Vera Cruz Quartz

Veracruz Amethyst Quartz.

Veracruz Amethyst Quartz.

The Vera Cruz Quartz is something unique and not easy to get in Malaysia. For a short time, Green Daun new age shop has some of these beautiful and yet powerful crystals in stock but limited quantity.

The Vera Cruz Amethyst Quartz is actually part of the Amethyst crystal family and is much smaller than the regular crystals. Most of the time, they come in sizes of two to three centimetres long.

Vera Cruz Quartz

Some people look for the Vera Cruz Quartz because of the high vibration that the crystal gives out. It has the same properties as Amethyst, and as a bonus, it provides extra high vibration for meditation and journeying.

This means that if you are into spiritual work and do a lot of meditation with astral travel or journeying, the Vera Cruz Quartz will be one of those crystals to use.

This stunning crystal is also called Vera Cruz Amethyst because of the similarities of the colour, but those who know the difference can easily tell them apart.

The colour comes in light shades of lavender and sometimes gradient towards a dark purple colour in one crystal. Sometimes you get a sweet lavender coloured one and sometimes a mix tone purple.

The crystal can also form with various attributes such as phantoms, single and double terminated points, but the most common ones are the single point Vera Cruz Quartz.

Please note that there are various types of Vera Cruz Quartz available in the international market, and the much cheaper ones will have more cloudy versus clear parts in the crystal.

Malaysia Veracruz Amethyst
Two beautiful lavender coloured Vera Cruz Quartz crystals.

What is Vera Cruz Quartz Properties?

This crystal has a strong spiritual focus and often used on the third eye chakra as it activates the pineal gland – connecting you with your higher self, blocks geopathic stress and protects against psychic attack.

The crystal also brings balance and conflict resolution between the left and right-hand hemispheres of the brain, dissolves the ego consciousness and enhances the nurturing aspects of your personality.

Vera Cruz also promotes deep states of meditation while stimulating your intuition and inner knowing to provide you with guidance about your life path and soul purpose.

Where Does Vera Cruz Quartz Come From?

There is only one place in the world where this quartz is mined, and it comes from the Las Vigas mines out of Veracruz, Mexico.

Apparently, the Las Vigas mine has been closed for years now, yet locals can still source these beautiful crystals. The price of these crystals is also going up yearly due to availability since the mines closed.

Lately, crystal collectors are now sourcing these because eventually, there will be none left in the open market.

Malaysia Vera Cruz Quartz
A beautiful cluster of Vera Cruz Quartz from the Las Vigas mines.

Where to Buy Vera Cruz Quartz in Malaysia?

You can buy the Vera Cruz Quartz in Malaysia at Green Daun new age shop. But please note that these are quite rare and not always available, and you can always call us to see if we have ready stock.

However, we also sell many other types of unique and rare crystals in our retail shop. Please note that for crystals, we do not sell them online or through Whatsapp. We believe in a personal connection to crystals.


There are other types of crystals that also offer high-vibrations as an alternative and you can also check out the Auralite 23 crystal that we also have in our shop.

Vera Cruz Quartz is not a common crystal and is quite rare in the market, and it is unlikely that you will find these crystals being sold openly.

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