Smudging Spray for Cleansing Hotel Room Office House

Hotel Room Cleansing Smudging Spray

Some of us are quite sensitive to smoke; therefore, we cannot burn sage or Palo Santo, and Green Daun has created a smudging spray for cleansing hotel room, office or house without burning anything.

We have created this specially formulated recipe for space cleansing and purifying after years of using various herbs and resins to cleanse spaces. Now you can get this and bring it along for your travels or to work.

Smudging Spray for Cleansing Hotel Room Office House

The whole idea of this smudging and cleansing spray was to carry it along when we travelled, and most of the time, the energy in hotel or resort rooms is quite heavy. So we use this to cleanse the space when we check-in.

It is a straightforward process, and I will share it below in a step-by-step process for anyone who wants to know how.

Hotel Room Smudging and Cleansing
The first thing to do when entering a hotel room is to smudge.

How to Cleanse and Purify a Hotel or Resort Room?

  1. Before you open the room door, please knock a few times gently to announce you are coming in.
  2. Put your bags down, close the door, but put the metal security latch on so the door does not fully close, and there is a small gap.
  3. Take the Smudging Spray and go to the corners of the room, spraying to the top of the corner.
  4. When you spray, just set your intentions to stay here for a few nights.
  5. Spray the corners, over the bed, that lonely armchair in the corner, inside the cupboard.
  6. Then go to the bathroom, spray the corners, and flush the toilet.
  7. You are done! Close your room door, unpack and have a good stay.
  8. If needed, you can do the smudging again the following night, but that is up to you.
  9. Importantly, don’t overthink negative stuff; focus on the vacation or business trip.

If you stay at a resort chalet or villa, you may need to spend a little more time smudging or cleansing the area. You need not cleanse the outside, but if you feel you must, go ahead.

Swing Lock Hotel Room Door
The typical door lock at hotel rooms is where you can use the latch to stop the door from closing.

Some Things to Consider When Checking In at a Hotel Room

Usually, when you make a booking for a standard or deluxe room, there is no issue with checking in. Unless the hotel is experiencing some last-minute event or it’s the super peak season, the hotel reception may offer you a change or upgrade to your room.

This is where they will push the rooms that are usually problematic. Usually, it’s an end room or corner unit. And some say that some hotels will have a few rooms that are generally not sold to customers because they keep those rooms for the ‘protectors’.

So, our humble advice is when the hotel tries to upgrade your room, ask which or where the room is located. If it is a corner unit, it is most likely a room they don’t usually sell unless it is super peak or overbooked. These are the rooms you need to watch out for.

Also, if they give you the option to wait, I recommend you wait for the next available room instead. Again, the decision is up to you, but this sharing is done through years of experience travelling and also from the sources, meaning friends of ours who work in the hotel line.

Cleansing and Smudging Hotel Resort Room Villa
The Smudging Spray that Green Daun makes.

Smudging Your House or Office Space

This spray is best used for those who prefer not to burn or smudge with sage or palo santo. Some people are just allergic to smoke, or some have asthma and cannot burn anything. This smudging spray is the answer to those situations.

This is probably the best way to clean your space if you live with people who cannot breathe smoke. Some people do not want to burn anything in their homes because of the smoke stains or because the space is a rental. This is when you can use the smudging spray for your cleansing.

For those who work in an office and want to cleanse your office room or space where they work, this smudge spray will do the job as it is made for these environments, where you cannot burn anything.

The Green Daun smudging spray is explicitly made for situations like this, and you can always say that this spray is an organic freshener made without chemicals. We do add in a little scent, which comes from the pure essential oils that are added.

Hotel Room Smudging and Cleansing
The airless pump smudging spray that we make and sell.

Where to Buy the Smudging Spray for Hotel Rooms?

For those living in the Klang Valley, you can visit our new age shop to buy this smudge spray, which only opens on weekends; otherwise, if you are outside the valley or in another state, you can visit our New Age Shop on Shopee and buy the smudging spray.

The bottle is 50 ml, and you can hand carry this for flights, and it is air-pump style. Please shake before using it and spray enough to smudge. Also, no chemicals are used to make this as everything we use is organic, so the shelf life is around six months maximum.

Green Daun New Age Shop


This smudging spray for cleansing hotel room office house is perfect for anyone allergic to smoke or dislikes burning to smudge or cleanse your space. All you need to do is set your intentions and smudge your space.

You can also cleanse or smudge your workspace, office room, and even a store or cubical area. It doesn’t matter if you work in an open workspace; you can still smudge your area. You can also take this to your family or relatives’ house and smudge it., as long as you set the proper intentions.

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