Shungite Soap Handmade in Malaysia

Malaysia Shungite Soap Handmade

You can now get Shungite soap handmade in Malaysia by Green Daun and done with intentions set in each soap bar. This is also considered a new thing in Malaysia as some only know that this unique stone or crystal is used mainly for EMF protection.

Yes, everyone reads Energy Muse or is fast to get information from Pinterest, but often, what you read may not be 100% accurate as most popular articles are done to close sales on the websites.

Shungite Soap Handmade in Malaysia

This special edition Shungite Soap is all-natural and handmade for EMF protection, purification, and cleansing, which can also be used daily by anyone. It is also made only by us at Green Daun new age shop.


Natural Shungite Soap
The 100-gram bar of Shungite Soap is handcrafted by Green Daun.


We are a proper new age shop and do not simply make products just because we can. Our products are heavily infused with intentions and created specifically to provide alternative aid to people who need them.

Shungite is a powerful crystal or stone that only comes from one place globally, Karelia in Russia. We import the raw Shungite to Malaysia, and then we create this soap with a blend of natural coconut oil glycerine soap base that is SLS-free.

While anyone can claim they can make soaps, we use a different approach in our process, which makes our products highly sought after by many. Our products are also healing first, then scents secondary. This Shungite soap has a slight Tea Tree scent and can be used by kids and elderly people.

Malaysia Shungite Soap
Shungite Soap is used mainly for protection from EMF or even negativity.

Where to Buy Shungite Soap in Malaysia?

You may also be thinking about where you can get these EMF protection soaps, and since we make them, of course, we sell them in our new age shop. For those out of the Klang Valley, you can also check our Green Daun new age shop online on Shopee as we list some items for sale.

Because these are handmade and done at certain times, we may not always have them available in stock, but we will do our best to keep the stock available. And we also prefer to have fresh stock; hence we make these Shungite soaps in minimal quantity.

EMF Protection Shungite Soap
Green Daun also sells Shungite stones for EMF protection.


At the end of the day, consumers want a proper Shungite soap handmade in Malaysia because it is done right here and with the proper intentions set into each bar.

Our shop is cleansed daily, and the products in our shop are also cleansed during the process. This is something many other sellers do not do; hence the products are just made for money.

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