Where To Buy Raw Frankincense Resin In Malaysia

Where To Buy Raw Frankincense Resin In Malaysia

If you are looking for where to buy raw Frankincense resin in Malaysia, you should read this article first, and then we will share with you where you can get them.

Frankincense is currently one of the most popular essential oils in Malaysia since brands like Young Living and Doterra have made a strong presence.

There has also been more people interested in using the original raw frankincense resin as it is purely organic and has more medicinal and healing properties than the oils.

There are generally very few places where you can find them for anyone looking to buy raw frankincense, as most retail shops sell only frankincense oils.

Green Hojari Resin Types
Royal Green Hojari Frankincense and other grades of Hojari

Where To Buy Raw Frankincense Resin In Malaysia

To make it sweet and simple, you can buy raw Royal Hojari Green Frankincense resin from our shop in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya.

We sell the Hojari Green Frankincense in packets or jars of 20 grams, and it is also available as special gift sets for family or friends.

Our supply comes directly from Oman; hence, they are the world’s highest grade of frankincense resin in the market versus other commonly available grades.

Luban Malaysia
Frankincense is also known as Luban in Arabic.

If you have not heard about the amazing properties of the Green Hojari frankincense resins, you will want to read what we have to share here.

As a consumer, you would want to see, touch, smell, and know more about this natural resin. Hence by visiting our retail shop, we can share all of this with you versus buying something online.

Plus, there are many different grades of frankincense out in the market, and they range from lower to premium grades, which can often be confusing for a first time user.

Boswellia Sacra Tree
The Boswellia Sacra Tree in Oman

What Is Raw Frankincense Resin?

Raw frankincense is the gum resin that comes out of the Boswellia tree that grows in Oman’s deserts and other parts of the gulf region in the middle east.

The history of frankincense dates back to over 8000 years old when the Arabs traded them with various other civilizations during the great Frankincense Trail.

Three Wise Men Frankincense
The Three Wise Men bringing Frankincense

Not only that, but frankincense also dates back to the times when The Three Wise Men arrive and present the Christ Child with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Boswellia Sacra resin or gum is traditionally used in folk medicine for treating many kinds of illnesses and diseases.

They include inflammatory diseases, strengthening the teeth and gum, stimulating the digestive process, fighting bad breath to help with arthritic joint pain and cancer.

Read this history about frankincense on Wikipedia, or you can go deeper into the Arabian history of frankincense written by the Middle East Institute.

For your added information, the Boswellia sacra frankincense resin or gum is also known as Olibanum in Arabic.

frankincense resin boswellia sacra tree
Natural frankincense resin from the Boswellia sacra tree

How Is Frankincense Produced?

The frankincense resin is produced by cutting a part of the tree bark and letting the sap come out. It is then left for ten days to harden before harvesting these resin tears.

The harvested tears are then left to dry out for around two weeks to harden into solid pieces of raw frankincense tears completely.

From there, harvesters will handpick each of the resin tears into grades ranging from white, green, yellow, brown and black.

Green Hojari Resin Gum Boswellia Tree Oman
A close up of the Hojari frankincense resin coming out of the Boswellia tree

What Kind of Frankincense do We Sell? 

We only sell frankincense resin from Oman and no other place. This is because the Hojari Green Frankincense is rated as the best quality frankincense in the world.

This is also often called Omani Boswellia Sacra Frankincense, which is only harvested in Oman, in the Middle East.

As frankincense also comes from many countries, one can easily confuse which is the correct one to use or consume.

The highest grade is the Royal Sultan Hojari grade, reserved for the Omani royal family and is almost impossible to get in the open market.

The Hojari Royal Green Frankincense is the following type which is also part of the Grade A quality, and this is what we sell.

This is also the medicinal grade sourced by many people worldwide and is considered the most popular high-grade frankincense.

You can also find sacred frankincense essential oils in our shop, as they are made from the Royal Green Hojari resins.

Elevate by Green Daun
Frankincense Starter Kit from Elevate by Green Daun

As the grades start to get lower, the next is the yellow or brown, and black frankincense which are among the lower Oman grades, but still higher quality than other country grades.

There are also several Boswellia Sacra frankincense gum-resin hailing grades from Oman, which are Hojari, Najdi, Shazri, and Shabi.

Hojari resin is also known as Royal Hojari Green because it has a beautiful green tint compared to the other grades of resin found here and is the highest grade.

For the aroma, the Royal Hojari Green frankincense produces a deep, slightly spicy, wooded resin aroma with hints of citrus, menthol and even eucalyptus.

Green Hojari Frankincense Malaysia
Royal Green Hojari Frankincense from Oman

Types Of Frankincense In The World

  1. Boswellia Serrata –  This is the most common frankincense available in the market and grows in North-West India. Most of the frankincense essential oils in the market are using this grade. The Serrata frankincense resin is also called Guggal, Salai and Sallaki and can be graded into four types of frankincense.
  2. Boswellia Frereana – This species comes from Somalia with Ethiopia and is locally called Maydi, which produces yellow sticky gum resin.
  3. Boswellia Papyifera – This species of frankincense grows in the Sudan, Eritrea and also in the northern part of Ethiopia, which is the African grade frankincense.
  4. Boswellia Carterii – One of the most popular frankincense used in the oil and perfume industry is the Somalian frankincense. If you should also know, the largest frankincense forest in the world is also located in Somalia, hence the mass production and availability.
  5. Boswellia Thurifera – Another north African frankincense that grows in Yemen, North and East Africa and popular among the middle eastern countries of Jordan.
  6. Boswellia Sacra is the world’s finest and luxurious frankincense resin and comes only from Oman in the Arabian peninsular. This is the grade of frankincense that we sell at Green Daun, as we want to provide the best quality to our customers.
Malaysia Green Hojari Frankincense Resin
The Green Hojari Frankincense Resin that we sell

Buying Frankincense Online

This is important for first-time buyers. Many people have been duped or cheated online simply because they do not know the difference between this product.

With so many grades and types of frankincense globally, there is much to understand which are the better ones versus the lower grade ones.

This means that if someone online is selling green frankincense resin, what grade or type is it? You will never know the source, and in today’s world, many scams are going on.

If you have used this product before or bought from us, you can buy Sacred Frankincense online from our Shopee.

Where Is Our Shop?

Our retail shop is located in Petaling Jaya, and in Damansara Perdana. You can use phone apps such as Waze or Google Maps to locate us by Green Daun New Age Shop.

You can also read this article with detailed directions to our shop as it highlights how to get here by driving or public transport.

For further information, please give us a call or WhatsApp us for a map location drop.

Malaysia Frankincense Resin
Elevate by Green Daun sells Royal Green Hojari Frankincense Resin as a package and also by the gram.

We hope you have learned something from this article, and if you need more information, you can always visit our shop.

We have ready stock and also samples for you to see, smell and touch. Plus, we can also share what information we know about this unique natural and organic resin.

If you have been wondering where to buy raw frankincense resin In Malaysia, look no further as you can now get it here in the Klang Valley.

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