Where to Buy Flower Stamens in Malaysia

Beli Inti Bunga Di Malaysia

You would most probably be asking where to buy flower stamens in Malaysia for those into artificial flower decorations. Now, Green Daun sells these stamens in various shapes and sizes.


The artificial flower stamens or inti Bunga in Malay is not easy to find as not many people do this kind of craft. If you can find them, they usually are the common pearl head types that most people sell, and we carry a different type versus the common pearl head stamens.

Where to Buy Flower Stamens in Malaysia?

Before you read, you should know that these artificial flower stamens are used in many ways for artisans and crafters. In contrast, stamens are commonly used for traditional Malay Weddings, and they are very versatile in terms of usage.

The flower stamens also cater to those in floral decoration, sugarcraft, gum paste, cake decorations, paper flower making, millinery, stocking flowers, felt flowers, and so on.

Some crafters and artisans even use flower stamens for their art and craftwork, jewellery and other miscellaneous projects. These are very versatile due to the flexibility and choices of colours.

You can try some of the Malay wedding shops as they may sell stamens. Otherwise, I would recommend you go online to buy them.

Inti Bunga
Long neck stamens with a wire stem

Malaysia Flower Stamens Shop

For Malaysian sugar crafters, stamens are the perfect touch to add to your flower petal leaves, and the finished product will give the flower lifelike imagery to your creations.

At our shop, we sell a wide variety of these stamens, which are pre-packed for your convenience and budget. This means you can buy more selections with our very reasonable prices offered.

Our stamens are sourced from around the world and are sorted for defects; therefore, you will be getting the best hand-sorted quality of stamens in Malaysia.


Foam Stamens Malaysia
Calla Lily Stamens in various colours

Type of Artificial Flower Stamens

Note that the list below is for many different types of artificial flower stamens found around the world, and here in Malaysia, you may only be able to find 20% to 30% of the flower stamens listed.

Green Daun does not stock all the types of stamens but carry many of them, which are the rice head types and not the chemical mixed ones.


For those who use stamens for their art and craft; usually, the powdered matt types are the ones that are realistic for flower decorations or even gum paste work in Malaysia. The types of stamens from around the world are;

  • Powder Head Stamens – Our general range of powder head stamens with an average head size of 2-3mm and various colours. All powdered head stamens are made from a type of powdered sticky rice flour mixture and then coloured.
  • Pearl Head Stamens – The most common type of stamens easily found in shops, also known as pearlised stamens. These are powder-based with a pearl coating or pearl finishing and are string or thick cotton stem. Some other pearlescent heads are in matt finishing. They come in many sizes, usually from 2mm to 5mm and are double-headed.
  • Micro Head Stamens – These powder type head stamens are so small, they measure 1mm in size and come double-headed with a string stem.
  • Foam Head Stamens – Made purely from foam and string stems, they are double-ended and resemble small berry-like heads.
  • Pointed Head Stamens – Made from a mixture of powder and hardener and wire stems that can be bent and shaped, they are suitable for various kinds of large flower buds. These are single stem stamens.
  • Hammerhead Stamens – These are the anthers of the flowers, which are made from a mixture of powder and hardener; these are commonly used for Peony and Lilies. They come with a wire stem which can be bent to shape or cut to size. These are single stem stamens.
  • Anther Stamens – Same as the HammerHead Stamens above. Just different names are used to describe the stamens. The actual name is anthers.
  • Glitter Head Stamens – These come in glittery gold and silver heads and are double-sided wire stem. Commonly used for weddings or any projects that are in gold or silver.
Antique stamen designs
Some of the antique stamens from the ’80s
  • Glitter Stick Stamens – These are quite hard to come by, and they are made with glitter dust stuck on an elongated head with a wire stem. At Green Daun craft shop, we carry only the gold glitter stick stamens.
  • Seed Head Stamens – These look like a teardrop but are sharper to the ends and are powdered with strong stems. Some are full coloured, while others have a different colour tip.
  • Lily Stamens – There are a few types of lily stamens where some look like elongated matchstick heads, suitable for various types of lilies, and these come single-headed and wired stem. Other types are the slim powder head lily type stamens which come with cotton stems.
  • Pistel Head Stamens – This is the lily flower’s centre section where the lily stamens surround the pistel. They are made from a sticky rice mixture and a wire stem that can be bent or cut.
  • Calla Lily Stamens – This is the huge stamen from the Calla Lily, made from coated foam and come in toning colours. The stems are wire which can be bent or cut.
Malaysia Stamens Shop
Stamens used in artificial flowers
  • Cel Bud Stamens – These are polystyrene bud heads with a wire running into them. They are best used as flower centres when creating roses and other large flowers. Single heads with metal wires can be cut and bent.
  • Berry Head Stamens – Made from foam and wired stem, they are usually in the 5-10mm size to represent berries.
  • Gypsophila Stamens – One of the harder stamens to find, these are commonly used as filler flowers and are a foam-based material with cotton strings. We no longer stock these, but a substitute would be the foam head stamens.
  • Split Head Stamens – These are powder-based stamens with a flat, uneven head looking like a split. We no longer carry these stock too.
  • Spear Head Stamens – Elongated heads that look like spear tips and used for special flowers. We do not carry the spearhead stamens type anymore.
  • Crystal Head Stamens – These are foam head stamens covered with a type of clear pollen which is stuck on to the head, which gives it a crystal-like finishing. Double-headed and cotton stems. We do not stock these anymore.
  • Acorn Head Stamens – Usually in gold, silver, cream and white, these large head which look like acorns, are seldom used, but in Malay weddings, they match well with the gold and silver flowers.
  • Mushroom Stamens – These are very rare and take the shape of little mushrooms on wires. Usually in red and white polka dots and used for fantasy or kids decorations.
  • Giant Pearl Head Stamens – These 5mm-6mm round pearl head stamens are hard to make nowadays as not many people use them. They come in single or double-headed and on wired stems and are the old generation stamens from 10-20 years ago. Powdered base and pearlised finished, the colours are usually white, cream, red, green, yellow and blue stamens.
  • Extra Large Head Stamens – These are available from some places; the heads are sized from 5mm to 10mm and usually used as berry decorations. These are widely used for weddings as well, and we do not stock these sizes.


History of Stamens
Stamens being used in the early 1800s for women’s hat designs

History of Flower Stamens

The history of stamens goes a very long way back, almost 200 years where stamens were mainly used for millinery craft in the Victorian era and popular in the 18th and 19th century.

Nowadays, there are many different types and sizes of stamens available in the market, including micro tiny heads, seed-like pips, berry style, fantasy stamens and even glittery types.

In the 50’s and ’60s, multi-coloured lollipop stamens and some odd-shaped fantasy stamens were a trend that is no longer used nowadays; therefore, they are considered vintage stamens.

For stamens, anything above 50 years is classified as vintage, but in actual, the term ‘vintage’ is above 100 years, the term ‘antique’ is 50 years and above, while the term ‘classic’ is 25 years and above.


Mini Artificial Stamens
Mini stamens sold at Green Daun Craft Shop in PJ

Where is Green Daun Craft Shop?

We are a cosy concept craft shop in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya and a popular landmark is Empire City, The Curve Shopping Center or even IKEA Petaling Jaya.

Here are directions on how to go to Green Daun Craft Shop, and if you are using Waze or Google Maps, just key in ‘Green Daun Craft Shop’, and it will lead you to our shop.

We also sell Florist Tapes in Malaysia which come in around 15 different colours, while we do stock some florist stub wires in various gauges in green or white.


If you work with artificial stamens, you should know there are not that easy to find in Malaysia, and most places sell the common types, but now you can find some different types here at Green Daun Craft Shop in Petaling Jaya.

The next time anyone asks you where to buy flower stamens in Malaysia, you can point them in this direction as we have a decent variety of stock available.

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