Where to Buy Amber Gem Stone in Malaysia

Where to Buy Amber in Malaysia

Are you looking for where to buy amber gem stone in Malaysia? There are not many places that sell this unique piece of transparent stone, which is actually a fossilized resin dating back millions of years ago from the Neolithic times.

Known as a stone of courage and protection, Asians tend to associate amber with the soul of a tiger. It is also known as a healing agent in folk medicine in some countries and dates back to the 4th century BC and was used as amulets or talismans by the ancient Greeks.

Update: Since March 2020 (Covid 19), we only have limited stock of amber in our shop. We also do not sell this online through WhatsApp.

Malaysia Baltic Amber
Baltic Amber Pendant in Malaysia

Where to Buy Amber Gem Stone in Malaysia? 

While there are a few places that sell amber, we at Green Daun craft shop sells some amber pendants and beads from the Baltic region.

These Amber beads are not easy to source as many fake ambers are being sold in the market, which may look like the real thing. Hence, we obtain our Amber from reputable sources from the Baltic region.

On the other hand, we sell a few types of amber in our shop, which is limited supply as we do not want to be seen as wholesalers. We also test these ambers before selling them.

Yellow Amber Malaysia
7mm Yellow Amber Beads

You may have seen some places in Malaysia selling amber, and if you have inquired before, you should know that the price of amber is not cheap.

Amber bracelets or pendants usually range from hundreds to thousands of ringgit, depending on the colour, grade, origin and size.

There is also no fixed price for amber as they come in many grades—the most sought after ones are those with insect inclusions in them and can cost thousands of ringgit.

However, we do not sell amber with insect inclusions but yellow, orange and cherry red amber with bubble inclusions. Yellow amber is also the most sought after type for jewellery making or common daily usage.

Raw Amber
Raw Amber from the Baltic Sea

What is Amber? 

Amber is actually a fossilized resin that once exuded out of the bark of trees to heal the injured part of the trees. Originating from the Baltic Sea southern shore area, amber dates back around 50 million years ago.

While many call it an amber gem or amber stone, it is actually a kind of natural transparent fossil resin that is cut and polished into amber beads or pendants trendy among some people. Raw amber does not look nice at all; hence the polished amber is the most sought after.

Another interesting fact is that amber is the only gems of vegetative origin, which you can also call organic gems or stones.

Baltic Sea
Amber comes from the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe.

Where does Amber come from? 

Generally, Amber can be found in many countries such as Indonesia, Burma, India, Dominican Republic, Russia, Mexico, France, Spain, Canada, Romania, Norway, Denmark, Germany, and Italy.

But the most sought after is the Baltic Sea amber, and from Poland and Lithuania. This is due to the purity and quality of the amber, which contains the highest amounts of succinite acid.

Nowadays, many countries are also selling amber, and they claim that their amber comes from the Baltic sea. For someone who does not know of this will easily get duped.

Amber Pendants Malaysia
Various types of Amber pendants that we sell in Malaysia

What are Amber Healing Properties? 

Amber has several healing properties, and is known to provide mental and emotional strength, and is highly calming for the person wearing it.

Amber is also known to help people with headaches, rheumatism, insomnia, thyroid problems, throat problems, ear problems and even stomach problems.

Baltic amber is the most recommended type as it contains a higher percentage of succinite than other types of amber.

Succinite acts as an anti-inflammatory and an analgesic, which is highly recognized by the medical world for the immune system.

Yellow Amber Malaysia
A Yellow Amber necklace for babies teething

Baby Teething Amber

In western countries, amber is commonly used as baby teething necklaces for four months and above.

Amber for babies helps to reduce inflammation, eases pain, clears red cheeks, calms irritability and stimulates the thyroid to reduce drooling.

The warmth of the babies skin against the amber will allow it to absorb the healing element from the amber.

Fake Amber
Fake Amber which are sold cheaply

Is there Fake Amber?

Yes, there is a lot of fake amber being sold around the world. Synthetic amber is the most popular, where they are human-made and passed off as real amber. There are five main fake ambers to look out for, which are;

  1. Glass Amber – Made from glass, but heavier
  2. Plastic Amber – Made from plastic resin
  3. Copal Amber – A type of tree resin similar to real amber
  4. Casein Amber – Made from Casein milk and heavier
  5. Phenolic Resin Amber – A type of synthetic polymer that looks like amber

There are ways to test Amber, and one of the common ways is to do the salt water test. Real amber floats while others sink. Another way is to rub it in the palm of your hand and get the natural pine tree resin smell.

For those who are clueless, you may easily be fooled into buying fake amber. This happens a lot at popular tourist places or from certain online sources.

We have personally seen these fake amber being sold with all kinds of insects in them. Some of them even larger than the size of your palm. These are usually sold under RM50 and just for show.

If you plan to buy amber online, I would highly recommend that you know your source well before purchasing them.

There are also many cheap amber beads being sold from China, where they claimed to be Baltic amber, and I would not trust those.

Amber Types
The different types of Amber

What are the Colors of Amber?

There are a few colours of amber in the market, where the golden yellow or orange ones are most popular. However, each of the types of amber has their own healing qualities and are also individually preferred by users.

  • Blue Amber – Extremely Rare
  • Cherry Red Amber – Common to Uncommon
  • Green Amber – Rare
  • Yellow Amber – Common
  • Orange Amber – Common
  • White Amber – Rare

The colours above will easily tell you which are the commercial ones and the uncommon and rare ones. This means that if you see someone selling a blue amber for a low price, it is most likely a fake amber.

Cherry Red Amber Malaysia
Cherry Amber sold in Malaysia at Green Daun Craft Shop

Where to Buy Amber Stone in Malaysia

There are not many places where you can find Amber stones or gems in Malaysia, but if you find them, they are in jewellery stores, and the prices are pretty steep. This is mainly due to the high rental cost of shopping malls.

At Green Daun, we sell Amber in loose pieces, suitable for custom made orders. We carry amber pendants and amber beads mixed into general jewellery like bracelets or necklaces.

The price of Amber is based on the weight of the pendants, while the amber beads are sold individually. We also carry the lemon and cherry amber beads, while the pendants are the yellow amber.

Where is Green Daun
Green Daun is located at Perdana Exclusive Condominium in Petaling Jaya

Where is Green Daun? 

Our boutique concept craft shop is located in Damansara Perdana in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Feel free to drop by our shop to see the amber we sell, among many other semi-precious crystal beads.

The next time someone asks where to buy Amber gem stone in Malaysia, you can share this information with them.


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