Where To Buy Tiger Eye Crystal Beads in Malaysia

Where To Buy Tiger Eye Crystal Beads In Malaysia

Some people just want to get a few beads to make jewellery or other craft, and this article shares information on where to buy tiger eye crystal beads in Malaysia.

Update 2021 – We no longer sell loose Tiger Eye crystal beads at our shop. Only readymade Tiger Eye bracelets.

You may already know that some seasoned jewellery suppliers usually sell these in strands for the seasoned jewellery maker. Still, at Green Daun craft shop, we actually sell them one by one.

This is when a hobby maker will only require a few tiger eye crystal gems to create their bracelet, necklace or earring project.

Where To Buy Tiger Eye Crystal Beads in Malaysia

Tiger Eye Colors Malaysia
Some of the different tiger eye coloured gems that we sell

In Malaysia, only a handful of places sell tiger eye crystal beads, usually selling them in strands and individual sizes.

It is such a waste to buy whole strands for a hobby maker or someone who needs a few tiger eye beads.

Because of that, we at Green Daun have made it easier for hobby jewellery makers to buy what they need at our retail shop. Yes, we are a proper shop and not an online seller.

Golden Tiger Eye Beads
Golden Tiger Eye beads

We take the time to source the best quality tiger eye crystal beads from out of Malaysia, and we handpick each one for our customers.

This means that you will be getting real crystal bead gems that are priced reasonably for end users.

Update 2021 – We no longer sell loose Tiger Eye crystal beads at our shop. Only readymade Tiger Eye bracelets.

Why Buy Individual Tiger Eye Crystal Beads?

Some people only want the natural tiger eye beads, which have significant healing properties; hence they want to choose the best looking ones for their jewellery.

When you buy an entire strand, usually it is all mixed up, and you cannot choose. This way, you are wasting money if you require five or 10 beads to work on.

As jewellery makers ourselves, we understand the frustration of running around to look for these crystal beads, and after finding a wholesale shop, the price is just too high, or there is the size you need.

Tiger Eye Colors
Various types of Tiger Eye crystal beads sold at Green Daun

What Kind Of Tiger Eye Crystal Beads Do We Sell? 

At Green Daun, we carry the tiger eye beads in a few sizes and a few types of tiger’s eye gems. The original is the golden yellow to brown, which is often called cats eye too.

Let us share the different types of tiger’s eye crystal beads available and what we sell.

  • Natural Tiger Eye Beads
  • Red Tiger Eye Beads
  • Golden Tiger Eye Beads
  • Blue Tiger Eye Beads
  • tri-colour Tiger Eye Beads
Tiger Eye Bracelet Malaysia
A red Tiger eye bracelet for sale

What Sizes Of Tiger Eye Beads Do We Sell?

We only sell the common round polished tiger eye beads in a few sizes, and they are 6 mm, 8 mm, and 10 mm in size.

We do not sell any larger tiger eyes like 12 mm, 16 mm, or even 20 mm beads. There are also faceted tiger eye beads which we do not sell as well.

For the raw tiger’s eye stones, chips or large chunks, we do not sell them as there is not much demand for that.

Update 2021 – We no longer sell loose Tiger Eye crystal beads at our shop. Only readymade Tiger Eye bracelets.

Malaysia Tiger Eye Beads
Common Tiger Eye beads in a few sizes

Do We Sell Wholesale Tiger’s Eye Beads? 

As you may already read above, we only sell them individually, and we do not sell wholesale for tiger eye crystal beads.

Therefore, we are sorry that we do not do wholesale for crystal beads and other items in our shop.

Tiger Eye Crystal Beads Malaysia
Tiger Eye crystal beads are a popular stone in Malaysia

What Is Tiger Eye?

Tiger eye is actually a type of chatoyant quartz that originates mainly from South Africa and the USA. There are also other smaller sources from Namibia, Australia, India, and even from Thailand.

You can get more information about Tiger’s Eye from an international gemstone and mineral website for more detailed or technical reading.

Malaysia Tiger Eye Crystal Beads
Different sizes of the blue and gold Tiger Eye beads

For most Malaysians, you would be familiar with this crystal stone as it has been around for a long time. Men love to wear them as bracelets or have the stone infused into a ring.

It is also more of a man’s stone versus a woman’s type of stone, but in today’s lifestyle, many wear them for the gem’s natural beauty.

Blue Tiger Eye Beads Malaysia
Close up of the Blue and Gold Tiger Eye Beads at Green Daun

Healing Properties of Tiger’s Eye 

Tiger’s eye is probably one of the Malaysian or even Asian favourite gemstones for all kinds of jewellery, healing or even Feng Shui.

It is also said that the tiger’s eye can help balance and clear your emotions and provides a calm mind for the wearer in general. Below are some of the healing properties for the Tiger’s Eye crystal;

  • Protection from negative energies
  • It helps focus the mind and thoughts
  • Attracts good luck
  • Dispels fears
  • It brings insight into complex situations
  • Promotes mental clarity
Red Tiger Eye Crystal Beads Malaysia
Red Tiger Eye crystal beads in a few sizes

Where To Buy Tiger Eye Crystal Beads in Malaysia?

We hope the above information has been useful, and if you need to know where you can buy loose or individual tiger’s eye beads, you can visit us at Green Daun craft shop.

Green Daun is a modern concept craft shop specialising in crystal beads, jewellery findings, ready or custom made dream catchers and materials to make them, macrame and many other unique items.

Our shop is located in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya, and we open throughout the week except for Mondays.

Our business hours are from 11.00 AM to 8.00 PM on weekdays, and till 6.00 PM on weekends and public holidays.

Red Tiger Eye Malaysia
Close up of the beautiful red tiger’s eye crystal beads

If you have been looking for tiger’s eye beads, you now know where you can get them in individual beads or small quantities. Even I you just need one bead, you can walk in and get it hassle-free.

We custom make bracelets for men and women, while for children, it is also possible to be done at our shop.

Update 2021 – We no longer sell loose Tiger Eye crystal beads at our shop. Only readymade Tiger Eye bracelets.

And if you already have your own tiger’s eye bracelet which needs to be repaired, you can bring it to our shop as we have a bracelet restring service.

You can also contact us to see if we have special sizes or types before coming here, and if you are dropping by, use Waze and key in the Green Daun craft shop.

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