Super 7 Crystal Bracelet in Malaysia

Malaysia Super Seven Crystal Bracelets

Malaysia Super Seven Crystal Bracelets

If you are looking for the Super 7 Crystal Bracelet in Malaysia, the Green Daun new age craft shop has them in stock.

Update 2021: We no longer do custom made bracelets at Green Daun, and we also do not do “Restringing Service” for bracelets or necklaces. Please take note of this.

These are currently the trend in the healing community due to the unique combination of seven elements found in one crystal and are known internationally as the Melody Stone.

Currently, very few people are selling the Super 7 Crystal Bracelet in Malaysia due to the high prices of this healing crystal.

Super 7 Crystal Bracelet in Malaysia

Malaysia Super 7 Crystal Bracelets
A close up of the Super Seven Crystal Bracelet at Green Daun.

For those who want a little more information, the Super Seven crystal is also known as the Sacred Seven or even Melody’s Stone that originates from Brazil.

Super seven is actually clear quartz that has a combination of seven minerals found in them, which are;

  1. Amethyst
  2. Clear Quartz
  3. Smoky Quartz
  4. Cacoxenite
  5. Rutile
  6. Goethite
  7. Lepidocrocite

It is also known as a powerful healing stone for your mind and spirit. The seven component minerals are also known for aligning the seven Chakras.

If you want to know more about the Super 7 Crystals, it is best to search on the internet and do some research reading.

Numerous websites have information on these crystals, some dating back to 2010. This means that this is not a new thing in the crystal world.

Some of the 8mm Super Seven Bracelets for sale at Green Daun

Super Seven Crystal Grades

Just like many other crystals, there are a few different grades for the Super Seven crystal stones. And how do you tell the higher from, the lower grades?

Simple, the clarity of the clear quartz with the minerals inside are the higher grades. More minerals mean higher grade.

The medium grades still have clarity but perhaps less mineral composition, and of course, the lower grade Super 7 crystals are frosty.

Meaning that you cannot even see through the crystals. As for the size, there are many different sizes for the beads. Green Daun only carries the 8mm, 10mm and 12mm sizes, which are approximate.

A close up of the Super Seven crystal beads

How much are Super Seven Crystals in Malaysia?

The most important question, how much is a Super Seven bracelet in Malaysia. Price-wise, they can range anywhere from RM100.00 up to RM12,000 just for a bracelet.

But again, these are sold by the gram, so different grades have different prices, where the more minerals seen in a bracelet will obviously cost much more.

There is no set price per gram for the Super Seven crystals. Of course, if you buy them from a gem shop in a shopping mall, prepare to pay more as they have overheads, rental, staff and so on.

Online, you will also come across sellers who are selling them for under RM100.00, and some even above RM500.00.

The harsh reality of online is that you cannot touch and feel the item or even ask detailed questions as most sellers are in it for the money.

A 12mm Super Seven crystal bracelet from Green Daun

Many China online platforms are selling the Super Seven crystal beads. How reliable they are, is a tricky question. Are you going to get the real deal? Another tricky speculation.

When you do a Google search, you may even see local platforms like Lazada selling them, but you should know that Lazada has opened its gates to welcome China sellers to sell on the Malaysian Lazada platform. ‘

This means that China sellers register an account on Lazada and sells directly to Malaysia. Free shipping is still 20-30 days, and if you see the 1-2 weeks shipping, you probably have to pay for that.

At the end of the day, nothing beats seeing the Super Seven crystal bracelet with your own eyes, asking questions and then deciding if you want to buy it or not.

That is why Green Daun takes that extra mile to make sure we know our product and share the relevant information with our customers.

Malaysia Super 7 Bracelet
What the Super Seven crystal bracelet looks like

The reality of the Super 7 Crystals

Honestly, the Super Seven crystal has been around for years and used by healers and those into meditation.

As a clear quartz type of crystal, many did not see this stone’s value, also known as the Melody Stone.

In Malaysia, the trend of the Super Seven crystal caught on in 2017, when some Japanese company promoted it aggressively.

Suddenly, many people are looking for this, and on online platforms, you can see all kinds of Super Seven crystals being sold.

Where to buy a Super 7 Crystal Bracelet in Malaysia?

Very few places sell the Super Seven crystal bracelets in Malaysia, but they can be found just that you need to go looking for it.

We have ready stock for the Super 7 bracelets in a few different sizes at our unique craft shop in Petaling Jaya. Meaning, the crystals come in 8mm, 10mm and 12mm (approximate sizes) bead sizes.

Update 2021: We no longer do custom made bracelets at Green Daun, and we also do not do “Restringing Service” for bracelets or necklaces. Please take note of this.


To see them, drop by our shop, and we will be happy to explain what we know about the Super Seven crystal beads. See this article for directions to our shop.

We also sell the 7 Chakra Bracelets, lava stone bracelets, ethnic bracelets and several other healing crystal beads.

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