Rasta Dream Catchers

Rasta Dreamcatchers

One of the unique creations that we make is the Rasta Dream Catchers which are all hand made by Green Daun and using our own designs.

These Reggae inspired dream catchers are a niche trend which is preferred by selected people who either love the Rasta movement or simply because of the attractive striking colours. Our Rasta Dream Catchers are 100% hand made by us and with our own designs.

Rasta Dream Catchers have come a long way, since the days of Bob Marley and the Rastafarian movement which has taken the world by storm.

The movement originates from Jamaica and has spread throughout the world, and nowadays, it has become a kind of lifestyle trend.

Rasta Dream Catchers

The Rasta dreamcatchers come in three main colours – Green, Yellow and Red, and is usually accompanied with a black or white base. The feathers or beads are also in the colour tones to match the web colours.

Green Daun has seen many different types of Rasta dream catchers out there, some nice ones and others, very simple and poorly done.

We started making Rasta Dream Catchers since late 2015 and have made them in various sizes. Currently, the trend is to hang Car Dream Catchers in Malaysia and the Rasta design is one of the most popular. This means we do not make them every day. We limit our designs and do it by demand only.

Each of our dream catchers is creatively done with beautiful web designs as you can see from the photo. This sets us apart from the common dream catcher Makers and we pay a lot of attention to the details.

The web is a different style of weaving while some of the beads are special Rasta beads or a mix of three colour beads.

Every design we make is one-of-a-kind and unique, so you can be assured you will be the only one having it unless someone copies our design. You can even visit our dream catcher shop in Malaysia and have your own custom design made.


If you ever wanted a Rasta Dream Catcher, contact us or drop by our dream catcher shop in Petaling Jaya and we will be happy to assist you.

We also carry many other types of dream catchers in our shop where we have from small to large sizes. Since January 2020, all dream catcher orders will take 7 to 10 working days to make one.

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