Prosperity Pouch for Money, Wealth and Success

Money Crystal Pouch Malaysia

Green Daun often created various types of pouches with crystals, and for April and May of 2021, we have come out with a special Prosperity pouch for money. wealth and success.

In a nutshell, this is the one pouch that provides opportunities for money and wealth, which is what everyone wants or needs in today’s world.

Prosperity Pouch for Money, Wealth and Success

In our prosperity pouch, we have included a series of crystals that are tied back to wealth, money, success and prosperity and combined with clear quartz.

But one must remember that by having this, it does not mean that money will instantly fall out of the sky and into your hands. That is not being realistic.

Malaysia Prosperity Pouch
What is inside the Prosperity Pouch.

The objective of the pouch is to provide prosperity and it can come in many different ways. Sometimes, wealth opportunities may appear in front of you, but if you choose not to see it, then it just goes by.

So, when you meditate or manifest for wealth and prosperity, you can have the pouch by your side, at your wealth corner or even in your bag.

The prosperity crystals include;

  • Citrine
  • Aventurine
  • Pyrite
  • Yellow Jasper
  • Gold Rutilated Quartz
  • Clear Quartz
Malaysia Money Wealth Pouch
The contents of the prosperity pouch.

Where to Buy a Prosperity Pouch for Money, Wealth and Success?

You can get this from the Green Daun new age shop in Petaling Jaya and they are completely created and put together by us.

Alternatively, we may have it for sale on our online shop on Shopee but that is based on the availability as we only make limited quantities from time to time.


This prosperity pouch is perfect for anyone who wants to attract money into their life, but one must remember that before you can attract wealth, you need to cleanse yourself, your space or business area.

At the end of the day, the pouch is made to open up opportunities for the owner of the pouch and intentions are always important when using the prosperity pouch.

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