while the other series is a slightly thicker material.

The cords also come in twist finish or braided finished, where some makers prefer one to the other.

Serious makers will want to buy the correct macrame materials for their projects as the quality reflects the overall design’s overall finishing.

5mm cotton cord malaysia
5mm cotton cord in high quality

Cotton Cord Rope Colors

While you may have seen multiple colours available online, those are mainly chemically dyed. At Green Daun, we only sell natural-coloured materials, which is off white or beige. That is the natural colour of the cotton and non chemically treated.

If you are looking for pure white types of cotton cords or any other colours, we are sorry not to stock those. You may look for them elsewhere.

But if you want the original macrame cotton cord materials, you have found the right place for these.

4mm Cotton Cord Rope Malaysia
A 4mm premium cotton cord sold by Green Daun

What Are The Cotton Cord Rope Sizes

As for the sizes, we sell range from 1 mm in diameter to 7mm in diameter. The sizes of the cords depend on the type of macrame or art project you plan to do.

UPDATE JAN 2020 – Due to our shop’s new direction, we no longer sell macrame cords or accessories.

For example, for general macrame wall decorations, makers usually go for the larger sizes of 5mm, 6mm or 7mm diameter.

But if you want to do small wall decorations, then the 2.5 mm or 4 mm sizes are perfect. Below are the sizes we carry in our shop;

Standard Soft Type Cotton Cord

  • 1mm cotton cord – 100 gram bundles (very long)
  • 1.5mm cotton cord – 100-yard ball (91 meters)
  • 2.5mm cotton cord – 44-yard bundle (40 meters)
  • 3.5mm cotton cord – 22-yard bundle (20 meters)
  • 5mm cotton cord – 100-yard bundle (91.5 meters)
  • 6mm cotton cord – 100-yard bundle (91.5 meters)
  • 7mm cotton cord – 100-yard bundle (91.5 meters)

Premium Firm Cotton Cord (Limited or no stock)

  • 4mm cotton cord – 70-meter bundle
  • 5mm cotton cord – 70-meter bundle
  • 6mm cotton cord – 70-meter bundle
  • 7mm cotton cord – 70-meter bundle

UPDATE JAN 2020 – Due to our shop’s new direction, we no longer sell macrame cords or accessories.

6mm Macrame Cord in Malaysia
A 6mm sized macrame cord sold in a bundle

How Do We Sell The Cotton Cord?

We sell the macrame cords in bundles or rolls. Each of them come in different lengths according to the sizes. We used to sell them in yards or meters but no longer offer that choice.

Most makers will choose to get an entire bundle to create their projects as you never want to run out of materials by buying just enough.

Anyway, you can always use the excess cotton cord materials for some other projects.

Macram Shop in KL PJ, Malaysia
7mm macrame cord, the largest size in stock at Green Daun

How Much Do They Cost?

The cotton cord price range is anywhere from RM7.50 to RM150.00, depending on the sizes. For a full price list, it is best to drop by our shop.

We are strong believers that it is always best to touch and feel them for some materials before buying them. We have also heard many cases where makers purchase cheap materials online only to find out they have been duped.

This is quite common when you buy online from sellers who do not know their product. After paying for the items, they either arrive as wrong items or sizes or never arrive.

UPDATE JAN 2020 – Due to our shop’s new direction, we no longer sell macrame cords or accessories.

Macrame Ideas

Macrame Ideas
A macrame wall decoration in a  bedroom. Photo from www.etsy.com
Macrame Curtain
Macrame curtain. Photo from www.etsy.com
Macrame Pot Hanger
Pot Hanger did in macrame style. Photo from www.etsy.com
Mini Macrame Wall Decoration
Mini macrame wall decoration pieces. Photo from www.etsy.com

UPDATE JAN 2020 – Due to our shop’s new direction, we no longer sell macrame cords or accessories.

Macrame Materials Shop in Malaysia

Currently, Green Daun is probably the shop in Malaysia that sells macrame materials in many different sizes. We also sell small, medium and large wooden beads to suit your macrame projects.

As for the macrame wood pieces, we only sell thin bamboo sticks which can be used for your macrame projects.

Green Daun craft shop is located in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya and is a proper shop and not an online shop as many may think. We have been running this business since 2016 and sell many other unique craft materials and items.

If you are into beading and jewellery making, we sell the accessories, including findings and crystal beads. We also specialize in dream catchers and is the largest dream catcher materials shop in Malaysia. Ready-made or custom made dream catchers are also available.

Where to find Green Daun

Just use the Waze App and key in ‘Green Daun Craft Shop’, and it will lead you to us. Our shop is located on the ground floor of Block C at the Perdana Exclusive Condominium retail section.

Once you see Splendid Laundry, you will find a parking cone with the words ‘Reserved for Green Daun Customers’ outside. Green Daun is located behind the Splendid Laundry shop. If you choose to park at the visitor parking, please register at the guardhouse.

For those who are unsure, call us, and we will guide you to our shop. If you are taking Grab, Uber or a taxi, tell them Block C, Perdana Exclusive Condominium at Damansara Perdana.  Please note our business hours at the bottom left of the website, and we are closed every Monday.

Here are also directions to Green Daun for anyone wanting more detailed information, especially if you are self-driving or taking public transport here. Contact us if you need additional information.

UPDATE JAN 2020 – Due to our shop’s new direction, we no longer sell macrame cords or accessories.


For the macrame makers out there, namely those who may have just started this hobby, you now know where to get cotton cord rope in Malaysia, and it is just here in the Klang Valley. One last note – We do not teach any macrame classes.

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