Where to Buy Singing Bowls in PJ/KL?

Singing Bowls Where to Buy PJ KL

Some of you may be into sound healing or just interested in the unique sounds and vibrations of the singing bowl, and this article shares where to buy singing bowls in PJ/KL as they are not easy to come by.

First of all, a singing bowl is very personal and not something you buy online, like clothes or other fast-moving consumer goods.

Many younger shoppers seem to think that everything can and should be bought online, but we at Green Daun beg to differ on this. Certain items still require a personal touch and feel when buying, and singing bowls are one of them.

Where to Buy Singing Bowls in PJ/KL?

Most of you may have seen these circular metal bowls being sold online, and some even below RM50.00 a bowl, but let us share the pros and cons of this.

Personally, if you are truly into this kind of healing, cleansing or relaxation, you will choose to learn and understand more about the singing bowl before buying one or a few for yourself.

Malaysia Singing Bowl Shop
Some of the 7-metal Singing Bowls we sell at Green Daun.

Some people find a fascination with how the bowl sings when played, and others find a sense of relaxation and calmness when they play the bowl.

It does not mean that automatically, you are a healer or professional when you buy a bowl and play it. Some people have studied this skill and art for years, and yet they are still learning.

Well, with the new age and yoga trend picking up online and in the social media world, it is no wonder that there are overnight masters and gurus out there.

The point to this is simple – You need to learn and understand things before claiming you know it all, and what better way than to talk to people in person, not through messenger or PM.

What Type of Singing Bowls Are the Best?

Due to there being many types of singing bowls available in the market, there are the lousy ones, moderate ones and the good ones.

Therefore, we will share the difference between these singing bowls with you so that you may have a better understanding, as not many people want to share this knowledge.

Malaysia Coloured Singing Bowls
Example of the coloured singing bowls being sold online.

Colourful Singing Bowls – These are so the trend nowadays that there are so many gullible people out there; the demand has created cheap machine-made bowls from China that come in seven chakra colours.

Yes, each bowl represents a colour of the chakra with some Sanskrit writing around the bowls, and these are so the Yoga-New-Age groupie thing.

Usually, they are sold in smaller sizes from 2″ to 4″ wide and in the seven main chakra colours, and you can find them mostly online on shopping platforms like eBay, Shopee, Lazada and of course, the all-great Alibaba.

Malaysia low quality singing bowl
These are some of the low-quality singing bowls available in the market.

Brass Finished Sanskrit Word Singing Bowls – These were the rave a few years ago among the new age community, and having some Sanskrit word was the coolest thing on singing bowls.

These bowls are also full machine-made and in China, sorry not in Tibet. They look authentic and solid and are often passed off as antique singing bowls.

So, first-time buyers may fall for this trap when they have little or no knowledge in singing bowls, so willing buyers, willing makers and sellers out there.

My advice would always be to talk to someone who knows singing bowls before buying one or a few blindly. Yes, we know you did your research on the internet and know it all.

These Sanskrit word singing bowls are aplenty worldwide as you can find them mostly online and at many retail shops, healing centres and some new age shops. Please don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Singing Bowl Shop PJ Malaysia
Some of the hand-knocked singing bowls.

Hand-knocked Singing Bowls – These are the most sought after ones by those who know about bowls, and they are often not as appealing as the ones mentioned above.

Again, many beginners will be attracted by the colours and designs of the singing bowls, but the truth be told that the best singing bowls are those that look simple and basic.

The knocking indents easily identify the hand-knocked singing bowls on the centre and lower parts of the bowl. The top portion of the bowl is still machine made to create roundness.

After machine-moulded, these bowls are then hand-knocked to get the singing tune, and these bowls are usually made from five metals.

Coloured Crystal Singing Bowls.
Some of the fancy coloured singing bowls for sale online.

Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls – These are also popular among the healers and those who do sound healing, and let me say they are not cheap. Well, unless you get the small ones from China.

Normally, these crystal singing bowls are the large ones that are used in sound healing, but with current demand nowadays, manufacturers have started to make small ones in China.

We have used the large ones before but not the small ones, and speaking to a singing bowl healer, they have voiced out that the small ones are not really good.

Malaysia Full Moon Singing Bowl
Some of the 7-metal and full moon singing bowls that we sell at Green Daun New Age Shop.

Seven Metal Hand Made Bowls – Usually made in larger sizes, the 7-metal singing bowls are fully hand made and knocked into shape by the makers in Tibet and Nepal.

Due to a very confusing history about the seven metals used, it is nowadays just termed at 7-metals consisting of bronze, copper and tin mixtures. The exact formula is not known to common people like us.

But actually, they still hand-beat the metal into these ought after singing bowls that are usually five to 12-inch diameter bowls. The finishing is rough and not very appealing, but it is the sound and vibration that counts.

If you have tried singing a 7″ inch bowl, you will know the vibration and sound it produces is of superior quality compared to all the above-mentioned bowls.

And just for the record, these fully hand-made bowls do not come cheap with a minimum price of RM500 and above per bowl depending on the size.

Full Moon Singing Bowls – The most sought after singing bowls by serious or advanced users are the full moon made singing bowls. This means that the bowls were made during the full moon night.

While it still is questionable from sellers in China, I strongly believe that buying this from the right person will only provide you with the authentic full moon singing bowl.

These bowls are usually seven inches and above in size and have the special full moon marking on the bowls. There is also some Sanskrit wordings on the other side of the full moon marking.

These full moon singing bowls are not cheap and can cost anywhere from RM1,000 to RM10,000 and above. The higher prices are for specially made ones by reputable makers.

You can also read this article about full moon singing bowls in Malaysia, which we wrote about and explains a little more.

Malaysia Singing Bowl Healing
Singing bowl healing and therapy is getting popular nowadays.

Singing Bowl Shop in PJ and KL

To date, we cannot even think where else sells these bowls as we have been around to several places only to see they have their own personal bowls.

So, where do you find a shop selling singing bowls in PJ, KL or Malaysia? Look no further as we at the Green Daun New Age Shop sells singing bowls in various sizes.

Just visit our shop to see them, test them and ask questions about them as this is the best way to buy your own singing bowl.

What Makes Us Different and Special?

This is a question that some people may be asking before coming over and just to share with you, we are a proper new age shop, and we are not online sellers that popped up overnight or since the MCO.

We take pride in what we do, and our main goal is to help people in need of it rather than operate a business to make money only.

All our singing bowls are personally bought, meaning we do not buy them online. We actually travel abroad to see, test and feel each of the singing bowls sold in our shop.

This is our guarantee that, we have already tested the bowl you are buying, and each of them has its own singing frequency. Ask us about that if you are into this.

Singing Bowl Cleansing
Ways of cleansing a singing bowl.

All our singing bowls for sale are also pre-cleansed, and when you buy any of them, we will also cleanse it again for you.

Unlike online, you cannot test and feel the singing bowl, meaning you will pay for it and wait for it to be delivered, and if you receive it and it does not sing, you are just unlucky. You do not know much about the seller or the bowl.

Even in some shops around Malaysia, we have personally walked in, asked the store assistant, and they do not even know where the bowl is from, which says a lot.

In fact, Wikipedia even classifies the Singing Bowl as a Standing Bell, and if you want to learn more, you should read that.

Where is the Green Daun New Age Shop?

Our new age shop is located in Damansara Perdana in Petaling Jaya. To locate us, use Waze or Google Maps and search for Green Daun, and it will bring you to our shop.

We are a proper shop lot located on the ground floor of the Perdana Exclusive Condominium in Damansara Perdana in Petaling Jaya.

If you are truly interested, make that effort to visit our shop and see the items. Please do not contact us and ask us to send photos or videos on Whatsapp. We will not entertain you as it only shows how insincere you are.

Singing Bowl Healing Malaysia
An idea of what Singing Bowl Healing looks like.


If you have been wondering much about a singing bowl and want to know more, please feel free to drop by our retail shop to see and test them.

We know there are people out there who are quite shy about asking questions, but all this can easily be overcome at our shop. We are friendly and totally understand most of our customers on what they want or need.

And if you have been looking for where to buy singing bowls in PK or KL, you know that you can get them from the Green Daun new age shop.

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