Where to Buy Moldavite in Malaysia?

Buying Moldavite in Malaysia

If you have been wondering where to buy Moldavite in Malaysia, you can do so at Green Daun new age shop in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Recently, there has been some requests for Moldavite pendants in Malaysia, and we are also curious as to why there has been this sudden demand.

Since there is a lot of curiosity, let us share with you more information about this amazing and fascinating stone that some people seek.

Where to Buy Moldavite in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, you may have seen Moldavite being sold online on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or even shopping portals like Shopee or Lazada.

However, this is one stone or crystal that is sought after by many, and the supply is not that much; therefore, many fake Moldavites are being sold openly out there.

Buying Moldavite in Malaysia
One of the Moldavite pendants we sell at our shop.

At Green Daun new age shop, we sell genuine Moldavite from the Czech Republic, and as a proper shop, buyers are welcome to come and see and feel them before buying.

Crystals require a connection before buying, and it is something you do not buy online, hence paying hundreds or thousands of Ringgit for something you are unsure of is quite risky.

At the end of the day, we all want assurance when we buy crystals, to make sure they are genuine or real versus someone who sells items for the main purpose of making money only.

Therefore, if you have been looking for where to buy Moldavite in Malaysia, you can now visit the Green Daun new age shop to buy them.

Raw natural Moldavite
What raw and natural Moldavite pieces look like.

What is Moldavite?

Moldavite comes from Besednice and the Moldau River valley in the Czech Republic. These high-vibration crystals were formed by a meteorite’s impact in the Ries crater in southern Germany 14.7 million years ago, about 500 km from their occurrence.

It is a type of impact glass produced when terrestrial silica is fused in the intense heat and pressure created by the crash of large meteorites.

Moldavite can be transparent or translucent with a mossy green colour with swirls and bubbles accentuating its mossy appearance.

Moldavite Fake
The fake and real Moldavite next to each other.
Fake Moldavite
What the fake Moldavite looks like in closeup.

Why You Should Not Buy Moldavite Online?

Simple, there are too many fake moldavites being sold online, and if you do not know how to tell the real from the fake, you will be another victim.

First of all, Moldavite is a very expensive crystal or meteorite that is not from earth and space. The price of an average moldavite pendant is also from RM800 and above. Some even in the thousands of Ringgit.

So when you see someone selling Moldavid for under RM500, it is highly likely that it is not the real deal, or it could be a tiny piece.

And if you have seen them being sold on Lazada and Shopee for under RM100, you are 110% guaranteed those are fake moldavite.

Pendants Moldavite Malaysia
A closer look at some of the Moldavite pendants.

Moldavite Sellers in Malaysia

There are a few people that sell moldavite, and most of them are online sellers. I am highlighting this because some crystals and stones are not meant to be sold online, but somehow, they are still being sold.

You may be asking why and let me share with you the main reason. Moldavite in Malaysia is unique, and there are too many fake pieces being circulated.

Next is that moldavite is a very expensive meteorite or tektite that is priced from RM800 and above. So if you see someone selling it for RM100 or RM250, it is very likely it is a fake piece.

The best way to tell if the moldavite is real is by visiting the shop or seller to see, feel and touch the moldavite. Just like at Grene Daun, we can actually show you the fake moldavite as we have a piece for our customers to compare.

Moldavite Fake and Real
The fake and real Moldavite next to each other.

How to See if Moldavite is Real?

This is tricky, but as you can see in the photo above, the fake Moldavite looks very glassy, and the colour is a much brighter green compared to the real one.

  • Bling: If the moldavite specimen appears wet or too shiny, that is a good sign it may be fake.
  • Close-Up: Moldavite has many air bubbles as well as “wires”, which are Lechatelierite. These can be seen with a magnifying glass. If your faceted stone or specimen is flawless (no inclusions), this is another big sign that it could be fake.
  • Big Pieces: Huge specimens are questionable as it is rare to find a piece over 50 grams or 3 to 4 inches.
  • Rarity: Moldavite is getting rarer and rarer. Pieces are going up over the years. Remember to look at everything and not just the price.
  • Colour: Moldavite should be olive green. It should not be apple green. The brighter green you usually see on real moldavites is only achieved when a light is shined through it.
Malaysia Moldavite Shop
What the Moldavite looks like from the back with the silver casing.

Where is our Crystal Shop in Malaysia?

Green Daun is located in the commercial ground floor area of the Perdana Exclusive Condominium in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya.

We run a proper retail shop lot that faces the main road, and we have our reserve customer parking in front of our shop.

To locate us, just Google or Waze Green Daun should lead you to our shop. Alternatively, if you take a ride-hailing service, it should be in the system. Remember, we are at the condominium at Block C, not Jaya Grocer.

Again, we are sorry we do not sell these online. Please visit our retail shop.

Malaysia Moldavite Necklace
Some of the Moldavite pendants at our shop.


Nowadays, with the sudden mushroom of online sellers since the Covid19 pandemic started in early 2020, many cases of consumers are being cheated online when buying crystals.

Again, it is my duty to share information and let consumers know that certain crystals are meant to be bought in person and not online because there are too many fakes going around.

The worst part is that sellers that appear overnight not only throw prices to make a few bucks, they also do not have the experience and knowledge about crystals. Only what they Google and find in the results.

Finally, if you have been wondering where to buy Moldavite in Malaysia, you know know that you can visit us at Green Daun new age shop to see them before making your purchase.

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