Where to Buy Charms in Malaysia

Where to Buy Charms in Malaysia

Have you ever wondered where to buy charms in Malaysia? This is a very niche market where jewelry makers and crafters use charms for their creations in bracelets, necklace and earrings.

Update Dec 2019 – We are currently clearing our entire charms collection and they are going for 50% discount from the retail price. Please visit our shop to buy them and no online orders.

Charms or buah loket in Malay, has been around for a very long time and even highly popular in the once famous Pandora craze.

However, nowadays, people tend to use charms or trinkets for many other things besides what is mentioned above, and also depending on what kind of project they do.

Where to Buy Charms in Malaysia?

You may have walked around in shopping malls and may have seen some kiosks or shops selling some charms and trinkets, but have you ever asked about the price?

Malaysia Charms Shop
Some of the many different charms sold at Green Daun.

As you may already know, shopping malls equals high rentals, hence items sold are usually on the high side and charms or trinkets in Malaysia are usually priced a little higher in the shopping mall shops.

Other places that sell charms include online or social media sellers, namely on Facebook or Instagram. But when you buy online, can you be assured that you will get the right size or quality products?

Another place you can buy charms in Malaysia is at Green Daun craft shop, where we sell over 100 different types of charms in our collection. We sell many shapes and sizes and some even in different color tones.

Travelers Note Book Journal Charms
Charms are even used to accessorize traveler’s notebooks or journals.

Our specialty includes selling many unique charms and also large charms, which is quit hard to get in Malaysia. The charms we sell are also individual, meaning you can just buy one charm.

Prices of the charms we sell start from RM1.00 per piece for the small charms and they get higher depending on the sizes. Drop by our shop to see our massive charm collection.

Word Charms Malaysia
Word charms for bracelet making.

What kind of charms are available in Malaysia? 

The most common charms are the standard alloy charms, which are the cheaper options. These come in many different shapes, designs and sizes.

There are of course more expensive charms and trinkets available in the market which are made from higher quality materials which are much more expensive. They are;

  • Gold Charms – Found at most goldsmiths
  • Silver Charms – Sold at goldsmiths and specialty stores
  • Brass Charms – Limited stores sell these
  • Stainless Steel Charms – Limited but available and expensive
  • Alloy Charms – Plenty available
  • Wood Charms – Selected outlets sell them, but not popular
  • While Gold Charms – Goldsmith or specialty stores
  • Murano Glass Charms – Exclusive stores
  • Pewter Charms – Sold at outlets that deal in pewter
  • Pandora Charms – Found at Pandora outlets
  • Fauxdora Charms – Fake Pandora charms, sold at wholesale outlets, night markets and even bazaars
Jewellery Charms Malaysia
Egyptian alloy charms with rhinestones.

What materials are the common charms made from? 

A majority of the charms sold in the market is made from alloy, which is made from a mixture of metals that ends up retaining the characteristics of a metal. You can find more information about metal alloys.

On average, you will see sellers claiming that charms are lead free, cadmium free and nickel free, which is highly true. Most of them actually originate from China, but then again, who is going to test these charms?

As a majority of the cheaper charms are made from nickel alloy with plated treatment that includes anti-rust, they are usually durable for casual use.

And in Malaysia, the normal charms are all made from standard alloy, unless you get silver, gold or other precious metal charms.

Naval Sea Charms Malaysia
Some of the naval or sea themed charms we sell.

What can you use the charms for? 

Generally, the charms are used for bracelet or necklace making as an add-on to the finished product. Depending on the maker, different charms are used for different styles of making.

The use for charms may vary from makers to designers. Most popular are basic jewelry, but below are some other uses for charms that some of you may not know.

  • Bracelet Charms – The most common use
  • Necklace Charms – Also common
  • Earring Charms – Less common
  • Journal Charms – Added to journals and notebooks
  • Dream Catcher Charms – Added on to dream catchers
  • Key Chain Charms – Commonly used
  • Bag Charms – Also gaining popularity
Steampunk Charms Malaysia
Some of the Steampunk charms that we sell individually.

Misconception of Charms

While many think that charms or trinkets last a lifetime, let me be very honest with you. For the price you pay for a stand metal alloy charm, they will fade or tarnish over time.

This is mainly because of the quality used to make them, hence the charms are cheap to buy in Malaysia. Also, different people using them will have different effects of the.

You may have seen people selling charms with the word ‘Silver Charm’, but with cheap prices. This is an example of confusing the buyer. The color may be silver, gold or bronze, but it clearly is not made from pure materials.

Buah Loket Malaysia
Charms are called Buah Loket in Malay, and here are some of the stainless steel charms we sell.

How to care for your charms?

While charms and trinkets may come cheap, there are still some basic care procedures that can be practiced to give your charms a longer life.

Below are some of the do’s and don’ts for your general charms;

  • Charms are not meant to be used on a permanent basis. They fall into the costume jewellery category, which users change different one on a daily basis.
  • Charms are not meant to be given to kids under three years of age as they pose a choking hazard.
  • Charms will tarnish based on individual body sweat and oils. Different people react differently towards charms.
  • Charms can be cleaned, but you need to use a dry cloth to do this. Do not use any form of jewelry cleaners like silver cleaners as they will damage the charms.
  • Using a clear coating on nail polish can give your charm additional protection
Malaysia Charms
Selection of the many charms that we sell at our shop.

What kind of charms do we sell? 

If you are looking for where to buy charms in Malaysia, we sell all kinds of charms in our retail shop in Damansara Perdana, PJ.

You can find some unique themed trinkets like unicorn charms, fairy charms to some of the oddest of charms at our shop.

Most of the standard charms come in silver, gold and antique bronze finishing. This does not mean they are the actual precious materials, but just a finishing.

There are just too many charm themes to mention here and below are some of the themes we sell;

  • Travel Charms – We have special charms like passports, luggage bags, postcard, famous monuments, airplanes and so on.
  • Fantasy Charms – Fairy, Tinkerbell, Harry Potter, Dragons, Swords and many others.
  • Heart Charms – Many different shapes, sizes and colors available.
  • Animal Charms – We have many different kinds of animals like dog charms, cat charms, bird charms, and many others.
  • Maritime and Sea Charms – Mermaids, shells, fish, octopus, boats, ships, anchor and ship’s steering wheel.
  • Heavy Metal Charms – Skulls, guitar, Gothic charms available.
  • Egyptian Charms – Special Ankh charms, Pharaoh charms and a few others that come in gun metal with rhinestones.
  • Steampunk Charms – Wide selection of cogs, gears and other related charms available for any steampunk fan.
  • Automobile Charms – Cars, trucks, bikes, bicycles and scooter charms available.
  • Religious Charms – Christianity charms, Hindu charms like Ganesha charms, and Buddhist charms available in our shop.
  • Extra Large Charms – We carry some charms that are extra large and very unique.
Vinayaga Ganesha Charms Malaysia
Vinayaga Charms or Ganesha Charms for bracelets or dream catchers.

Where is Green Daun Craft Shop?

Our shop is located in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya. We are just five minutes drive away from IKEA PJ, Ikano Shopping Center (IPC) or The Curve Shopping Center.

You are advised to use Waze App or Google Maps to find ‘Green Daun Craft Shop‘, and it will lead you to our retail shop.

We are a proper retail shop that sells charms, jewelry accessories, crystal beads, dream catcher materials, feathers, rings, cords and string, macrame rope and many other unique items.


While many people who visited our shop were surprised with our collection, they claimed that they have been looking for where to buy charms in Malaysia for a long time with no luck.

Now, hopefully after reading this article, you will know that you can get possibly the largest selection of charms in Malaysia at Green Daun craft shop. If you have any questions, call us or visit our shop.

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