Where to buy Agarwood or Gaharu Beads in Malaysia?

Where to buy Agarwood or Gaharu Beads in Malaysia

Are you looking for where to buy Agarwood or Gaharu beads in Malaysia? You have come to the right place as Green Daun sells these beautiful fragrant beads in ready bracelets or loose beads.

Gaharu or Agarwood is also known as Oud or Oudh, which means wood of god, and is used for many purposes, including religious practice to healthy living.

Update 2021: We do not sell loose beads or custom-made bracelets at Green Daun only ready-made Agarwood bracelets, and we also do not do “Restringing Service” for bracelets or necklaces. Please take note of this.

In Asia, Agarwood is popular in many cultures and used in different ways like carved into sculptures of Buddha and other deities, natural shapes for Feng Shui, and also in forms of beads for prayers or bracelets to be worn.

There are many different forms of Agarwood, which come in tea, powder, and chips, where each of them has its own healing benefits.

However, in this article, we will be talking about the Agarwood beads in Malaysia. Please note we only sell the beads and do not sell raw wood, powdered form or Agarwood oil.

Where to buy Agarwood or Gaharu Beads in Malaysia?

Gaharu Wood Beads Malaysia
Some of the loose Gaharu wooden beads are for sale.

The question is common, but do you know that there is much fake Agarwood in the market? Yes, especially when you see them being sold online for promotional prices. This is a fact that I have to share with you.

Many online businesses may sell Agarwood bracelets, and if you have searched on Google, you may have seen them available on Shopee or Lazada for sale.

Let me share that almost 99% of the sellers on Lazada and Shopee are from China. And this can be quite confusing as you will see them selling all kinds of Agarwood bracelets in many colours.

16 mm Agarwood Beads Malaysia
16mm medium-sized Agarwood bead bracelet.

The price factors are also pretty inconsistent, where some are around RM55, and some are priced at RM500 per bracelet. So, how do you assure that you are getting the real thing?

Honestly, when you buy certain things online, you cannot determine the product’s authenticity, except for the sellers’ description. Hence, as a retail shop, we find it better to touch, smell, and feel the product before buying.

When you search online for where to buy Agarwood or Gaharu beads in Malaysia, the first thing you will see are the Lazada or Shopee promotions.

If you are a first-timer, I would highly recommend you visit our shop to see and let us explain about Agarwood to you. We can let you feel the beads and also smell them.

Gaharu Wood
Gaharu or Agarwood beads come from the tree, which looks like these logs.

A Little Agarwood History

Humans have long used agarwood, and the history goes back thousands of years, but only at the turn of the 20th century, more people have been introduced to Agarwood beads and their natural healing wonders.

Because of Agarwood’s healing powers, it has created a sense of curiosity among many people, especially those seeking alternative healing.

When you research this beautiful wood, history dates Agarwood back to 600AD and is also mentioned in the Bible as Aloeswood.

The Agarwood comes from the Aquilaria trees, where the wood is infected with a type of mould. They are also found in Borneo, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, North India, Philippines, Papua and Malaysia.

There are around 21 species of Agarwood found in the above-mentioned countries, but not all of them are considered the superior grades. Only a few out of them are known to be the highest grades in the world.

Agarwood Bead Bracelet Malaysia
Agarwood bead bracelets in different sizes are sold at Green Daun.

What Are Agarwood or Gaharu Beads Properties and Meaning?

This is the main question that many are asking. To answer you, Agarwood or Gaharu beads are known to disperse negative energy, replace it with positive energy and bring luck and inner peace to the owner wearing it.

Many also believe that wearing an Agarwood bracelet will help in a positive influence on the mental and emotional well-being of that person.

  • Protects from negative forces and disperses negative energy
  • It brings inner peace to the wearer
  • It brings luck to the wearer
  • It helps to reduce stress and provides a calming energy
  • Helps with anger issues and tense situations
  • Provides muscle stress
  • Reduces excess lust and love feelings
  • It helps the wearer get a good nights sleep

Chinese traditional medicine practitioners have been using Agarwood chips and powder to ease digestive ailments for generations. And the powdered form is also being used by the Ayurvedic treatment for similar treatments.

Gaharu Buaya Zebra Agarwood Malaysia
Zebra Agarwood or Gaharu Buaya bracelet.

Why Are Some Agarwood or Gaharu Bracelets So Expensive?

This is because there are different grades of Agarwood, which is determined by their source and resin content. There are also wild and farmed Agarwood, where the farmed ones are much cheaper than the wild-harvested ones.

In general, Agarwood or Gaharu Wood is also known to be one of the most expensive wood globally, where large wild natural shaped pieces can fetch up to tens of thousands of dollars.

The natural fragrances of the wood are also highly sourced for making essential oils, perfume oils, incense and even as herbal medicine.

A true good quality Agarwood should give you a spicy and woody scent, similar to damp earth mixed with sweet herbs, followed by a wooden smell.

Agarwood Beads Malaysia
Agarwood beads in various sizes are sold at our shop. These are from Kalimantan, Borneo.

What is the Best Quality Agarwood in the World?

Some of you may even wonder which is the best quality Agarwood in the world, and luckily, I can share this information with you here. Well, this is if you want to know a little more about this unique wood.

One of the most expensive Agarwood comes from Vietnam, which is called Kynam or Kinam, which grows near the borders of Cambodia.

This tree is so rare that some Japanese investors once offered US$23 million to purchase a Kynam Agarwood tree inside a temple, which is said to be over 200 years old and is guarded by a military checkpoint.

Due to this tree being highly protected and so rare, it cannot be found anymore, but small buried pieces of the Kynam tree can be still recovered, where many are looking for them to cash in on the buried wood.

Agarwood Bracelet Malaysia
Small 10mm Agarwood bracelets sold at our shop.

However, research states that the highest quality of Agarwood in the world comes from Kalimantan, as seven species are found there.

At Green Daun, we are selling the Gaharu or Agarwood beads sourced from Kalimantan, so you can be assured that you are getting good quality beads.

We do not sell the most expensive grade, Super A or 5A, which can cost thousands of ringgit per bracelet, but we sell the 3A grades, which is considered one of the good grades.

Kayu Gaharu Bracelets Malaysia
Three different sizes of Agarwood or Gaharu bracelets.

Farmed Agarwood and Wild Agarwood

Did you know that in the last few decades, more people are farming Agarwood trees? Yes, due to the world demand, namely from the Middle East and China, many people see this as a long term business.

However, the farmed Gaharu wood is considered to be the least expensive in the market. Why? Because they are harvested only around ten years of planting them, which is too unnatural.

This means that the wood properties are not fully developed, unlike the natural wild Gaharu trees. They are instead injected with chemical compounds to create the mould or resin process.

Malaysia Agarwood Bracelet
One of the medium-sized Agarwood bracelets that we sell.

The farmed wood is used mainly for the powder or chips form, which is packaged and exported to countries worldwide.

The Wild Gaharu, on the other hand, are naturally sourced, and these trees have been growing for more than twenty or thirty years, which make them more valuable and potent in terms of scent and energies.

It is this Wild Agarwood that most people seek, namely for its strong healing properties. But again, depending on where your Agarwood is from, it will differ in scent and properties.

Fake Gaharu Agarwood Beads
Some of the fake Black Gaharu bead bracelets are being sold in the market.

Are there Fake Agarwood Beads? 

Of course, there are, and in today’s world, many things are classified as fake or fraudulent, namely Agarwood and Sandalwood bead bracelets.

Fake Agarwood is quite common, especially when you hear about the pure Black Agarwood bead bracelets, as there is no such thing. These are artificial and injected or soaked with Agarwood oil to give it the finishing and smell.

Genuine Agarwood beads do not come in solid colours like pure black, and if you see those being sold, they are most likely fake, usually made or modified by humankind.

20mm Agarwood Gaharu Buaya Bracelet
20mm Gaharu Buaya or Zebra Agarwood bracelet sold at our shop.

The natural and unique fragrance is also an indicator of real Agarwood beads, and normally it is a mild scent that you can smell.

If the Agarwood scent is extremely overpowering, in most cases, it is injected or soaked in Agarwood oil to create an extra-strong smell, which eventually will fade off.

There have been cases where customers bought an Agarwood bracelet online and brought it to our shop to verify it was real.

Because he said that when he bought it online and finally received it, the smell was powerful, but after a month, there was no more smell.

10 mm Gaharu Agarwood Beads
10mm size Gaharu bead bracelet

Where are our Agarwood or Gaharu Beads From? 

Because many different countries produce these beads, we prefer to choose those from Kalimantan on Borneo Island and the Aquilaria malaccensis species.

The reason is that our supplier obtains the beads only from wild Gaharu trees and not the farmed type. I have travelled to Kalimantan to meet my supplier to understand the Agarwood beads and their origin.

Gaharu Bracelet Malaysia
Some of the ready-made Gaharu bracelets we sell at our shop.

Where to Buy Agarwood or Gaharu Beads in Malaysia? 

After reading all of the above, your next question is, where can you get them? Well, for starters, you can visit the Green Daun New Age Craft Shop in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya, to buy them.

If you need directions, use the Waze or Google Map app, and key in ‘Green Daun Craft Shop’ as it will bring you to our doorstep. Otherwise, you can also read this article on directions to our shop.

Update 2021: We do not sell loose beads or custom-made bracelets at Green Daun, and we also do not do “Restringing Service” for bracelets or necklaces. Please take note of this.


So that you know, we sell the Agarwood or Gaharu beads in custom or ready-made bracelets or 108 mala. And if you plan to make your own bracelet, necklace or mala, you can also buy the beads lose from us.

We encourage you to visit our shop to see the beads and avoid doing this online through Whatsapp because it is hard to explain over chat. Plus, photos do not do justice through online chats.

We also sell Raja Kayu bead bracelets, Black Ebony beads and many other types of wooden and crystal bracelets at our retail shop, so if you are interested, drop by our retail shop.

If you have read this article, you would already know most of the information needed, and the next step is just visiting our retail shop to see, smell and choose your Agarwood or Gaharu beads.

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