Sage Smudging Sticks In Malaysia

Sage Smudging Sticks Malaysia

Sage smudging sticks in Malaysia are now available at Green Daun new age craft shop, and you can buy them for all your cleansing and purifying purposes.

Update Dec 2019 – We no longer sell this type of local sage as we only sell California White Sage now at our shop in Petaling Jaya. Please refer to the link to see the new smudging sage sticks we sell.

In terms of prices, we can safely say that we are offering you one of the best prices for sage smudging sticks in Malaysia, and you can walk into our retail shop to see, touch and smell them.

Sage Smudging Sticks In Malaysia

California White Sage Smudge Stick Malaysia
Our current white sage stock that we sell.
Sage Smudging Sticks Mal
Some of the previous older small sage smudging sticks we once sold.

In Malaysia, not many people know about these sage smudging sticks, mainly because it is not our Malaysian culture. However, over the years, much has changed as more people are seeking alternative ideas and solutions.

Burning sage dates back to the Native Americans, that dates back to a 2,000 year old history. Shamans used dried white sage over fire as rituals to call ancestral spirits, which is still being practiced till this very day.

Smudging is actually the term used for burning the sage, hence they are known as smudging sticks and is a common term in today’s lifestyle, especially in the new age circle.

Overall, the term smudging also means the process of burning dried plants or other natural elements and then using the smoke to cleanse themselves, objects, or even places.

Burning sage is known as a ritual used to cleanse and purify a space or environment from negative energy, generate wisdom and clarity, and promote healing.

It is also documented that the smoke from sage would assist in cleansing conflict, evil, anger or even illness as the sage smoke would absorb up all of the negative energies.

In modern times, burning sage smudge sticks has been a common practice for cleansing and purifying alters, rooms, homes, office space or even open areas.

The smoke from the burnt sage is thick and is known to cleanse the air of all negativity, and can also provide calmness to the person, and reduce stress related matters.

What is Sage?

Sage Leaves
Fresh sage leaves, before bundling them into smudge sticks.

Many know that sage is actually an aromatic herb plant that has been used for centuries for both medicinal and also culinary purposes.

In recent studies, it was concluded that sage provides a powerful antibacterial, antioxidant, and also anti-inflammatory qualities.

You can find sage in many countries, and even in your supermarkets, where they are mainly used for cooking. But for cleansing and purifying, it is slightly different.

What Are Sage Smudging Sticks? 

Sage Smudge Sticks Malaysia
Different sizes for the sage smudging sticks compared to a common pencil.

These are dried sage that have been carefully rolled and tied into a cylinder shape. They come in various sizes and from various species of the sage plant.

The size of the sage smudging sticks also come in various sizes, depending on where you want to use them. The sizes are;

  1. Small Sage Smudging Sticks – From three to four inches long (7.6 cm to 10 cm) and suitable for small spaces, alters, rooms, or self smudging.
  2. Medium Sage Smudging Sticks – From five to six inches long (12.7 cm to 15 cm) and suitable for slightly larger spaces like bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and so on.
  3. Large Sage Smudging Sticks – From seven to 10 inches long (18 cm to 25 cm) and suitable for very large spaces, offices, homes and other open areas.

This means that you should know which type of size you need to conduct your smudging, and if you just need to cleanse a small space, you only need the small sizes, which are sold in bundles.

At times, there are customers who may request for special sizes of smudging sticks, which can be arranged. This is a custom order, and a minimum quantity is required.

Is There A Preference For The Type Of Sage?

Sage Sticks Malaysia
Small and medium sage smudging sticks.

To be very honest, Sage is sage, but there is a huge difference between smudging sage and kitchen sage where the latter is used for cooking.

History states that the Native Americans used them widely, where they are found in the California area, hence they used that particular species which is now sought after by many people.

California White Sage Malaysia
What California white sage looks like.

Are There Fake Sage Smudging Sticks? 

I doubt that many people knows about this, but let us share with you on this shocking fact. When you buy sage smudging sticks online, especially from the USA or other countries, you should be cautious about this.

There have been many cases where people have bought like 50 to 100 bundles, because they are wholesale or very cheap, only to find out that the sage smudging sticks are wrapped with other mixture of common leaves.

Fake Sage Smudge Sticks Malaysia
Sage leaves used to create a smudge sticks.

This means that they use common dried leaves or other cheaper herbs, and wrap them together with the sage. The sage would be the outer layer, where the buyer would not be aware because it looks like sage.

This was exposed by one of our customers, who thought they got a good deal by buying 50 bundles of white sage smudging sticks from overseas, and upon receiving, they opened up one because it did not smell right.

Sure enough, the insides were of some other cheap unknown herbs and dried leaves that were covered by the white sage.

Again, with how fast technology and online buying has progressed, there will always be the untrustworthy sellers, and you never know until you become a victim.

Malaysia Sage Sticks
The type of sage smudging sticks we sell at Green Daun.

Where Are Our Sage Smudging Sticks From?

Because of the high price of White Sage from overseas, we were once selling locally grown sage in Malaysia, which are carefully handpicked and wrapped for the drying process. We no longer sell those.

Currently, we sell smudging Sage sticks sourced only from the United States, which is freshly imported on a regular basis by us. They come in two sizes – Small and Large.

Update July 2019 – We currently stock California White Sage, Blue Sage, Ceder, Juniper, Black Sage and Dragon’s Blood Sage or Red Sage. The stock is as-is, and best to contact us for availability.

Some authentic sage sellers also highly recommend to avoid online and large commercial vendors because with a sacred and ceremonial product, intention matters, cultivation matters, as does the general aura of the sellers.

How To Use Sage Smudging Sticks?

Malaysia Burning Sage Sticks
How to burn a sage smudging stick.

There are numerous ways you can use to burn the sage smudging sticks, and it depends on your preferences. Some prefer to use the smudging stick, whole others may open up to burn loose sage.

Before you start your smudging process, make sure that you open your windows or doors. Also, keep pets and children out of the areas that you want to cleanse or purify.

The entire process would usually take no more than twenty minutes, and also depending on the size of the area you want to smudge.

The most common way to use the sage smudging sticks would be;

  1. Have a fireproof bowl on standby, ceramic, glass or clay bowl.
  2. Light the sage smudging stick with matches at the end till it burns evenly.
  3. The fire should go off, if not, blow it off, and the amber will keep the sage burning.
  4. Walk around your room or home with the sage stick, and with the bowl to catch the burnt ash.
  5. When you walk around, set your positive intentions for smudging.
  6. Places include corners of the room or house, wardrobe, mirrors, high traffic areas or anywhere you see fit.
  7. When the smudging stick burns towards the end, put it on your bowl and let it burn out.

The above is the the most common way of using the sage smudging stick. Each individual may have their own way of smudging too.

Malaysia Home Smudging with Sage
One small smudge stick can easily cleanse a standard sized living room.

Remember, a small smudging stick will burn out faster than a medium or large one. So it depends of the area that you want to cleanse or purify.

Sage can also be mixed with other herbs to conduct smudging, and different people may have preferences to what they like to mix with their sage.

Some people also mix frankincense resin with loose sage to conduct a cleansing process of their room, home or even office.

When To Use Sage Smudging Sticks?

Home cleansing with Sage
Often, living rooms, kitchens, common spaces or bedrooms require cleansing or purifying.

Generally, you can use the sage anytime you feel like it, and below are some ideas for when it the best time to use the sage smudging sticks.

  • Moving into a new living space – Especially when you move to a new room, home, apartment, or even an office space.
  • Cleansing a personal or common space – At times we often feel like a personal or common space needs cleansing  or purifying.
  • Cleansing or purifying an object – You can also use this to cleanse an object like jewelry, mirror, or any common object you choose. We have heard of people cleansing their cars, cupboards and even motorbikes.
  • Beginning a new job – When you get a new job, or even being promoted.
  • Before and after a yoga or healing session – Common practice.
  • Before meditation – Great way to cleanse the area before meditating.
  • After an argument or any illness – Cleanse the negative energies.
  • Starting your own business – Just before you start your new business.
  • Before and after guests enters your home – When you feel that your home needs cleansing.
  • Returning home from crowded situations – To cleanse off any unwanted negative energies brought home.
  • When needing to focus energy or thoughts – Use when required individually.
  • Before sleep to prevent nightmares – Some people do this for nightmare or bad dreams.
  • When needing to relax in general – Overall burning for relaxation.
Big Sage Smudging Stick Malaysia
A small and large sage smudging stick.

Caution when doing Sage Smudging – Please Read

Well, with anything you do, there is always a hint of caution and danger, and by burning sage, you must exercise caution and done with a clear mind.

Below are some of the cautions for anyone planning to do some smudging;

  1. Kids/Elderly Person Presence – When you want to do smudging, please ask your children or any elderly folks to vacate the area until the smudging process is completed.
  2. Smoke Alarms – When you smudge your room, home or office, please take note of the smoke alarms as when too much smoke is present, it may trigger the smoke alarm.
  3. Fire Hazard – As smudging requires you to light the sage stick, you must exercise caution when doing this. Make sure you put out the smudge stick when you are done.
  4. Breathing Conditions – Smudging will be smoky, and you must open all doors and windows when doing this.
  5. Health Conditions – Those with asthma and other respiratory conditions may be more sensitive to the smoke and have adverse reactions. Please take note of this.
  6. Pregnant Women – Best to avoid being in the room when the smudging is conducted.
  7. Pets Presence – Take out any pets in the area where you want to smudge. This includes cats, dogs, hamsters, birds or any other common house pets. Fish tanks are alright.
Large Sage Smudging Stick Malaysia
A large sage smudging stick for big spaces.

Where to Buy Sage Smudging Sticks In Malaysia?

There may be a few places where you can buy sage smudging sticks, but on last checking, some of the places selling them are rather expensive. This is probably due to them being imported.

At Green Daun New Age Craft Shop, we have a variety of different California white sage smudging sticks, which cost much cheaper and smell much better than the imported ones.

Why we can say that is because we have bought the imported ones to try, and also bought some online. After burning them all, and doing the comparison, we found that our own locally grown ones smell much better.

We also stock fresh Palo Santo smudging sticks and incense from South America, and you can visit our shop to see, touch and smell them.

California White Sage Malaysia
The current California White Sage that we sell in our shop.

Where Is Green Daun New Age Craft Shop?

We are located in Damansara Perdana, in Petaling Jaya, and nearby Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. We are also neighbors with Mutiara Damansara, where The Curve and IKEA PJ is located at.

To find us, just use Waze or Google Maps, and key in ‘Green Daun Craft Shop’, and the app will bring you to our retail shop. If you need more info, read this for detailed directions to Green Daun.

Small Sage Smudging Sticks Malaysia
Small sage smudging sticks are the best to start with if you are new.

If you have been looking for where to buy sage smudging sticks in Malaysia, you now know that we sell them at the Green Daun new age craft shop.

The popularity of the white sage versus other sage is of no significance, because the Native Americans uses white sage, everyone wants to ride on that theory.

Again, it is entirely up to the person using the sage smudging stick, and at our shop, you can actually do a smell test on the various different types of sage smudge sticks that we sell.

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