Traveler’s Notebook Charms in Malaysia


Malaysia Traveler's Notebook Charms

If you are into Traveler’s Notebook Charms in Malaysia, you may be wondering where you can get them. There are, in fact, some places that sell them, mostly at speciality shops or online.

But now, you can find Traveler’s Notebook Charms at Green Daun craft shop in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya.

UPDATE JAN 2020 – We no longer sell the Traveler’s Charms or any other charms at Green Daun.

In recent years, traveller’s notebooks or journals have become a trend among many people. The most popular brand associated with this is Midori Notebook, a Japanese company that makes them. There are, of course, many other brands that make travellers notebooks and are sold here.

Traveler's Journal Charms in Malaysia
A custom-made charm for a Traveler’s Notebook done by Green Daun.

Where to buy Traveler’s Notebook Charms in Malaysia

Usually, you buy the journal charms online or from speciality shops in Malaysia. However, sometimes you may not find a suitable charm or the item is sold out. Sometimes the item is no longer in production too.

At Green Daun, we have a wide selection of charms available. We carry spiritual charms, animal charms, wording charms, feather charms and many others.

The journal charms we sell come in many different sizes, ranging from 5mm to large-sized ones. They also come in a few colours, namely antique gold, bronze, gold and silver.

Custom made charms for journals
A custom-made charm for a traveller’s notebook.
Update January 2020 – We no longer make any more customised charms. 

The traveller’s notebook charms are also sold in individual pieces, which means you can buy one charm, and the price starts from RM1.00 per charm.

Green Daun does not sell the traveller’s notebooks or the refills, as we only focus on the charms and other materials that accessorize the journal.

Special charm for travel journal
Another custom made charm by Green Daun.

Custom Made Charms for Traveler’s Notebook

We can custom make charms for journals as well, using other materials as this is something different. This means you can walk into our shop with your traveller’s notebook and let us know how you want to custom make the charm.

You can use different types of beads, cords or even feathers to do this. Or you can use jewellery accessories to create something different for your journal or traveller’s notebook. You can find out more from the Midori website in Japan.

Update January 2020 – We no longer make any more customised charms. 
Charms for Travel Notebook Journal
Charms sold at Green Daun Craft Shop, PJ.

Types of Traveler’s Notebook Charms in Malaysia

Many types of charms can be used for your traveller’s notebook or journal. At our shop, we sell the standard charms and various materials, including faux leather cords, beads, cords and other little knick-knacks.

Some of the popular accessories include wooden beads, which we sell at our shop. They come in many colours, especially earth tones and also bright colours.

Apart from using the common charms, we can help you do a custom design using the materials mentioned. If you have your own charm or other accessories, you can also bring them over, and we can attach them for you at a minimal fee.

Update January 2020 – We no longer make any more customised charms. 
Travel Journal Charms Malaysia
Traveller’s Notebooks with charms added.
Charms for Journals in Malaysia
Different kids of charms used in these traveller’s journals.
Malaysia Midori Charms
Charms on Midori Traveler’s Journal
Malaysia travel notebook journals
A special ceramic bead charm on a travel notebook made by Green Daun.
Malaysia Traveler's Notebooks
3 different types of charms accessorized on the traveller’s notebooks

Our shop is located in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya and just a five-minute drive from IKEA PJ. Use Google Maps or Waze and key in Green Daun Craft Shop for directions. It should lead you all the way to the shop.

UPDATE JAN 2020 – We no longer sell the Traveler’s Charms or any other charms at Green Daun.


If you have any questions about traveller’s notebook charms, do contact us anytime we are open. We converse in English, Chinese and Malay. Again, we do not sell the traveller’s notebooks or journals, but we sell many types of charms at our shop.

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