Where to buy feathers in PJ Malaysia


Buy Feathers in PJ Malaysia

If you are looking for where to buy feathers in Malaysia, I just want to highlight that Green Used to be the largest shop.

In 2019, we decided to evolve our business and nowadays, we only sell natural Smudging Feathers for cleansing and healing purposes. These are called Feather Fans.

Where to buy feathers in PJ Malaysia

The feathers we sell at Green Daun Craft Shop in PJ range from standard rooster feathers to exotic, rare and special feathers which are all in excellent condition.

We also conduct quality control for each of our feathers, which is done manually by us. Among the feathers sold in our shop are;

  • Rooster Feathers
  • Duck Feathers
  • Goose Feathers
  • Peacock Feathers
  • Jungle Peacock Feathers
  • Ostrich Feathers
  • Turkey Feathers
  • Ring Neck Pheasant Feathers
  • Crested Fireback Pheasant
  • Guineafowl Feathers
  • Copper Chicken Feathers
  • Reeve Pheasant Feathers
  • Silver Pheasant Feathers
  • Lady Amherst Pheasant Feathers
  • Eagle Feathers
Malaysia Feathers For Sale
Feathers for sale in Malaysia at Green Daun Craft Shop.

Green Daun Craft Shop Feathers

Our feathers are sourced from reputable suppliers around the world and hence, they are in great condition.

They are sorted personally by us, packed with care and the price range is anywhere from RM2.50 right up to RM50.00 per packet.

We also carry a wide range of colours and sizes for our feathers that can suit your projects. Feathers can be used for many craft projects including dream catchers, headgear decorations, jewellery making, costumes, masks, fly fishing and even rituals.

As we specialize in making dream catchers in Malaysia, we use a lot of unique feathers for our handmade dream catchers.

Feather Supplier in Malaysia
Some of the Goose Feathers that we sell

Other places that sell feathers in Malaysia

There are maybe a few other places where you can buy feathers, at shops or even online and here is a list of some of these places.

Please note that we have checked some of these places and just to let you know that the prices are quite expensive and the selections are very limited. So below is the list of where to buy feathers in Malaysia.

Green Daun Craft Shop – A professional dream catcher shop that deals in all your dream catcher materials and also conducting classes and workshops on how to make dream catchers.

Green Daun is located in Damansara Perdana, in Petaling Jaya, Selangor and specializes in all kinds of dream catchers in Malaysia. The shop also sells other crafting materials for beading and macrame.

Spotlight – Australian high-end craft shop located in several shopping malls around Malaysia. They carry basic rooster, goose and turkey feathers with limited colour choices. Prices are quite expensive or premium.

Art Friend – Mid Valley Megamall and The Curve Shopping Mall. This massive art supply store has some feathers, but again have limited choices and also priced quite high. Quality is also below standard to normal.

Online Shops – Several online shops in Malaysia do sell feathers, but again, they are also very basic and most of them do not know the bird names of the feathers.

You can probably get most of the basic and general feathers there but again, you cannot tell the quality from online shopping.

Feathers for Dream Catchers Malaysia
Dream Catcher Feathers in Malaysia
Exotic Feathers in Malaysia
Some of the rare and unique feathers available at Green Daun Craft Shop

Most people who want to buy feathers in Malaysia usually source them online and in most cases, do not know the actual names of these feathers.

However, if you drop by our craft shop in Petaling Jaya, we will be glad to share all the information with you when you want to buy our feathers.

As we are dedicated to our work here, we have taken the initiative to study and understand these feathers before selling them to end-users.

If you wish to buy wholesale feathers in Malaysia, please contact us as we can arrange for this and we can ship them with a local post to anywhere in the country.

Rare Feather Malaysia
Some of the Lady Amherst tail feathers in various colours.

Buying Feathers for Dream Catchers in Malaysia


For those making dream catchers, we also sell the feathers which are ready packed. Because we know how important feathers are for a dream catcher, you will get Grade A feathers when you buy from us.

Most other places sell the feathers in large quantities, and often cheap, but when you buy those, you are guaranteed to get damaged or defect feathers.

This is something that annoys makers, paying for something and only to receive bad quality. Therefore, we fully understand this, hence our Grade A quality feathers are sold here.

Green Daun also conducts dream catcher making classes in Malaysia where you can learn how to make a dream catcher in under three hours.

Update 2019We no longer conduct dream catcher classes.

Where is our shop and what are our business hours? 

For those living in Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam, Klang and Petaling Jaya, you can always drop by our craft shop to see our wide selection of feathers for sale.

We are open from 11.00 AM till 6.00 PM from Tuesday to Sunday and Public Holidays. We are closed every Monday, and here are directions to our shop.


Just remember, we used to b the largest feather supplier in Malaysia and now if you want to know where you can buy feathers in PJ Malaysia, we sell only natural medium to large type for smudging purposes.

  1. seamus says

    Hi , im seamus. Business florist at Johor. Im looking Ostrich Feather white color , size within 50 – 70cm. Did ur company got this stocks ? May i know the price range ? delivery charges and any minimum order ? Thanks

  2. Green Daun says

    Hello Seamus, thanks for your inquiry. I will check my stock and email you back about the Ostrich Feathers.

  3. Green Daun says

    Hello Seamus, unfortunately, we do not carry the extra large ostrich feathers in our shop. You may need to source them elsewhere.

  4. Green Daun says

    Hello Ambiga, thank you for the question. How many of the Goose Feathers do you need? One packet has 3 pieces and priced at RM3.50. Postage in Peninsular Malaysia is RM6.00 with Pos Laju.

    For now I have limited stock on both Dark Pink (Magenta/Fuchsia) and Light Pink (Normal Pink, not pastel). Do let me know and thank you.

  5. Mrs.Ng says

    Do you have either peacock or hornbill feathers? Need for school project to make the headwear for the male dancers in tarian Ngajat. Need long /large ones. And the price please.


  6. Green Daun says

    Hi there, sorry for the late reply and thank you for stopping by earlier today.

  7. Green Daun says

    Hello Mrs.Ng, thanks for the question and sorry for the late reply. As for the feathers, yes I have exactly the same feathers that are used for the Ngajat Dance head gear in the shop. The best is to drop by Green Daun and see the different varieties I offer here. Anything, please contact me via phone.

  8. Kamala says

    Hi, do you have peacock feathers?

  9. Green Daun says

    Hi there Kamala, yes I do, but not the full long ones. Just the short peacock feathers in natural, red and cream colors. I also have just the Peacock Eye, but limited quantity for now. Best to drop by the shop to see the selection too. Anything, do whatsapp or call me. Thank you.

  10. Ningyo says

    Hello, I am also having the same requirements like you, seamus. Have you found a place which sells those feathers? And for how much?

  11. Green Daun says

    Hi Shirene and Seamus, thanks for the question. At Green Daun, we do not stock these sizes as they are just too pricey, meaning each feather of that size can cost anywhere from RM40-50 per piece and this is for minimum quantity order of 100 pieces.

    For those planning events for table centerpieces, please note that per table, you would need at least 10-15 pieces of the large ostrich feathers (20-30 inches) to get a beautiful centerpiece effect, and this is for each table. So if your event is 25 tables, means you need 250-300 pieces, times the amount. That is the kind of budget you need to spend, just for the feathers.

    If you check Lazada, Alibaba or any other platform selling these, you should take note, all the sellers are from China and it takes really long for the item to arrive. Long as in 30-45 days. PLUS, when they say 11.5″-13.5″, you will end up with more of the smaller ones. Trust me, I have bought some before, the quality is really bad, meaning, 20 pieces, you can probably use only 10, which are in decent condition.

    At Green Daun, we have a supplier in Malaysia, but there is a MOQ to get the RM45 which is 100 pieces. You need to also let us know well in advance, at least 1-2 weeks. Other than that, I do not know where else you can get a large quantity. Note the 12″ Ostrich Feathers cost around RM9-10 per piece for retail too.

  12. Iantha says

    Hello! Do you have argus feathers with black spots on feathers..? Other black cockatoo feathers with red, yellow and black?

  13. Green Daun says

    Hello Iantha, we have the Argus feathers, with the 3D black spots on them. However, you can come to the shop and see them personally as it is recommended.

  14. Mixx says

    Hi, do u have the rooster feather in yellow color ? We need to make a costume by sticking this feather up. So please kindly let me know the price.

  15. Green Daun says

    Hello Mixx, thank you for the question. Yes we do have Rooster Feathers in Yellow Color. I will email you the price to your Hotmail email. Or you can also contact us via whataspp from this page – https://greendaun.com/contact-green-daun/

  16. Hanna says

    Hi, can i get your shop address?

  17. Green Daun says

    Hello Hanna, sorry for the late reply. Green Daun is located at;
    C-G13-A, Block C, Perdana Exclusive Condominium,
    Jalan PJU 8/1, Damansara Perdana 47820,
    Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

  18. Villson says

    Hi, do you sell peacock feather? May I know how many pieces per pack? Size and Price?

  19. Green Daun says

    Hello, yes we do. We sell them by per piece. Standard peacock feather size is 3 feet long. Price is RM2.00 per piece.

  20. Tony says

    I need a round edge feather in red ,,do you have any?

  21. Green Daun says

    Hello, the round edge feathers we have are Goose and Duck feathers. Best to visit our shop to see them. Otherwise, please contact us from the contact number at the bottom of the page. Thank you.

  22. Noreen says


    I’m looking for feather boa.. black and yellow .. making costumes for my kids..

  23. Green Daun says

    Hello Noreen, sorry to inform that we have run out of boa. No stock till May.

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