Where to Buy Rose Quartz Beads in Malaysia

Where to Buy Rose Quartz Beads in Malaysia

Do you know where to buy Rose Quartz crystal beads and bracelets in Malaysia? Just visit Green Daun New Age Craft Shop in Petaling Jaya, and you can buy them in a bracelet form.

Update 2021: We do not sell loose beads or custom-made bracelets at Green Daun, and we also do not do “Restringing Service” for bracelets or necklaces. Please take note of this.

We at Green Daun have been selling Rose Quartz crystal beads since 2016, and over the years, we have managed to get some of the best quality crystal beads for our customers.

We also sell the Rose Quartz in irregular shapes and even various pendants, apart from round crystal beads.

Where To Buy Rose Quartz Crystal Beads and Bracelet in Malaysia?

Rose Quartz Crystal Nugget Malaysia
A beautiful wire-wrapped Rose Quartz nugget done by Green Daun.

You may have seen the Rose Quartz crystals being sold online, in shopping malls or even at some bazaars or markets in the Klang Valley.

There are also plenty of online sellers selling the Rose Quartz crystal bracelets, and surprisingly enough, they are really cheap.

The Green Daun also sells Rose Quartz crystal beads, and the best part about our shop is that we sell them individually or custom make them on the spot. This is something unique and different that our shop offers.

Fake Enhanced Rose Quartz Beads
Fake and enhanced Rose Quartz beads are over coloured.

Are There Fake Rose Quartz Crystals in Malaysia?

You bet there are, and without fail, many customers cannot even tell the difference between the real and fake Rose Quartz crystals. That is how good some of them are.

The colour of Rose Quartz is usually a very mild pink or pastel pink and different lighter shades of pink. These are the different qualities of real crystals.

However, many sell the fake Rose Quartz beads, usually colour enhanced or just plain coloured glass beads that look like Rose Quartz.

What Are Color Enhanced Rose Quartz?

This is a process where the Rose Quartz is treated with radiation to intensify its colour, resulting in a solid pink colour.

The process uses high heat to change or enhance the colour of the crystal, and in this process, the natural energy of the crystal is lost. Hence it may look pretty, but minus the original energies of the crystal.

This website also discusses the rose quartz crystal in detail, including scientific terms and other technical information.

Rose Quartz Beads Malaysia
What the real rose quartz beads look like, they are not solid pink in colour.

What are Fake Rose Quartz Crystals? 

These are usually just glass beads that are coloured pink and look similar to Rose Quartz. They are mass-produced in China and sold very cheap.

Those sellers who do not know much about crystals and want to jump into the crystal bracelet game will usually buy them because of the price.

They then make bracelets, thinking it is actual rose quartz, and pass them off as the real thing. This is because the supplier told them that the stones are rose quartz. Tragic, but it is true.

Real Rose Quartz Crystal Beads Malaysia
What the real rose quartz crystal beads look like.

Where To Make A Rose Quartz Crystal Bracelet in Malaysia?

There are many ready-made bracelets available in shops, but you know the issues many consumers face, which is the exact size or are they the real deal.

If I were to buy a bracelet, it would have to be a perfect fit, and there is nowhere to do this. But fear not, as we at Green Daun specializes in custom-made Rose Quartz bracelets in Malaysia.

This means that you can walk into our shop and have the Rose Quartz crystal bracelet made exactly to your wrist size. All it takes is no more than 10 minutes to have one made.

And if you are planning to buy a Rose Quartz crystal bracelet for someone special, make sure you get the person’s exact wrist size in centimetres or inches. We can then custom make it for you as a gift.

Apart from bracelets, we can also make necklaces, earrings or even anklets using the Rose Quartz crystals, which come in many sizes like 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and other shapes.

Rose Quartz Pendant Pendulum Malaysia
Some of the different Rose Quartz nuggets, pendants and pendulum we sell.

What Other Rose Quartz Crystals Do We Sell? 

At Green Daun, we have Rose Quartz crystal pendants, pendulums and odd-shaped sizes. But at the moment, we do not sell natural Rose Quartz crystal rocks.

Update 2021: We no longer do custom made bracelets at Green Daun, and we also do not do “Restringing Service” for bracelets or necklaces. Please take note of this.

Apart from Rose Quartz crystals, we also have over 50 different healing crystal beads like Tiger Eye, Super 7, Auralite 23, Morganite, Aquamarine, Amber, Moonstone and many other interesting ones.

We also provide a bracelet restringing service for anyone who wants to resize their bracelet. Also, if your bracelet has snapped, you can bring it over for us to restring, which can be done quickly, providing no wait.

Crystal Beads Shop in PJ KL
Green Daun shop from the main road.

So, Where Is Green Daun New Age Shop?

Our unique crystal shop cum craft supply store is located in Damansara Perdana of Petaling Jaya. We are very near to IKEA PJ or The Curve Shopping Center.

We have a detailed article that provides directions to our shop, for both driving or public transport. Otherwise, you can also contact us for verbal directions.

Update 2021: We do not sell loose beads or custom-made bracelets at Green Daun, and we also do not do “Restringing Service” for bracelets or necklaces. Please take note of this.

I hope that this article provided you with the information needed, and if you still have questions about the Rose Quartz crystal, please leave a comment or use the contact button on this page.

Overall, crystal education is something that we want to share with the consumers out there, as nowadays, there are too many fake items being passed off as real ones.

Even more shocking is how many vendors and online sellers sell items like this without knowing the authenticity, origin and even the healing benefits of the crystals.

Most of these sellers obtain the information online and then share the same info with the consumers. There is so much more to just reading the information online.

And finally, if you have been wondering where to buy Rose Quartz crystal beads and bracelets in Malaysia, I hope you found this article helpful.

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