Smudging A New House, Room, Business or Office

House Office Business Smudging Cleansing

For clearing away negative or bad energy when moving to a new place or existing place, I have come up with a simple guide for smudging a new house, room or office.

In doing this, you need to know that it is important that you want to do it and not do it for the sake of doing it; otherwise, the intention is not pure.

Smudging A New House, Room, Business or Office

Smudging Office Business
Burning white sage to cleanse or smudge a space.

People have been doing this for centuries and from different cultures worldwide, and the word smudging originates from the Native American cultures.

The main reason is that the smoke from smudging does the work of cleansing an area by chasing away negative energies or auras that have been accumulated in your home or space.

Negative or bad energies tend to create chaos or disturbance in people’s lives and affect people in many different ways.

We smudge our space before moving in mainly to disperse any of the old or accumulated bad energies that have been stuck or live there.

For businesses, negative energies can block the flow of customers and can affect your business in the long run; therefore, it is highly recommended to cleanse your business space occasionally.

Like at Green Daun, we smudge our shop almost daily, especially just before we open for business, as it will cleanse out the previous energies that may have been brought in by customers or simply wandered in.

Smudging Cleansing Home
A lady smudging her home, and in the day. Photo by Learn Religions (

When to Smudge for a New Home or Business?

In most cases, people would resort to smudging when they find a disturbance in their daily life at home or a sudden downturn in their business.

For those moving into a new place, it depends if it is brand new or already an existing place. If you are undergoing any renovations for your new place, you can do your smudging and cleansing before moving in and when the contractors are not around.

If the place is already moved in or already running as a business, do this in the day, before sunset. I always recommend doing this in the morning before 9.00 AM.

How To Do Smudging?

The process is quite simple and straight forward, and if you are new to this, I would recommend you read my other article on how and when to smudge your space.

There are also two methods to conduct the smudging process. I will share both below, and it is up to you which you prefer.

1. Using a White Sage Stick/Bundle

A White Sage stick or bundle is the most common way people will smudge by burning one, putting out the flame and walking around clockwise with the smoke cleansing the area.

By doing this method, you need to carry a bowl or container along with you to catch any of the burned ashes and prevent them from falling all over your space or furniture.

2. Using Loose White Sage, Herbs or Resins in a Bowl

This is another cost-effective way to cut the white sage or herbs from the main bundle or even resins, and put small amounts into a fireproof or abalone bowl and burn them inside.

This way lets you control how much you use and is a much safer method when smudging. It tends to keep the ashes from falling all over your space.

Room House Smudging
A native lady smudges with a fan and abalone bowl.

Do I Say a Prayer or Chant a Mantra while Smudging?

Depending on your religion, it is alright to say a prayer or chant a mantra while smudging. This will only reinforce your intention to cleanse your space without distractions.

And, you do not need to say it out loud, but just in your heart, and you can repeat it over and over. Some even play a mantra on their speakers while doing this.

How Many Times Should I Smudge My Space?

There is no set rule for this, and you can do this as many times as you like. Some people do it daily; some do it a few times a week. Some even do it weekly or monthly.

For beginners, I would recommend you try smudging two to three times a week, and it also depends on the severity or seriousness of the situation.

If you are experiencing some serious and bad energies that affect your stay or business, it would be better to smudge daily for a week or two. Otherwise, if you are in the Klang Valley, drop by and talk to us.

It simply means that whenever you feel the need to smudge your space, go ahead and do it. I even know a customer who does this twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

Smudging Dolls Masks
Dolls and masks are some of the items that you should smudge and cleanse.

What Else Can I Smudge?

Generally, you can smudge just about anything you can think of, and the most common belief is by smudging a room, house or person. I will share what else you can smudge below;

  • Outdoor Areas – This includes porches, gardens, sheds, patio, rooftops and so on; as long as it is outdoor, you can always smudge the surround immediate area to cleanse the space.
  • Cars and Bikes – Some people believe that smudging the interior or exterior of a car, van, bike, or any vehicle can eliminate any negative or bad energies gathered around or inside them.
  • Boats and Planes – Because boats and aircraft carry passengers, passengers also carry good and bad energies; therefore, it is recommended to smudge these once in a way to cleanse them.
  • Antiques – One of the popular places where energies like to hide is at antiques; therefore, smudging them is recommended to eliminate any old negative energies.
  • Masks and Dolls – Another popular place where bad or dark energies like to gather is recommended to cleanse these masks and dolls when possible.
  • Mirrors – Some people believe that energies like to be around mirrors; therefore, smudging your mirrors is also recommended. Do this by waving the smudge smoke towards the mirror.
  • Cupboards/Drawers – You can open up your cupboards and drawers to smudge inside them. Do this by waving the smudging smoke towards the area you want to smudge.
  • Old Collectables – Some people love to collect old things, and these are magnets for bad or negative energies; therefore, it is always recommended you smudge these things as well.

Can I Do Smudging for Distances?

No, you cannot; you need to do the smudging at the place or around the person. It is not something where you can do cross borders or from a distance as it does not work that way.

If you want to cleanse someone or something, you need to be physically there to do this with the smudge stick or resin smoke.

Is Smudging Scientifically Proven?

In recent years, scientists have observed that white sage can clear up to 94 per cent of airborne bacteria in space and disinfect the air.

When the white sage is burned, it releases negative ions linked to putting people into a positive and happy mood. It also helps to get rid of some insects that may be causing inconvenience in your space.

Spray for Smudging
The smudge spray that we make for cleansing a room, house or area.

What if I am Allergic to Smudging Smoke?

This is an important question we have encountered in our shop – asthmatic customers or have allergic reactions to smoke.

Not all is lost as we have our own special store-made liquid smudging and cleansing spray, which consists of white sage, palo santo and frankincense resin elements, all combined into a spray form.

This spray can be used for anyone who has asthma, allergic to smoke or with breathing problems. The process is similar to general smudging, as you still need to open your doors and windows before walking around clockwise spraying your areas.

I Live out of PJ and KL, How do I Buy these Smudging Products?

You can always visit our New Age Online Shop on Shopee to buy some popular products for cleansing and smudging.

Because there is much explanation for some of the products, we do not sell everything on Shopee, only the general cleansing items.

Of course, we have more products in our retail shop in Damansara Perdana; therefore, if you live in the Klang Valley, please do drop by and visit us.

If you live outstation and need the items urgently, get them from our online shop, or when you visit KL, you can always drop by our new age shop.

Smudging Traditional Way
A Native American performing a smudging process with feather and shell.


Overall, smudging is one of the best ways to cleanse out any negative energies in your room, home, office or shop, which can be done at your own time.

Many people think that everything can be fixed or resolved by doing this once, but sometimes, bad or negative energies may need more than one smudging to cleanse them away.

And if you are buying or moving into a new place, smudging with white sage or frankincense resin is one of the best ways to cleanse and purify the place.

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