Ritual and Spell Candles in Malaysia

Malaysia Ritual Spell Candles

Spell candles are considered new in Malaysia, and few people are into this. However, over the years and since the internet provided available information for anyone and everyone, there has been some interest in this area.

Therefore, if you are one of those interested in this, the Green Daun now sells ritual and spell candles in Malaysia, but only at our online shop. These are also known as Magic or Ritual candles to some, namely those who are into Wicca and Witchcraft.

Ritual and Spell Candles in Malaysia

Black Ritual Spell Candle
A pair of black ritual candles that are around 4 inches long.

These tapered candles are not the regular ones you can find from convenient shops or supermarkets because those are blackout candles that emit black smoke. And if you are thinking of those Chinese prayer candles, those are not the ones too.

Spell candles are much smaller because they need to burn fast when the spell or ritual is cast; hence the small four inch types are perfect to be used. If you think the IKEA candles can be used for this, I am also sorry as those are not the right ones.

Some believe that any candle can be used for this, but then again, it is an individual belief. But when you follow the Wicca or Witchcraft practice,  short tapered candles with cotton wigs are used for spellcasting and rituals.

Malaysia Candles for Magic
Various types of candles.

These candles are a staple item in any magickal tool kit as they’re used to amplify and release energy, and they can either be left (unlit) around your pad to promote positive vibes or used (lit) in rituals and spells.

The act of burning is believed to connect the physical world to the spiritual realm, but the other key element here is using different candle colours. This is called colour magick! Different colours store different energy types, which we’re trying to access when we burn a candle of that colour.

Before you use a magic candle or start performing any spells or rituals, you should read up on witchcraft and the particular candles you choose, including their uses and the intentions behind them. And as always, please know not to cross the line when doing this.

Magic Spell Candles Malaysia
There are various colours available for the candles.

Ritual and Spell Candle Colours and Meanings

  • Black Candle: psychic protection, banishes, absorbs, expels the negative, heals serious illness
  • Dark Blue Candle: change, flexibility, the unconscious, psychic powers, emotional healing
  • Light Blue Candle: patience, happiness, triumph over depression, calm, deep understanding, compassion
  • Brown Candle: health, energy, possessions, pets, endurance, courage, home, animal wisdom, grounding, physical healing
  • Blue Candle: connects with your chakras and any emotional wounds that need healing
  • Green Candle: money, prosperity, growth, luck, jobs, gardening, youth, beauty, fertility
  • Gray Candle: neutrality, impasses, cancellation
  • Gold Candle: solar magic, money, attraction, the astral plane
  • Orange Candle: encourages your ambition, law of attraction, success with legal issues, mutability, stimulation, support, encouragement, joy
  • Pink Candle: romance, love, friendship, kindness, faithfulness, goodness, affection. Placing a pink candle by your home’s doorway will welcome you in love.
  • Purple Candle: spiritual enlightenment, creativity, female power, stress relief, ambition, healing past wounds, goddess-hood, business success
  • Red Candle: strength, protection, sexuality, vitality, passion, courage, heart, intense feelings of love, good health, power
  • Yellow Candle: enhances your networking and social skills, career opportunities, mental power and vision, intelligence, clear thinking, study, self-assurance, prosperity, divination, psychism, abundance, wisdom, the power of persuasion, charisma, a sound sleep
  • White Candle: promotes serenity and peace, enhances personal strength, insight, purification, stability, protection from negativity, truth, binding, sincerity, tranquillity, chastity, gladness, spirit
Pink Candle for Love Spell Ritual
Pink candles are often used for love spells or rituals.

Four Elements of Candles

  • Air: Oxygen feeds and fans the candle flame
  • Earth: Solid wax forms the body of the candle
  • Water: Melting wax represents the fluid elemental state
  • Fire: The flame sparks and blazes

Candle Burning Behaviour

Some people pay extra attention when the candle burns and also the way the flame moves during the ritual to see what happens, and below is a guide to candle behaviour;

  • Blue flame: A spirit is close by or around you
  • Tall, strong flame: The spell will work wonders
  • Flickering flame: This could mean the imminent arrival of spirits
  • Sputtering or popping flame: This could indicate tension, conflict, or opposing forces working against your manifestation right now
Malaysia Magic Candles
These taper-style candles are commonly used for rituals and spells.

How to Charge a Candle

Charging a candle means instilling it with magical intent, and a candle that has been charged will fill your personal space with intention. Ritual candles are usually selected for their colour correspondences and are carved, dressed, or anointed with special oils chosen for their particular energy or ritual.

  • Once you clarify your intention, cleanse your candles by passing them through the purifying smoke of sage, palo santo or resin incense.
  • You can also charge your candle by carving a symbol into the wax. You can warm the tip of your ritual knife using a lit match and carve your full intention into the candle wax.
  • As you engrave the appropriate magical works onto the candle, you are charging it with energy and the hope and purpose of your spell.
  • You can also use special healing oils like our Manifest Oil to anoint a candle.
Malaysia Witchcraft Alter
Witchcraft alters with candles burning.


Where to Buy Ritual & Spell Candles in Malaysia?

For now, there are no shops that specialise and sell these types of Wicca or witchcraft spell candles, but you can check the Green Daun online shop for these. They are imported by us and often in limited quantities.

Remember, those candles sold at prayer shops or supermarkets, like an ordinary blackout or birthday candles, are not suitable for spiritual or ritual work with candles. Our tapered candles are placed in a high-vibration area and cleansed before we send them to our customers.

Candle Magic Malaysia
The flame dancing in different directions also has meanings.


There you have it, a quick breakdown of what ritual and spell candles are about and what the colours represent. We are overall new age but sell some magic and ritual items in our online shop. Witchcraft in Malaysia is still considered something new, but many out there are already involved in this practice.

For anyone who needs spell candles in Malaysia, I hope you know where to get them and please remember that the general blackout or birthday candles are not the same as these, so now you know.

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