Where to buy Traveler’s Notebook in Malaysia

Where to buy traveler's notebook in MalaysiaIf you are a fan of the popular journal trend, then you would want to know where to buy Traveler’s Notebook in Malaysia. Also where can you get the accessories for them as people like to add on many other things to their journals.

In Malaysia, there is a fairly decent community that is into the Traveler’s Notebook or Journaling, as it is part of the scrapbooking hobby. The trend is also catching up with more and more people getting into journaling.

At the moment, there are a couple of brands that stand out and one of the pioneers are Travel Factory from Japan, who has been making the Traveler’s Notebooks since 2006. This has been the most sought after journal, due to the quality and popularity.

They also come out with special or limited edition designs which are highly collectible among the hobbyist locally and around the world.

Malaysia Olive Edition Traveler's Notebook
Some of the limited edition Traveler’s Notebooks in Malaysia.

Where to buy Travelers Notebook in Malaysia?

There is no official store, but a number of places do sell them here in Malaysia. I will list down these places so that it will be east for you to contact them if you want to know where to buy Traveler’s Notebook in Malaysia.

Kinokuniya Book Store KL (https://malaysia.kinokuniya.com/) – The only Japanese book store in Kuala Lumpur which is located at Suria KLCC, under the PETRONAS Twin Towers. They have limited selection, but you can double check with them.

Tabiyo Shop (https://www.tabiyoshop.com/)  – A specialized designer stationary store with one main outlet in Seramban. They are one of the first to carry Traveler’s Notebook since 2012. Tabiyo also sells limited editions and many other brands.

Accessories for Traveler's Notebook in Malaysia
Some of the accessories and customization done by Green Daun.

Stickerrific (https://www.stickerrificstore.com/) – Another specialty store in Petaling Jaya that sells lots of scrapbooking, stationary, washi tapes and Travelers’s Notebooks.

CzipLee (http://www.cziplee.com/) – One of the best local stationary shops in Malaysia and carries the Traveler’s Notebook series. They are also on the pricier side but have a decent collection. They have two main branches, one in Bangsar and the other in Kajang.

Other places that sell them are usually online, through blogs, forums or social media. Which I will not be listing here as you can easily search for them.

Travelers Notebook Charms Malaysia
Traveler Notebook Charms that is sold at Green Daun Craft Shop.

Where to buy Traveler’s Notebook accessories in Malaysia

Most of the accessories, inserts and other items can be sourced from the shops above. They would have a variety of them and also the latest ones.

But if you are seeking limited edition accessories, they are quite hard to find in Malaysia. Usually, limited stock is brought in and they are always snapped up fast by collectors.

If you cannot find something you are looking for, then I suggest you go straight to the manufacturer – Traveler’s Factory to see if you can order directly from them.  However, you should note the shipping charges from Japan.

Malaysia Traveler's Journal
Some of the different types of accessories for the Traveler’s Notebook that is custom made at Green Daun.

Where to buy Traveler’s Notebook charms in Malaysia

The charms are one of the important elements for the Traveler’s Notebook as it gives character to your journal. Some of the places do sell the charms or findings to accessorize your journal.

We at Green Daun sell one of the widest variety of Traveler’s Notebook charms in Malaysia.  Our charms come in various designs, sizes and colors. In total, we have over 100 different charm designs available at our shop.

The most popular charms are usually in antique gold or brass finish. But we carry them in silver, gold, gun metal and even the unique Patina finished charms.

Malaysia Traveler Notebook
One of the sought after editions for the Traveler’s Notebook.

Our largest charms measure about 5-6 cm, while we also sell themed charms. Example, for the category travel, we have planes, postcards, ships, cars, bikes and landmarks. For animals, we have all kinds of domestic and wild animal charms.

And we even have Egyptian themed charms, religious themed charms, Yoga charms, Steampunk charms and many other themed charms at our shop in Petaling Jaya.

Some of tour custom charms include feathered designs or even with the monkey knot or monkey fist charm.

Travelers Notebook Malaysia
One of the Traveler’s Notebooks sold in Malaysia.

Our charms are priced starting from RM1.00 per charm, and we can fix it on for you if you like. Other that that, we also carry some basic add-ons for your traveler’s notebook or journal. Some of our customers even add on dream catcher charms to their journals.

Green Daun craft shop is located in Damansara Perdana and we are a boutique craft shop that specializes in dream catchers, charms, findings, crystal stones, beads, yarn craft, beading and a few other things, but we do not sell the Traveler’s Notebook in Malaysia and we do we sell the inserts and so on.

This article is to share the information on where to buy Traveler’s Notebook in Malaysia, as there have been many people looking for this in the last couple of years.

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