Malaysia Rooster Feathers

Rooster Feathers in Malaysia are the most common types of feathers used for all kinds of art, craft, jewellery and dream catcher making. Some people call them chicken feathers or bulu ayam in the Malay language.

Why do people love rooster feathers? Because they have that feathery look which gives it a semi-fluffy finishing, and many Malaysians love this kind of effect and design.

UPDATE JAN 2020 – We No Longer Sell Rooster Feathers and Other Feathers.

In general, these feathers are very versatile and can be used for many types of crafting. So, if you have been looking for different types and colours of rooster feathers in Malaysia, you now know where to find them.

They can also be mixed with other feathers when creating designs; for example, they can be used together with goose feathers to create a beautiful combination.

Other ways include bunching a few of these rooster feathers together for a fluffier outcome. In general, depending on how you use these feathers, you now have the luxury of choosing the colours you need for your art, craft, jewellery or dream catcher project.

Buying Rooster Feathers in Malaysia

Some of the Rooster Feathers in Malaysia sold at Green Daun Craft Shop.

The rooster feathers we sell at Green Daun craft shop come in over 25 different colours and tones, probably the largest selection of colours in Malaysia. They also come in single one-colour or two-tone colours.

All our feathers we sell are sterilized and dyed; therefore, they are not plucked straight from the rooster or chicken and sold as-is.

As added knowledge, non-sterilized feathers carry bacteria; hence it is not safe for commercial use. We do not recommend using feathers picked up from the ground or directly from any chicken farm here.

Some places may be selling rooster feathers in larger packets, but they are ‘as-is’, meaning that each packet of 20, 30 or 50 pieces are randomly packed.

And through our experience, a lot of the feathers are in poor condition or damaged. So, if you buy a packet of 50 pieces, the chances are that you may end up only with 25 pieces that are of decent quality.

We highlight the above because before we got into the feather business in Malaysia, we used to buy from other places, and most of the time, we ended up spending more money to get quality feathers, having a lot of damaged ones.

Therefore, when we started Green Daun, we made it a point to sort out all our feathers before packing them and selling them.

Rooster Tail Feathers are much longer compared to the normal ones.

UPDATE JAN 2020 – We No Longer Sell Rooster Feathers and Other Feathers.

Types of Rooster Feathers

There are a few types of rooster feathers sold at Green Daun, which you should take note of;

  1. Standard Rooster Feathers – These are the common ones being sold and measure around 6-12 cm in length. They have the widest variety of colours to choose from, and we sell them in packs of 12 pieces.
  2. Rooster Tail Feathers – These are the extra long feathers from the rooster, usually from the tail end. These measure around 20-30 cm long and are sold in three pieces per packet.
  3. Extra Long Rooster Feathers – These are similar to the standard ones but come in 8-14 cm in length. They cost a little more than the regular ones.
  4. Smaller Rooster Feathers – These are not common and usually sized around 4-6 cm long. We have them in stock, but they are limited in colours. Price-wise, they are slightly cheaper than the general sizes.
Jual Bulu Ayam
Vivid colours of Rooster Feathers
Shop selling feathers in KL
Some of the many rooster feather colours available at Green Daun Craft Shop.
Pastel color rooster feathers
Special colours for rooster feathers in Malaysia

UPDATE JAN 2020 – We No Longer Sell Rooster Feathers and Other Feathers.

The next time you look for chicken feathers in Malaysia, you can always search for where to buy feathers in Malaysia or find them at our shop, among the many other types of feathers being sold here.

Apart from the rooster feathers, we also sell guinea fowl feathers, ostrich feathers, goose feathers, duck feathers, exotic feathers, printed feathers and many other types.

We cater to all kinds of requests, including party decorations, cake decorations, dream catcher making, jewellery making, headgear decoration, science projects, product photography using feathers, and many others.

Where is our craft shop? 

Find out how to go to Green Daun craft shop if you need directions. We are located in Damansara Perdana, near The Curve Shopping Centre and also IKEA Mutiara Damansara.

We are a boutique craft shop specialising in many types of feathers, beads, crystal stones, yarn, rings, hoops, charms, findings, jewellery accessories and many more unique items.

UPDATE JAN 2020 – We No Longer Sell Rooster Feathers and Other Feathers.


Feathers have been around for centuries and used extensively for many things, and in Malaysia, only a handful of people use feathers for their projects, events or parties, but the trend is catching on.

One of the main reasons is that it is tough to find good quality rooster feathers in Malaysia, but hopefully, you can see from the photos and know where you can get them after reading this article.

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