Where to Buy Palo Santo in Malaysia?

Palo Santo Sticks Malaysia

For those looking for where to buy Palo Santo in Malaysia, look no further as we at the Green Daun New Age Craft Shop sells them in the sticks and incense form.

Palo Santo is one of the old world natural cleansing materials that has been used for centuries among the South American people, similar to sage and other herbs that the Native Americans use.

It is also known by the Spanish name of ‘Holy Wood’ and the scientific name of Bursera graveolens, while the tree grows in the wild and only in South America.

Where to Buy Palo Santo in Malaysia?

There are not many places in Malaysia where you can buy Palo Santo, and perhaps you may have seen them being sold online on popular marketplaces.

If you have been searching for where to buy palo santo in Malaysia, visit us at Green Daun new age shop and see, touch and smell them before buying these amazing natural wood.

We sell fresh premium Palo Santo sticks and incense obtained directly from Peru in South America. Our stock is also fresh stock which is no longer than 12 months old.

This is something not many people know that the older the stock, is less fresh, while the current stock tends to have a much fresher aroma and scent.

You may have also seen Palo Santo being sold online, but then again, it is entirely up to you to trust the source or seller as nowadays, there are so many deceiving and dishonest people in the world.

Malaysia Palo Santo Sticks
Fresh Palo Santo sticks sold at Green Daun.

Where is Palo Santo From?

Before you indulge in reading this article, Palo Santo only comes from South America and Peru and Ecuador.

Usually, they come in the form of sticks that are cut from the tree, incense that is made from compressed Palo Santo and Palo Santo essential oils.

Palo Santo is also only harvested from dead trees, which requires a special government permit for those people who harvest them.

What is Palo Santo Used For?

The most common use for Palo Santo is for smudging or cleansing. Many people find its energetically cleansing and healing properties similar to Sage and Cedar.

However, it is often used for many other purposes like meditation, relaxation, grounding and many other uses. Some even like to burn Palo Santo before going to bed as the rich scent provides peace and clarity to the moment along with good feelings.

We have a few customers who actually burn Palo Santo in the evenings to keep the mosquitoes away, especially those concerned about the Dengue issue in Malaysia.

Palo Santo Tree
What the natural Palo Santo tree looks like.

Below are some of the common uses for Palo Santo;

Energy Cleansing – A common use is to smudge your space to rid any form of negative energies that may be brought in or already in the space.

Removal of Negativity – A common practice is to burn Palo Santo to dispel and eliminate any negative energy in your space. This is done best by smudging the corners of your space (room or hall) by working from the back to the front.

Self Cleansing – Some people use Palo Santo to self-cleanse by smudging themselves from feet to head. This is one way of dispelling all the negative energies built up in the day or week, especially when you live in the city, often too fast-paced, jammed up and always rushing.

Mind Calming – Palo Santo is also well known to be a calming provider for stress, anxiety, or even feeling a little depressed. It is not a cure, but it helps to stimulate the body’s relaxation response to combat worry, anxiety, sleep disorders and depression.

Mediation – Several people find burning Palo Santo before meditation an uplifting experience. The scent helps to raise your vibration and provide groundedness and peace as you meditate.

Healing and Pain Relief – This is commonly done using the Palo Santo essential oils, but we at Green Daun do not sell the oils.

Travel Cleansing – Some people even take Palo Santo sticks with them on their travels; even if it is for business or a vacation, they use the sticks to cleanse the hotel room the minute they check-in. This ensures any negative or bad energies left in the room will be cleansed away.

Item Cleansing – This can be done for any item or items you feel that you want cleansed. It can be clothes in your wardrobe, electrical items, antiques, decorative pieces and anything you see fit to cleanse.

Crystal Cleansing – Palo Santo is also well known to cleanse crystals in natural form or beads form. Crystals ten to absorb negative energies, and cleansing with Palo Santo is a way to keep them in their best qualities.

Keeping Insects and Bugs Away – Because of the aromatic resin and oils natural to Palo Santo, it works well to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away as they dislike the scent and smell of it. The local and native people of Ecuador and Peru have been doing this for centuries to keep insects and mosquitoes away.

Relaxation – Some people like to burn Palo Santo incense an hour or two before they go to bed as they find calm and relaxation through the scent, thus providing a good night’s rest or sleep.

Smelling flowers
A woman smells some flowers for the scent.

Whats Does Palo Santo Smell Like?

As it is processed from the dead tree, the smell of Palo Santo is like a citrus mixture of pine, mint, and lemon combined. Some even claim it smells like burnt sugar, which is a pleasant scent.

Many people who dislike the strong, pungent white sage smell would opt for Palo Santo as an alternative to cleansing.

Where Can I Use Palo Santo? 

Generally, Palo Santo smudging can be used just about anywhere you feel like. Most people love to burn it in their living room, bedroom, workspace, office, inside the car, bathroom or even kitchen area.

Again, you can also carry the Palo Santo sticks with you on your travels and smudge your motel, hotel or Airbnb units when you arrive there.

For those who want to go to the park or do some camping, the Palo Santo sticks will also work to keep the mosquitoes and other insects away when burned. It would be best if you practice caution when burning them outdoors.

How Many Times Can I Burn Palo Santo?

As many times as you like, most people would smudge their space once or twice a week. For those who love the scent, they may burn Palo Santo more often.

We know of people who burn Palo Santo every morning as it helps to provide a beautiful scent and a great way to start the day. Again, there are no set rules for how many times should you burn it.

*Please Take Note – The information provided above is not intended to provide medical advice or diagnose or treat any health conditions.

If you’re experiencing issues with your health, please visit your doctor or a licensed medical professional as soon as possible. Also, if you are pregnant, you are advised not to use Palo Santo during your pregnancy.

Palo Santo and White Sage Malaysia
Palo Santo wood and White Sage.

Where is Green Daun New Age Craft Shop?

We are located in Damansara Perdana and in Petaling Jaya. To locate us, use Waze or Google Maps and key in ‘Green Daun craft shop’, and it should lead you to our retail shop.

You can also read this article on directions to our shop as it explains in detail about public transport, driving, and photos of what our shop looks like.

Where else can I buy Palo Santo in Malaysia?

We know not everyone has the luxury of time and would prefer an easier way of buying items online. This has become a trend among many people in Malaysia too.

Anyone living out of Kuala Lumpur or the Klang Valley should not worry, as you can also buy Palo Santo here from our online shop on Shopee.


If you have been looking for where to purchase Palo Santo in Malaysia, look no further, as you can get them at Green Daun. We sell not only the sticks but also the Palo Santo incense that is compressed into pyramids.

Our premium Palo Santo stock is always fresh and harvested from Peru in South America. If you would like to smell them or feel them, please do drop by our retail shop.

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