St. John’s Wort Herb in Malaysia

Malaysia St. John's Wort Herb

St. John’s Wort dried herb is known for repelling negativity, burned as incense to exorcise spirits, cleansing space and tools. You can also mix this herb with other herbs or resins to perform cleansing and banishing.

St. John’s Wort is also known as Hypericum Perforatum, Goat Weed, Rosin Rose, and this unique herb dates back to ancient Greece and is known to bloom on or near John the Baptist’s birthday on June 24th.

St. John’s Wort Herb in Malaysia

In Wicca, rituals or spellcraft, St. John’s Wort is great for protection from evil eye curses, hexes, evil forces, shield from witches and ghosts, and divination.

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Where to Buy St. John's Wort Herb in Malaysia
A close up of the St. John’s Wort Herbs.
Wicca St. John's Wort Herb
St. John’s Wort Herbs against a ruler for size.

How to Use St. John’s Wort?

  1. Carry dried St. John’s Wort in a pouch or sachet to ward off fevers and colds, draw happiness and attract love.
  2. It can enhance your magical workings in ritual baths or add to poppets, sachets for burning in incense or for healing the spirit.
  3. Hang a pouch by a window; it protects against thunderbolts, fire and evil spirits.
  4. Added to incense blends to banish demons and spirits and put it beneath your pillow to banish nightmares.

Please also do your research as everyone may have different views and opinions about what and how to use other herbs.

Malaysia St. John's Wort Herbs
The packet of St John’s Wort that we sell.


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