SEO Classes in Malaysia For Small Businesses

Malaysia SEO Classes

First of all, you may have heard about SEO, and what is that term? It is actually short for Search Engine Optimization and is the number one way your business gets noticed worldwide.

Update 2019 – I no longer teach Search Engine Optimization or SEO at Green Daun.

Many Malaysian businesses lack this. It is now affecting their business by losing customers who are finding information online, so we are offering SEO classes in Malaysia for small businesses.

You will only be reading this when you realize how Search Engine Optimization or SEO can improve your business and search for someone who can teach SEO for small businesses in Malaysia.

SEO for Small Businesses in Malaysia

In Malaysia, SEO classes are not easy to find, and if you do find them, they are usually costly and very complicated for the common layman. This is why most classes charge you a really high fee, and you end up learning nothing.

So, why is SEO important for small businesses nowadays? Since the internet started over 20 years ago, search engine optimization has played a vital role in how your website or blog appears in the search results.

Till this very day, it is still an essential method as almost everyone uses Google to search for something, and you would want to be found when they search for a specific business.

Small businesses in Malaysia are losing out, as the larger companies have engaged professional SEO services to improve their presence in Google, Yahoo, Bing and many other search engines.

Update 2019 – I no longer teach Search Engine Optimization or SEO at Green Daun.

How Does SEO in Malaysia Work? 

Here is a question – Have you Googled your own business or products to see if it appears on the first page of the search results? Well, let me give you an easier example as below;

Green Daun sells dream catchers, feathers and many other items in our retail shop. Just go ahead and go a Google search for “Shop selling feathers in Malaysia” and see what comes out in the search results.

Yes, this is called search engine optimization or SEO, in short. Are you impressed yet? Okay, maybe not. But what if I told you that I did not even pay a single sen to Google to have my website in the top position of the search?

There you go, once you know how the search engine works, things will start to fall into place for your business. And from this, you will create awareness for your brand on search results.

Here is another quick example – Let us say you are a soap maker who sells handmade soaps from your retail shop or even sells them online as a small business in Petaling Jaya; how do people find you?

Most businesses would go straight to Facebook or Instagram, create a page or account, and think it is all done. Correct?

Wrong. That is probably just 5% of your target market when 95% of people aren’t going to search on Facebook or Instagram for ‘Handmade Soap Shop in PJ’.

Most people will head straight to their smartphone, tab or desktop and open up Google to search for ‘handmade soap shop near me’ or ‘handmade soap seller in PJ’.

Because Google is the authority in location for businesses, not Facebook or Instagram, those social platforms only perform well when you have many organic (not bought) followers who are constantly stalking your account.

A Google, Bing or Yahoo result will tell the searcher about the most accurate information they are searching for. This includes websites, blogs and even reviews of the business.

Honestly, how many times have you used Google to find something? You see the connection here? If you can use Google to find a location, imagine how others will use it to find your business?

Are You Interested in an SEO Class for Small Business? 

After much explanation above, do you see why it is vital for bloggers, small businesses or online sellers to engage in search engine optimization nowadays?

Without SEO, you will most likely be fighting a losing battle, meaning your competition which is already doing this, will be way ahead of you.

My SEO classes are a special one-on-one class customized to cater to the type of business. This means I only teach one person per class for maximum results.

I conduct an elementary and layman-friendly class that is suitable for just about anyone out there. This applies to anyone from any age, and classes are done in either English or Malay.

In general, being on the first page of Google or Yahoo is what most small businesses want, to be featured naturally on the first page of the search results.

The SEO class for small businesses in Malaysia is also conducted by multiple awards winning online writer and social media influencer David Hogan Jr, which is me writing this.

I have been studying SEO since the late ’90s and is still writing online for clients, and I am also the lead SEO for Green Daun.

You will learn the basic understanding of search engine optimization, and in the long run, you will understand how to implement this into your blog or website to rank better in search engine results.

And in the end, getting consumers to visit your site or blog and converting into business. For more information, you can refer to Wikipedia’s explanation of What is SEO.

SEO in Malaysia
How important SEO is for any online business

More Examples of Search Engine Optimization in Malaysia

I will list down a few more examples to digest before thinking about SEO and if you really want to embark on this for your business.

An example is if you have a company name of JJ Wedding Photographers with a website called How do you think people will find you?

People will not be able to find you on the search engine, and the only way people will see your website is if they know and search for your name – JJ Wedding Photos.

Here is why – General consumers would search for ‘Wedding Photographers in PJ” or Wedding Photographers in KL”, or even ‘Good and Cheap Wedding Photographers”.

This will result in other wedding photo websites that use SEO to target those keywords featured, leaving you lost on the internet. So, does this make any sense at all?

Here is one more example – Let us say you are selling fresh flowers in Bangi, and you would want your keyword to be ‘Fresh Flowers in Bangi’, how will you do this?

People living in Bangi will be searching for that exact keyword, and if you do not practice that using SEO, you will not appear in the search results of page one.

Though it may sound easy, or you may think there is always a free solution to things like this, let me say that there is no free lunch out there. Whatever is free is always the surface level and will not help you.

Some people think they have learned SEO in under two years and claim they can do it, but the truth is told, I have learned it for over 10 years, and things are still complicated and always changing.

Taking my unique SEO class for small businesses in Malaysia can help to improve your search presence on the internet, which will result in potential new business leads.

The common misconception is many people think by having a website, automatically people will find you. The truth is that if you pay for a cheap website, you will not have any SEO in that.

Some even think by having a simple free WordPress or Wix site, all your problems are solved. Sorry to burst your bubble, but things do not work like that if you want to find business online.

Malaysia SEO
Examples of how SEO can improve your business in search placements.

SEO Courses in Malaysia – The Reality

There are many companies or SEO Gurus in Malaysia offering courses and classes. Still, I have personally attended many of them to see how it is done, and the sad truth is quite disappointing.

Most of the ‘Free SEO Seminars’ or ‘Free Internet Marketing’ courses are constructed to get people to attend.

They tell you how you can be on the top of page one in search engines and so on, but you need to sign up for the course, which is priced by the thousands of Ringgit.

In most cases, they tell you that if you sign up today, you will be entitled to take the course at a special discount and so on.

Many out there fall for this, but the reality is that they are capitalizing on this consumer weakness because they not may are doing this field of work.

And here is the best part – I did a Google search for SEO classes in Malaysia, and the top 5 listings were paid ads on Google. If the company is excellent in SEO, why do they need to pay to be featured?

Plus, I also ran an SEO site check on some of the paid ad websites and found that they rank really bad in the search engines. That is truly a shock to know what people will do nowadays, so do not be easily fooled.

Update 2019 – I no longer teach Search Engine Optimization or SEO at Green Daun.

Who Should Attend SEO Class For Small Business? 

If you are a small online business that depends on online customers, this is highly suitable for you as it will improve your online presence and generate more leads into your business.

In general, anyone can learn SEO for self-knowledge, their blog or any business. Below is a list of who should attend my SEO classes for small businesses in Malaysia;

1. Small Online and Offline Businesses

Generally, if you plan to start a small online business from home or even at a shop, you will need to know SEO basics. This will help you understand and reach out to your target market for conversion and sales.

It does not matter what you want to sell as it can be instant noodles, jewellery, dream catchers, handmade soap or anything in general.

SEO applies to anything that can be searched on the internet, so even if you want to sell very niche items, you must use SEO and some basic internet marketing to reach your customers online. 

Big online businesses usually engage an SEO Company to manage their website and so on. By big, we are talking about companies like Tesco, Zalora, Lazada and so on. 

2. Bloggers

This is suitable for business bloggers or even casual bloggers in Malaysia. SEO will help your blog articles get indexed and pushed to the first page over time and with the right practice. 

As a full-time travel blogger for Malaysia Asia, I am a seasoned SEO specialist, and a lot of my articles are found on page one of search engines for various tourism and travel topics. 

You can blog about anything in general, but only your followers will find your blog postings. That is if they subscribe to your blog.

I have also seen many bloggers posting their blog postings repeatedly on social media for their friends to visit their blog. This is called social begging.

You want people to search a specific term on Google, Bing or Yahoo, find your article in the top search results or on page one of the search results.

From there, they will visit your blog and read your postings. However, you may never even see your article on the first page if you do it wrongly.

3. YouTube or Vloggers

If you have a niche in doing videos, you should know that even on YouTube, SEO is essential so that your videos will rank in the top search when people are looking for certain videos.

This is a special area where you should know how to SEO for your YouTube videos, and I provide a basic class for this. For your added knowledge, YouTube is the second most search platform after Google.

Search Engine Class in Malaysia
Not exactly like a classroom, but more relaxed.

How Much is an SEO Class for Small Businesses in Malaysia?

First of all, most SEO companies in Malaysia will never reveal the price they charge and require you to contact them.

Update 2019 – I no longer teach Search Engine Optimization or SEO at Green Daun.

I charge an affordable price which is RM500.00 per person, and the class is three hours long. However, in the first class, you will learn only the basics of SEO, which you will need to understand before going into it.

My SEO classes are structured into three sections: a multi-class structure, where if you cannot cope with the first class, you only pay for one class, saving you money but learning a little about this.

Also, in three hours, a human can only learn so much, hence any longer than that, it is not practical as you will be overloaded with too much information.

Moreover, you pay only after each class, which means I do not commit you to pay for all three classes in advance, only to find out that you are not ready for this and have wasted your money.

SEO Class Structure

  • First Class – Basics and introduction to search engine optimization, what you need to know before starting.
  • Second Class – Implementing search engine optimization for your business, blog or website.
  • Third Class – Writing and getting deeper into search engine optimization techniques and know-how.
  • Additional Classes – By request, I will teach you the more technical aspects of SEO and how to go further.

Where are the SEO Classes in Malaysia Conducted?

The class can be taught at the Green Daun shop in Damansara Perdana, or a location of your choice, with WiFi or high-speed internet around Petaling Jaya only.

  • Class Schedule at Green Daun – 9.00 AM to 12.00 noon, and day of your choice except Monday.
  • Class Schedule at your own location – Between 12.00 PM till 5.00 PM, with a three-hour class. This is only by appointment and subject to my availability.

There is also no pressure to learning SEO, as you can be as young as a college student or even a retiree. Classes can also be taught in multiple languages – English and Malay. 

My classes also focus on search engine friendly methods known as White Hat SEO. This means good practice recognized by Google is used to put your website or blog in the search results organically.

Some companies out there use Black Hat SEO, which is known as dirty, misleading and bad practice, and this can easily lead your blog or website to be penalized by Google and other search engines.

Black Hat SEO is fast and vicious, which gets ranking results very fast, but it comes at a serious cost when Google catches you. I will also touch on this in your class, so you know what to expect.

You could be on Page One of the Search Results, which will generate business for you.

Many SEO companies have misled businesses by taking advantage of consumers and laypeople as most people do not understand search engine optimization.

It sounds complicated, but when you have a brief understanding, it no longer is confusing, and the way it is explained is fundamental.

Update 2019 – I no longer teach Search Engine Optimization or SEO at Green Daun.

If you need more information about SEO classes for small businesses in Malaysia, contact us anytime. We are always ready to assist you in bringing your business to the next level.

You are already living in a digital world, where almost everything is sourced by searching for information on Google and other search engines. It is time you get found by others.

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