Selenite Beads, Wand and Stones in Malaysia

Selenite Beads Wand Stone Malaysia

For those of you who have been looking for Selenite beads, wand and stones in Malaysia, you can find them at the Green Daun new age craft shop in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

We have a few types of Selenite products that you can choose from, and they are suitable as jewelry or simply put as placement in areas that you choose.

Once called stone of the moon in ancient times, it is simply called Selenite these days and they are not easily available, especially in the bead form. Most of the Selenite sold is in sticks or tower form.

Where to Buy Selenite Beads, Wand and Stones in Malaysia?

Malaysia Selenite
Some of the Selenite that is available in Green Daun New Age Craft Shop.

At the moment, you can get Selenite at our shop and they range from large Selenite beads which are round and oblong. We also sell them in egg shaped and wand form which has a polished finishing.

For now, we do not sell the raw Selenite sticks, slabs or towers as we would like to understand the market before bringing them in. You may have seen some Selenite being sold elsewhere in Malaysia but those may be in the tower form.

At popular online marketplaces in Malaysia, you may have seen them being sold cheaply, and again, the sellers are all from China, hence you can imagine what you will be getting apart from the free shipping.

Selenite is somewhat a highly sought after crystal by selective people, hence only those who know about the crystal will be extra cautious about buying anything under RM20.

You wouldn’t want to end up with a piece of frosted or treated glass that looks like Selenite only to find out you have been duped.

Selenite Beads
The two types of Selenite beads that we sell.

What is Selenite used for?

This is the most important question apart from this crystal looking radiantly beautiful. In most cases, people use Selenite for cleansing and protection. It is also often used as spiritual stone by healers.

Below are some of the many uses for Selenite crystals;

  • For cleansing, Selenite helps get rid of negative aura that often prevents spiritual growth and development.
  • For protection, Selenite aids in warding off harmful and negative energies or spirits to the person.
  • For travel, the crystal works in keeping one safe during the journey.
  • For spiritual healing, Selenite is great in identifying root causes of physical, spiritual, and emotional illness.
  • For physical healing, it is used to treat Alzheimer’s and dementia as it brings calm to one’s mind.
  • For emotional healing, Selenite helps to heal emotional wounds and also improve relationships in terms of trust.
  • For negative thinking, the crystal aids in providing positive thoughts and encourages possibilities.
  • For pregnancy, it is said to prevent problems during the pregnancy and used to ensure a smooth delivery.
  • For PTSD or panic attacks, Selenite aids in calming nervousness and anxiety.
  • For crystal wands, Selenite is used to direct energy for healing, to meditate, or cleanse a space of negative energy.
  • For crystal protection, it is put among other crystals to keep negative energies away.
  • For Third Eye and Crown Chakra, Selenite represents these parts.
Raw Selenite Crystal
What raw Selenite crystal looks like.

What is Selenite?

Selenite is a very soft natural mineral which can be easily scratched with a fingernail, and therefore this crystal is not recommended for general jewellery, unless it is looked after very carefully.

Also, if the crystal is placed in water or gets water splashed onto it, Selenite will revert to gypsum, hence you should not let water contact your Selenite.

Selenie also comes in a few colors, but the most common color is white or clear. There are even rare colors which range from orange, green, brown and also grey.

At Green Daun, we only sell the White Selenite crystal beads, stones and wands, and in the clear type.

Selenite Eggs
What the Selenite Eggs look like, and we are selling them at our shop.

Where is Selenite from?

Selenite can be found in a number of countries but it is most concentrated in the countries of Mexico and the USA or United States.

The Selenite crystal is also one of the softest crystals in existence, and it boasts a milky translucence that is reminiscent of moonlight.

Selenite is usually colourless with cloudy translucency indicating the insides of the crystal. You can also find out more technical information about Selenite on Wikipedia.

Are There Fake Selenite?

Of course in today’s world we live in, there are more and more fake items being produced to dupe people as it just got easier with online selling.

Selenite is also not spared in this case as a frosted glass piece can also be passed off as Selenite. Photos may show the real thing, but when you receive the items, it could be something else. I mean, how do you check if it is real?

This happens a lot when people buy things online, without knowing who the seller is. Generally, the greed factor drives people to be easily duped.

When you see a proper online metaphysic shop, they are selling the product for USD$20 or $30, and with shipping, it totals to around USD$50 or more. Most Asians will not pay for that.

Then when you look up local online marketplaces, you suddenly see Selenite being sold for RM20 or RM30 with free shipping from China. Doesn’t that ring a bell?

Selenite Wand Malaysia
The 7 inch Selenite wands that we sell.

Where to find Selenite in Malaysia?

Selenite is not a cheap or common crystal, therefore it is also not easily available. Namely in Malaysia, not many people know what this crystal is about or what are the benefits of it.

When certain items become a trend, people start looking for it and where there is high demand, there are bound to be fraud.

However, because we at Green Daun deal with a lot of crystals and metaphysical items, we actually travel to hand-pick all our crystals and products.

This is how we want to ensure that the products we sell are not knock-offs or simply bought online for cheap prices and sold back to you.

Please take note that Selenite is not something that is easily available, and we have limited stock for these beautiful healing crystals.

Selenite Information

  • Chakra – Crown Chakra
  • Zodiac Sign – Taurus
  • Selenite colours – White, Grey, Green, Orange, Brown

Where is our New Age Shop?

We are located in Damansara Perdana in the Petaling Jaya area of Selangor. As a landmark, we are located near to IKEA PJ or The Curve shopping mall in Mutiara Damansara.

Green Daun is just a five minute drive from the two landmarks mentioned above. And if you use the Waze App, just key in Green Daun and it will lead you to our shop.

Selenite in Malaysia
A variety of Selenite crystals sold at the Green Daun.

If you have been looking for Selenite beads, wand and stones in Malaysia all this while, I hope that you found this article informative, and now know where you can get them.

To see the Selenite beads and stones, just visit us at our retail shop. Please note we are not online sellers, and will not be able to provide you with photos over Whatsapp.

I just want to highlight this as there are too many people starting to do this with the online sellers, that they think that everyone is very free, sitting by the phone all day long.

We run a proper retail shop, hence we have things to do, customers to attend to and so on and so forth. If you are genuinely interested, just come over to our shop.

Apart from Selenite, we also sell many other types of healing crystal beads, Raja Kayu and Gaharu beads, smudging items and many other interesting items.

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