Where to Buy Tarot Cards in Malaysia

Where to Buy Tarot Cards in Malaysia

For those of you who are interested in this unique area, you may have been wondering where to buy Tarot Cards in Malaysia and now you can get them from our new age shop in PJ or Petaling Jaya.

We have a decent collection but mainly targeted towards beginners or those who are just getting into Tarot Reading or just learning for fun.

Where to Buy Tarot Cards in Malaysia?

There are actually not many places where you can buy them, but most of the Tarot cards are obtained from overseas sellers. I have heard that there may be a couple of places where you can buy Tarot cards in Malaysia but the selection is not that good.

But the selection is not really wide or they are too expensive. Again, if you are a Tarot card deck collector in Malaysia, then you will have a better chance of getting some good decks from overseas.

Malaysia Tarot Decks
These are some of the conventional Tarot Cards.

What Kind of Tarot Card Decks Do We Sell in Malaysia?

We only bring in the basic or budget-friendly Tarot card decks to sell at our shop. This includes Tarot box sets with instruction manuals and also common Tarot decks with PDF scan for the instructions.

By offering this, those who are interested in learning or owning their own deck can walk into our shop, pick up a deck, open it, see, touch and feel the cards before buying one.

Our Tarot decks come from around the world where we have some made in Germany, some from Italy, some from around Europe and some from China. So, there are quite a number of choices available.

Malaysia Tarot Reading
Reading Tarot cards is a skill that needs to be learned. Photo from Wikipedia.

Why Should You Buy a Tarot Card Deck in Person?

Personalisation – The most important thing is to have your own personal Tarot deck and the best way to do this is by seeing the deck in person. You must also be comfortable with the cards especially if it is your first deck.

Deck Size – The beauty about buying a new Tarot card deck in person is by physically holding the deck, to see if it suits your hand size as cards come in various shapes and sizes. Some are large while some are medium.

If you just buy online, you can never have the feel of experience and often the card size may be wrong. Hence certain things like this require you to hold and shuffle the deck comfortably.

There are even round tarot cards, which some people find quite fascinating, so it goes to say that when you want to choose a deck, you need to test and feel it.

Artwork – This is also another factor as humans are somehow connected to different types of artwork. You may like classic, someone else may like abstract and some other person may like it flowery.

There are many types of Tarot decks available in the market and it is crucial that you will want something that speaks to you or reflects on you that you feel comfortable with.

How Much Does A Tarot Card Deck Cost?

In general, these Tarot card decks can be as cheap as RM35.00 and as expensive as RM180.00 per box. However, for the collector Tarot decks, we apologize as we do not sell those.

For beginners, the best option is to get a basic Tarot deck that we sell, which is very budget-friendly and affordable. Later when you develop your passion and increase your skills, you can opt to try other decks.

This is one of the reasons why we have ready Tarot decks available for you to view, touch and feel before buying them. Let me just say it’s completely different from buying online as some things are meant to be bought in person.

Collector Tarot Decks can range anywhere from RM200.00 to thousands of Ringgit depending on the type and age of the deck. And we are sorry that we do not stock these in our collection.

Malaysia Tarot Card Decks
Some of the Tarot and Oracle card decks that we sell at our shop.

Do we Sell Oracle Cards?

Oracle cards are an alternative to Tarot cards and yes, we do sell them in our shop as well. These are very basic and easier to learn compared to Tarot.

When you visit our shop, you will also be able to see our Oracle cards for sale and these are priced very reasonably from RM35 to RM60 per deck.

Do we do Tarot Card Reading?

Yes, we do and this is only by appointment. This means that you can contact us by walking in and setting your appointment.

So sorry we do not take Whatsapp or phone bookings as you may already know that people can just make bookings and cancel last minute, which messes up our timings. And this is through experience so if you are genuinely interested, please walk into our shop.

The Tarot reading session is a one-hour session and done on Tuesday to Sunday and only from 10.00 AM to 11.00 AM. We open our retail shop at 11.00, so you are guaranteed your privacy when you do a read here.

Where is Our Shop?

Our new age shop is located in Damansara Perdana in Petaling  Jaya. We are just five minutes drive from IKEA PJ and you can use Waze or Google Maps to locate us by keying in “Green Daun”.

The location is also the next condominium building AFTER Jaya Grocer along the main road (Jalan PJU8/1) to Armani Condominium and we are on the ground floor facing the main road at Block C.

Tarot Cards for Sale Malaysia
Some of the interesting artwork in Tarot card decks.

Finally, if you have been looking where to buy Tarot Card in Malaysia, look no further as we have them for sale in our shop. Sorry, we do not do online sales for this as Tarot is rather personal and the buyer should feel and connect to the cards before making your purchase.

And if you are completely new to this, fear not as you can always walk in to ask us questions and we will do our best to assist you with answers. It is always the first step that is the hardest, and once you take it, it will be a rather interesting journey.

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