Where To Buy Raja Kayu Beads In Malaysia

Where To Buy Raja Kayu Beads In Malaysia

Known as the king of wood, some people may want to know where to buy Raja Kayu beads in Malaysia, as they are not easily found.

Update 2021 – We no longer sell loose Raja Kayu beads at our shop. Only readymade Raja Kayu bracelets. We also do not do re-stringing for bracelets.

Raja Kayu is one of the strongest and powerful woods, which dates back hundreds of years. Nowadays, people seek them for unique healing purposes, which includes protection.

The great news is that you can now get Raja Kayu beads or bracelets from Green Daun in Petaling Jaya. These beautiful wooden bracelets are also sold in bracelets and also mala beads.

Where To Buy Raja Kayu Beads In Malaysia

Where To Buy Raja Kayu Beads In Malaysia
A 10mm Raja Kayu bracelet sold at Green Daun

Over the years, the popularity of these natural wooden beads has grown, which resulted in people asking where they can find Raja Kayu beads or bracelets around Malaysia.

While many jewellery or crystal shops are found all over Malaysia, it is unsure if you can buy Raja Kayu bracelets or beads from them.

Our customers that have visited Green Daun craft shop have also asked us, hence we took time to source for a reputable supplier of Raja Kayu, and now we stock them in our shop.

Raja Kayu 108 Mala Malaysia
A 108 Mala Raja Kayu

This means that you need not go hunting around and visit our shop to see the Raja Kayu beads that come in the form of bracelets, necklaces or even a 108 mala.

What Is Raja Kayu? 

Let us explain what Raja Kayu or Kayu Raja is all about if you are new to this. Translated in English, it is called King of Wood and comes from the Agathis family.

The scientific name for Raja Kayu is also Agathis Borneensis, and the second word indicates that the source is actually from the island of Borneo.

Raja Kayu Tree
What a Raja Kayu tree looks like. Photo by Ilalangbasah.

These Raja Kayu trees grow up to 60 meters tall and are not easy to spot in the rainforest of Malaysia. It is also said that there are no more than a thousand trees left in our lush tropical jungles.

Raja Kayu has also been used by local indigenous ‘Orang Asli’ for medicinal and mystical purposes for generations, till this very day.

There are also two types of Raja Kayu: the White Kayu Raja and the Red Kayu Raja. The ones we sell are the red types, which is sought after by most people.

Light Testing Raja Kayu
A simple light test was done on a Raja Kayu bracelet at our shop

Amazing Facts About Raja Kayu

There are some astonishing facts about Raja Kayu that has been explainable until this very day. Many people are mesmerized by some of these unique capabilities of the King of Wood.

  1. What makes this wood unique is that when you put a bright torch and shine through the wood, a reddish light is seen in the wood, something even science cannot explain.
  2. Another amazing fact is that Raja Kayu sinks when placed in water. We all know that wood floats, but the King of Wood will sink for some strange reason.
  3. The sawdust of Raja Kayu is equally unique as when you rub a little onto your arm with your fingers, the sawdust will disappear.
Raja Kayu Light Test
Another set of Raja Kayu beads doing the light test

Raja Kayu Healing Properties

Most people want to know the healing properties of Raja Kayu, and we will share what we have learned about these unique wooded beads.

The most common properties are that Raja Kayu is known to ward off evil or negative energy. Many people conclude that this is indeed the most powerful property. They are;

  • It wards off negative and dark energies (ghost, spirits)
  • It possesses positive energy
  • It is a strong protector against black magic and also breaks black magic
  • It attracts luck and opportunities
  • It attracts business, fortune and happiness
  • It instils confidence and courage in leadership skills to command people
108 Mala Raja Kayu
A mala made entirely from Raja Kayu beads

Traditional beliefs claim that Raja Kayu is useful and helps to promote physical and mental issues as below;

  • It helps to relieve body aches and pain
  • Helps anti-inflammatory effects on skin
  • Stress relief
  • relaxing the tense muscle,
  • heals body and mind
  • increases good vibes
Red Agathis Bracelet Malaysia
Raja Kayu is also known as Red Agathis

Medically, Kayu Raja is also a powerful natural remedy for various types of common illnesses and sicknesses.

Old folklore states that by using raw pieces of Kayu Raja wood, you soak it in a glass of hot water for 10 minutes, then consume the water. It is said to cure;

  • Abdominal pains
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Diarrhoea
  • Gout
  • High blood pressure
  • Joint plains
  • Reduce menstrual flow
  • Rheumatism
  • Skin diseases
  • Various Allergies
  • Vomiting
Raja Kayu Bracelet
Close up of the Raja Kayu Bracelet

There have also been other modern Raja Kayu properties that others have claimed, and they include;

  • It prevents insomnia and promotes a good night’s sleep
  • Used as an energy balance for mobile phones, WiFi and electrical equipment
  • It helps to eliminate bad bacteria in the air
  • Helps combat Bromodosis (smelly feet) and Athlete’s Foot (especially when mixed with essential oil for natural fragrance)
  • It helps to detox body systems.
  • It helps to brighten and create a clearer skin complexion
  • Works as an anti-inflammatory
Raja Kayu Bracelet Beads
Unique shape beads for a Raja Kayu bracelet

Beliefs of Raja Kayu

Some superstitions in Malaysia have been told for centuries and till this very day. Some locals swear by Raja Kayu and the mystic powers it holds.

Old tales claim that you should carry a piece of Raja Kayu with you for those that visit the jungle or rainforest. This is so that you can always find your way back out.

Another legend is that weapons like daggers and Keris handles were made from Raja Kayu during the prime of the Malay warrior days.

This was a common belief that the wood increased the confidence level and the bravery of the person wielding the weapon.

One of our customers who bought a Raja Kayu bracelet had noticed that after wearing it for a few weeks, the colour of the beads became even brighter.

Raja Kayu Mala Malaysia
Raja Kayu Mala is popular for meditation

What Kind Of Raja Kayu Products do We Sell?

This is important as many different forms of Raja Kayu come in dust, chunks, chips, and even raw form.

In Feng Shui belief, Kayu Raja comes in amulets, pendants, logs, or even walking sticks or ‘Tongkats‘ in Malay.

Even beauty products have the Kayu Raja in them and even in the form of cream and soaps.

Update 2021 – We no longer sell loose Raja Kayu beads at our shop. Only readymade Raja Kayu bracelets.

10 mm Raja Kayu Bracelet
10 mm Raja Kayu Bead Bracelet

Green Daun only sells Raja Kayu beads in different sizes and shapes and comes in bracelets, necklaces, or a mala. Below are some examples

  • Raja Kayu Bracelets – These vibrant wooden bracelets come in a few sizes ranging from 10 mm, 14 mm, 18 mm and 20 mm beads.
  • Raja Kayu Necklace – We have them in sizes of 8 mm, 9 mm and 10 mm beads and limited stock for those who prefer necklaces.
  • Raja Kayu 108 Mala – For those into meditation, the mala comes in 9 mm and 10 mm size beads.
14 mm Raja Kayu Bead Bracelet
14 mm Kayu Raja beads

How To Clean and Maintain Raja Kayu?

The most common way of cleaning Raja Kayu is by simply wiping it with a soft dry cloth from time to time.

You do not need to wash the wood, but if required, just put it under a running tap for about 20 seconds and then quickly wipe it dry.

To maintain your Raja Kayu beads, you can use virgin olive oil to give them a light coating. This will bring back the shine in the beautiful wood.

Some people soak the Raja Kayu beads in oil to protect them from humidity changes in their environment.

Fake Raja Kayu
Some of the fake Raja Kayu being sold online on various websites

Fake Raja Kayu

This has become a concern for those looking to buy Kayu Raja as there are too many people online trying to sell them, resulting in a lot of fake Raja Kayu out there.

Often you see sellers from China who claim their Kayu Raja is the real thing, but when you look at the price, it is hard to believe.

While China has the technology to process raw materials into beads, they also can copy them or make them look real.

Raja Kayu only comes in red and white, where the white Raja Kayu are even rarer compared to the red ones. Any other colour you see out there is most likely fake.

20 mm Raja Kayu Bead Bracelet
Large 20 mm Red Agathis or Raja Kayu Beads

Where Is Our Shop? 

You can use Waze or Google Maps and key in ‘Green Daun Craft Shop’ to find us. We are situated in Damansara Perdana, on the ground floor of the Perdana Exclusive condominium.

A prominent landmark is Splendid Laundry, which is a corner lot. We are located right behind the laundry shop. Look for our parking lots in front of Splendid Laundry or Lenox Homes.

Here are detailed instructions on getting to our shop, which includes photos, directions, and even using public transport.

Raja Kayu Malaysia
Raja Kayu in Malaysia


We also sell various types of healing crystal beads at our shop, and we also custom make bracelets for customers. We have ready-made crystal bead bracelets on display too.

Update 2021 – We no longer sell loose Raja Kayu beads at our shop. Only readymade Raja Kayu bracelets.

If you have been curious or wondering where to buy Raja Kayu beads in Malaysia, look no further as you can now get these beautiful wooden beads from our shop.

Our stock is limited as we do not believe in wholesale, as we want to focus on the quality of the Raja Kayu beads. If you have any questions, contact us by calling or Whatsapp.

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