Where to Buy Miyuki Seed Beads in Malaysia


Where to Buy Miyuki Seed Beads in Malaysia

For a long time, there have been many people asking where to buy Miyuki Seed Beads in Malaysia, and till today it is still not answered. But the good news is that you can now buy them from us at the Green Daun craft shop in Petaling Jaya.

Update June 2020 – We NO LONGER Sell Miyuki, Matsuno or other Japanese seed beads. Our entire collection was bought up by a maker.

We sell Miyuki seed beads in three-gram bottles and come in quite a number of colours. For the sizes, we have the most common size which is size 11 Miyuki beads (2 mm), and they are the common round Rocailles beads.

For other sizes, we have some Size 8 Miyuki beads (3 mm), but colours are limited to a few solid colours, plus there are also hexagon silver line beads available too.

Where to Buy Miyuki Seed Beads in Malaysia?

Miyuki Round Silver Line Beads Malaysia
The round silver line Miyuki beads sold at Green Daun.

The Green Daun sells Miyuki seed beads in different types and colours. The most common size for beading is 11, and there are a lot of colours for this.

From sourcing around, we have found that there is no one selling a full range of Miyuki beads, and if they do, it is very limited choices. Most of them are online shops that are selling glass seed beads.

One of the main reasons for this is that there is little demand for this kind of high-quality beads. Most common are the China seed beads, which are a fraction of what the Miyuki beads cost.

Size 11 Miyuki Beads Malaysia
The size 11/0 Miyuki hexagon silver line beads we sell.

As a seasoned beader, you will know that the China glass seed beads are cheap, but they are all irregular in size, unlike Miyuki beads.

If you are relatively new to this, Miyuki beads are the world-class premium seed beads that are highly sought after by many bead makers.

Miyuki also comes from Japan, and are rated as the best glass seed beads in the world. Read this article about seed beads for more detailed information.

Miyuki Size 8 Beads Malaysia
some of the size 8/0 Miyuki beads we sell.

What Kind Of Miyuki Beads Do We Sell? 

Overall, Green Daun sells the most common size of Miyuki Beads which are size 11/0. They come in round Rocailles bead style and hexagon style. Both are available in plan and silver line.

For the moment, we stock these and in the near future, we will have more choices of Miyuki beads in different sizes.

What Miyuki Beads We Sell

  • Miyuki Round Rocailles Size 11
  • Miyuki Round Rocailles Silver Line Size 11
  • Miyuki Round Rocailles Size 11
  • Miyuki Hexagon Size 11
  • Miyuki Hexagon Silver Line Size 11

What Miyuki Beads We Do Not Sell

  • Miyuki Drop Beads
  • Miyuki Magatama Beads
  • Miyuki Square Beads
  • Miyuki Twist Beads
  • Miyuki Triangle Beads
  • Miyuki Macrame Beads
  • Miyuki Delica Beads
  • Miyuki Tila Beads
Miyuki Size 11 Glass Beads Malaysia
The size 11/0 Miyuki glass beads.

The reason we do not carry the above series of Miyuki beads is due to the very low demand. This is also because many beaders in Peninsular Malaysia prefer to work with the common sizes.

Also, if you have used any of these kinds of seed beads before, you will know that some of them are really expensive.

Therefore for us, it is a business sense where it would be pointless to bring in thousands of Ringgit of Delica beads to Malaysia when only a few people are looking for them, and only selected colours.

Miyuki Beading Class Malaysia
What you can do using the seed beads.

Miyuki Beading Classes in Malaysia

The good news is that Green Daun does in fact conduct special classes for beading, using Miyuki seed beads. However, this is still in the process as we plan to launch the classes somewhere around August in 2019.

We no longer conduct any seed bead classes since Januar 2020.

They will be in the form of brick stitch using Miyuki seed beads, and the class would be a very small class with a maximum of six people. The beading class will also be conducted on Saturday or Sunday, and from 10.00 AM till 1.00 PM.

If you are interested in attending a Miyuki beading class, please contact us here and we will get your details to let you know when is the class date. Price is RM100 per person for the group class.

Fake or Faux Miyuki Beads in Malaysia

There are many fake Miyuki or faux Miyuki beads available in the market here in Malaysia and many other countries. Most of them are sold openly because the sellers think that they are not recognizable by the users.

This is a very bad practice, and we do not support unscrupulous ways like this.  A lot of them are sold at some craft shops and many are easily available online. If the seller is from China, then you already know it is not the real thing.

Miyuki Seed Beads Malaysia
Some of the size 11/0 Miyuki seed beads we sell.

The trouble with this is that you will never know until you buy them and use them. So, we strongly recommend you are cautious when buying online or from unknown sellers.

At Green Daun, we are taking the Miyuki beads from a properly authorized dealer in Malaysia, hence we assure you that our beads are imported directly from Miyuki in Japan.

When you visit our shop, we can show you the difference between the real Miyuki and the faux or fake Miyuki beads. This is why having a proper shop is crucial to matters like this.

When you purchase online, it is easy to show the real photo of the Miyuki beads, and when someone buys it, the fake item is sent along to the buyer.

This happens when the price is cheap, considering that Miyuki beads are quite expensive. Do not be easily fooled by cheap prices online.

Beading Thread Miyuki Malaysia
Some of the beading thread colours that we sell.

What Else Do We Sell For Beading?

Update Jun 2020 – We no longer sell any Miyuki or other Japanese seed beads. Please find them elsewhere.

Apart from the Miyuki seed beads, we also sell some other brands of high-quality seed beads, some beading thread and also beading needles. The other brands and products we sell in our shop are;

  • Toho Beads
  • MGB Beads (known as Matsuno Beads)
  • Beading Thread
  • Beading Needles
Silver Line Miyuki Beads Malaysia
Some of the silver line beads that we sell.

Where Is Our Shop Located At?

Green Daun is located in Damansara Perdana and in Petaling Jaya. This is just next to Mutiara Damansara where IKEA PJ is located at. We are on the ground floor of the Perdana Exclusive Condominium shop lots facing the main road.

For those planning to drive or take public transport, read this article on directions to Green Daun as it explains in detail on how to get to our shop.

Otherwise, if you use Waze or Google Maps, just key in ‘Green Daun Craft Shop’ and it will bring you to our shop. You can also call us for verbal directions if you do not use a smartphone.

Miyuki Hexagon Silver Line Beads Malaysia
Some of the Miyuki hexagon silver line beads we sell.

With this article, you now know where to buy Miyuki seed beads in Malaysia. And if you are also looking for other brands, you can always visit the Green Daun new age craft shop in Petaling Jaya.

Just so you know, we do not sell the Miyuki seed beads in large quantities, only small bottles which are suitable for those hobby makers. We also do not have an online shop where you can buy them as we are a conventional craft shop business.

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