Smudging Spray in Malaysia

Smudging Spray Malaysia

Smudging Spray Malaysia

For those who want to know where to get a Smudging Spray in Malaysia, we at the Green Daun New Age Shop sells it in medium and small travel bottles.

Smudging sprays is the perfect alternative for cleansing and purifying a speace, area or person and for anyone who has allergies towards smoke or just dislikes smoke.

What is a Smudging Spray?

Smudging Spray Malaysia
Our new an improved air-pump bottle of smudging spray.

A smudging spray is a type of liquid spray that replaces the common smudging sticks which are burned for cleaning and purifying a person or space.

Smudging has been around for centuries and discovered by the Native Americans who used this process for cleaning, purifying, blessing and various other ceremonies.

In today’s lifestyle, there are those who can be sensitive towards energies which come in both good and bad. Usually when there is a sense of bad energies, smudging is one of the ways to rid them.

However, not everyone is comfortable with excess smoke or even allergic to it when using the smudging sticks for cleansing or purifying and therefore, the smudge spray comes in handy.

By using the smudge spray, you are just misting a special concoction of herbs that are known to cleanse away negative energies.

Smudge Spray Herbs
Various herbs are used in creating the smudging spray.

What is the Smudging Spray made from?

Our in-house blend is carefully created only by us, using various natural herbs and sacred frankincense infused water, complete with clear quartz crystals in the bottles.

You may have seen other smudging sprays using various products to create them, but we at Green Daun have been carefully learning about herbs and its energy properties.

The smudging spray was tested with numerous customers before putting it up for sale. We are not a wholesaler as we are only a specialized new age craft shop.

This means that we have available stock for walk in customers and also to add that we do not make large amounts in order to keep the stock fresh.

Spray Smudging
When you use the spray, you will mist the contents.

How to use a Smudging Spray?

It is just like any other spray bottle where you press on the nozzle or pump to get the contents out in a mist. The concept of this is to mist the area that you want cleansed or purified.

Before you start spray-smudging an area or yourself, make sure you set your intentions and also to have a clear and positive mind when doing this.

While conventional smudging requires you to burn the sage or any other herbs, this method is extremely safe and smokeless.

Conventional methods require you to open your doors and windows, and to not have anyone or any pets around when you do your smudging.

But if you use the smudging spray, you can just do it as an when you like without the troubles mentioned above.

Travel Smudging Spray
The 30ml travel smudging spray bottle on the left.

When to use a Smudging Spray?

Often when you feel like the energy in your home or space feels negative, that is when you use the smudging spray. Simply mist the areas that you feel needs cleansing and put in good intentions when doing so.

For those who frequently travel for business or leisure, staying in hotels or resorts have numerous stories about all kinds of energies in the rooms.

You cannot bring along your smudging stick to burn in the room as it will easily set off the smoke detector, hence a smudging spray does the trick here.

At Green Daun, we also sell a smaller smudging spray for travels which comes in a small 30ml plastic bottle.

This is easy to carry along, and the first thing that you do on entering your hotel or resort room is to smudge it at the corners and also the bathroom and toilet.

There are even stories of people smudging their home or office after a gathering or meeting has taken place. This is to cleans away any negative energies brought in by others.

Smudging Herbs Malaysia
Various smudging herbs are carefully selected to make the spray.

Where to Buy Smudging Spray in Malaysia?

You can visit our new age craft shop in Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya as we sell the smudging spray in two sizes, 30ml and 100ml bottles.

The smaller travel smudging spray is a plastic bottle while the larger 100ml smudging spray is a glass bottle. If you bring back the empty bottle for a refill, we will deduct the bottle cost.

To locate us, just key in Green Daun into the Waze or Google Map application on your smartphone and it will direct you to our shop.

For a landmark, we are the next building after the Jaya Grocer. Our shop in on the ground floor of a condominium and facing the main road.

For those of you who prefer to buy online, we have the smudging spray for sale in Malaysia at our online shop.

Smudging Cleansing Spray
A liquid smudging and cleansing spray from Elevate by Green Daun.

What else do we sell?

Apart from the smudging spray, we also sell traditional sage smudging sticks, cleansing products, healing crystals, protection salts and many other interesting items.

You can also walk in and custom-make healing crystal bracelets and necklaces, 108 mala prayer beads, Tasbih beads, and many other interesting items.


This smudging spray is suitable for anyone and is 100% made in-house by us at Green Daun. If you have been wanting to do smudging and dislike smoke, this could be your solution.

And for anyone who travels a lot, this can also be a great tool to smudge in your hotel room to have a good night’s rest.

And if you have been curious about a spray for smudging in Malaysia, you now know that you can get it here at our new age shop.

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