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Publika Craft Bazaare

The Publika Bazaar and Craft Market is one of the most popular bazaars in Kuala Lumpur, and the main reason for this is that the organizers have full control over the bazaar vendors.

When we say organizers, we mean Publika themselves has a department that organizes the end of the month craft and art bazaar which sees thousands of visitors going there.

Usually, shopping malls will outsource the bazaars to third party organizers and in most cases, ending up like a ‘pasar malam’ or night market unlike at the Publika Bazaar and Craft Market.

Publika Bazaar and Craft Market

The main craft bazaar is organized by Fuyoh Art Bazaar or FAB, and this bazaar dates back to 2011 when the shopping mall initially opened.

Till today, many refer to this place by the original name which is Fuyoh Art Bazaar in Publika which has had a strong five year following in this area of Kuala Lumpur.

You will find creative artisans, crafters and creators that sell their unique wares and the price range varies from budget to exclusive.

Before you continue reading, please take note that Green Daun is not the organizer for this bazaar. Please contact the mall if you are interested to participate.

FAB Bazaar Publika
Fuyoh Art Bazaar, the organisers of the craft market

Publika Bazaar

Back then, the Publika bazaar and craft market rental was only RM50 per day where else nowadays, the price has gone up to RM175 to RM200 per day, depending on the type of table layout and they can still command a healthy set of vendors which are selling quality items.

When we say this, we are generally doing an overall comparison with the many other bazaars around Klang Valley which has suddenly mushroomed since 2017.

Over the years, the Publika Bazaar has had a good reputation with quality vendors, which is one of the main reasons why people keep coming back and vendors are lining up to sell their wares.

The process involves contacting the organizer and sending them images of what you intend to sell before they let you know if you qualify.

We can almost guarantee you that at Publika Bazaar, you will not find those vendors who take cheap China stock selling cheap clothes, accessories or even imitation items, like toys, bags and jewellery.

There are already a ton of them at many other bazaars and markets, so the organizers make sure that they carefully review all the vendors that participate at the Fuyoh Art Bazaar.

FAB Bazaar Publika
Fuyoh Art Market at Publika Shopping Mall. Photo from Publika Facebook Page.

What Can I Find At Publika Bazaar and Craft Market?

Since Fuyoh Art Bazaar is the premier art and craft bazaar in Malaysia, you can find quite a number of quality and unique items or creations being sold here.

Most of them include hand crafted jewellery, own designed clothes, ethnic crafts, hand made soaps, unique home decoration items, pretty clay modeling, custom prints, paintings and many other hand made items.

However, you should know that the majority of vendors here sell hand made jewellery. Occasionally, you will find some very unique vendors who do wood craft and terrarium making or even custom pillow covers.

What Is The Uniqueness of Publika Bazaar and Craft Market?

Some of the vendors here go through a lot to make their hand crafted items and you will most likely not see them being sold anywhere else.

The overall uniqueness of this bazaar is that it is held once a month which does not overkill it by having it weekly. The variety of products being sold is another plus point as you will not find the usual same old items repeated and sold at other bazaars.

The quality of the crowd is also from the medium to upper markets therefore English is widely spoken by all the vendors here. Ambiance is also a bonus as the layout of the bazaar compliments the mall where it does not look like a night market (pasar malam).

Everything is organized well and the place is clean and at some sections, you can find benches to sit down. Parking is easy where the main escalators lead you directly to the bazaar and for food and drinks, there are many choices available around the mall.

Publika Craft Bazaar
An overall view of the Publika Bazaar and Craft Market

What Is The Downside of the Publika Bazaar and Craft Market?

The downside is the high pricing for some of the items, and the fact that some vendors take stock from suppliers and pass it off as self hand made products.

You can fool some consumers, but eventually, people will find out. Again, smart shoppers would know the difference as with today’s technology, everything is easily available from the internet.

Where is the Publika Bazaar and Craft Market?

The bazaar is located in the main center concourse of the Publika Shopping Mall in Solaris Dutamas, which is a 10 minute drive from Kuala Lumpur city.

This shopping mall is integrated with offices, shop lots and an entertainment area which caters to many expatriates and those living in the Mont Kiara, Dutamas, Kenny Hills and Solaris area.

Publika Market Map
Map to Publika Bazaar

Publika Bazaar and Craft Market Address
Ground Floor, Concourse Area, Publika Shopping Mall
Jalan Dutamas 1
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +6 03 6211 7877
Time: 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM
Dates: Last weekend of the month

You should take note that sometimes, there are other bazaars or markets held at Publika on other weekends and these are not organize by Fuyoh Art Bazaar but is leased out to other organizers who hold special themed markets.

Example of the other bazaars are Collectibles Market, Food Bazaar, Charity Bazaars, Eco Themed Bazaars and a few others.

As there are many other bazaars found around the Klang Valley, each of them catering to different crowds and different products.


You can also read this article by Malaysia Asia who wrote about the best markets and bazaars in Kuala Lumpur to visit where they narrow down the list to some of the most popular bazaars in the Klang Valley.

If you know of any other interesting or new craft markets or bazaars, please do share them with us here and we could feature them on Green Daun.

Remember, we are not the organizers of the bazaar, but we are a craft shop that loves to visit bazaars in PJ and KL.

And if you have some feedback on the Publika Bazaar and Craft Market, please do also share it here. Have a great time exploring this interesting bazaar in Kuala Lumpur.

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